Hmm … 7th Gen Fire HD 10

Hey, it works.  The first thing I did was disable Alexa.  The only things in my household that I
want to obey hands-free voice commands are live mammals.  Next, I worked on the other settings.  Within 20 minutes, I’d beaten it into shape, so, yeah, it’s pretty easy to figure out.

I still prefer my laptop, for much easier typing, but the 2017 version of the HD 10 isn’t bad for a cheap-o tablet.  YMMV.

Strange Christmas

Each year, it’s a challenge to get each other anything either of us wants.  The good old days were when I got a reversible, variable speed power drill, with a set of screwdriver bits, or another year, when I got electric hedge trimmers.  Hubby got socks, when he asked for them, and stuff like flannel shirts, a barn jacket, etc.  That’s not working, anymore.

This rodeo, it was all “What do you want, or what do you need?”

This year, hubby got a nice multi-fuel space heater for the barn, because he wanted one.  He helped me pick it out. Some surprise, right?  At least, it can’t go wrong.   There are a couple of other presents, about which he knows nothing.

When asked what I want for Christmas, other than the Marshall Crenshaw/Bottle Rockets tickets he bought, with my approval, I couldn’t think of anything immediately.  I did ask him to go blow the $100 gift card we got from our old realtor more than a year ago for a local fancy restaurant –’cause we can’t use it anywhere else.  It won’t cost us anything, unless we top the $ limit on the gift card.  Of course, we will tip well, and that’s out-of-pocket.  So be it.

Mostly, I want a .22 rifle.  It’s a weenie thing that any kid could shoot.  The paperwork is easy enough to fill out, and I’m sure I’ll pass the background check.  I’ve already asked, and yes, we will go looking for one.  There are lots of gun shops within a 20 mile radius of here.  *fingers crossed*

Concert Tickets!

All these decades later, The Strawbs were still on their game.  Dave Cousins signed my “The Ferryman’s Curse” CD liner.  He didn’t know me from Adam, but he was very polite, especially given the very long line behind me.

Next up:  Al Stewart, Uriah Heep, and Marshall Crenshaw with the Bottle Rockets.  I don’t know what Uriah Heep is going to be like, live, but I know from experience the others are going to be fantastic.

Yippee skippee!

We Voted

There were a few state Supreme Court judges up for reelection, but mostly this was a county/local election.  There was also one state-wide referendum about allowing local townships to exempt 100% of the property assessment instead of the current 50%.  If it passes, I’d be surprised if it lowers my property taxes more than ~ $200, but every little bit helps.

We had no trouble finding the municpal building in which we were supposed to vote, but, initally we were directed to the ground level polling station.  Whoops — wrong one.  Our district votes in the basement, around the other end of the building.  Whatever.  We found it, and our names were in the books.  We did have to produce photo ID.  YEA!  That’s a good thing!

OMG, the spread those women laid out wasn’t just leftover Halloween candy in a bowl like our previous polling place had, but was all manner of home baked muffins, brownies. cookies, etc., along with some store bought pretzels, on a jam packed 8′ long folding table.  I snagged a mini blueberry muffin on my way out, which was terrific.  Also on my way out, one of the women handed me a grape Blow Pop, along with an “I voted” sticker.  I put the sticker right above the Spam logo on my fleece vest (from the Spam Museum in Austin, MN).  The woman asked “Spam, the meat”?  Yup.  She grew up eating it like my parents did.  I think it’s yucky, but mostly because I like my pork smoked for hours, and pulled, with BBQ sauce, or ground, with the right herb/spice mix to make it into classic b’fast sausage.  Smoked ribs rock my socks, too.  The only thing that was missing from that spread was bacon.  Wow.  I love this polling station!

Stella Glasses

Stopped by a local deli that sells beer to pick up a 12-pack of Yuengling, and happened to notice three Stella Artios glasses on a shelf behind the checkout counter.  Mentioned to the woman who’s always there manning the counter how pristine they looked.  I think the Stella glasses with the gilt rim are awfully cool looking, compared to ordinary pint glasses sporting the brewer’s logo (although the Victory Brewing “Hop Devil” ones we bought from our favorite local pub have the cutest looking green devil with earrings).

The checkout woman and I know each other by sight, but not by name.  She’s a sweetheart.  She said it was a promo, and one of the glasses is a giveaway with a purchase of a six of Stella.  So, I added one six of Stella to my 12 of Yueng, and she gave me all three glasses, claiming she was dying to get rid of them to make room for another display.  SCORE!  Those three glasses are going to downstairs in our basement “man cave” rec room, on the shelf behind the wet bar. That significantly lowers the odds of any of them getting broken.  I’ll wash and dry them by hand, so the gilt stays intact as long as possible.

On another note, because we had gotten back from Cape May yesterday afternoon, I had nothing planned for dinner, so we went to our fave local pub for lagers and nachos.  My lager came in a Yuengling pint glass, so I asked our waiter if I could buy it.  I know they will occasionally sell them if a patron asks.  In the past, they’ve charged a couple of bucks, which is quite reasonable compared to what the brewery would sell them for, then add on shipping, and it’s not worth it.  Our waiter went to check, and came back with a price of $1 for the Yueng glass, so I asked him to add it to our bill.  The regular bartender is an older guy who is either the owner, or a partner in the place.  Wait staff always has to check with him first.   Fair enough.  If the answer is “no,” I’m not going to steal it.

Anyway, our waiter offered to bring it back to the kitchen to rinse it out for me, but I declined, knowing I was going to toss it in the dishwasher when we got home, so he brought out a paper bag in which to wrap it.  Our favorite waitress was on duty at the time, and came by to say “hi,” but she wasn’t waiting our booth that evening.  FWIW, never gyp the wait staff on a tip at any joint at which you are a regular, and they will do their best to accomodate your request, if it’s a reasonable one.

Two days, four new beer glasses, at a whopping cost of $1, beyond the cost of the beer itself.  Can’t beat it!  All that on top of a four day getaway to Cape May off-season, with our dog … life is good.

Cape May Sunrise

From being beneath the tree line to clearing it, this sunrise happened within ~90 seconds.  These shots were taken at the Cape May Lighthouse state park on Nov. 1, from the observation deck at the eastern end of the parking lot.  This is my favorite place to watch a sunrise.  These are completely unretouched; they’re just what my Nikon DSLR caught when I kept snapping every few seconds.  It’s not even that good a camera.


No, that’s not a euphemism for Jesus.  When I bought this farm, we knew damned well there was going to be a problem with Canada Geese down by the pond, and in the adjacent low lying field.  After checking out the prices of solar amber strobe lights to screw down into the dock, I decided it’d be cheaper to get a couple of coyote decoys.

We have not seen a Canada Goose land in our yard since May.  Over the summer while they’re molting, they can’t fly, so that wasn’t much of a test.  But, they should have been all over the place a month ago, like they were last year.  Nope.  Not a one.  Oh, they fly over in large flocks, but they do not land here anymore.

Our neighbor said the geese used to be all over the place before we bought it, and was wondering what the difference was.  Told him about the coyote decoys.  He asked whether they worked.   Apparently, they do.  It’s really nice to be able to walk around the pond without having to dodge the icky sticky green and gray goose poo.  And, it’s better than having my dog nearly dislocate my shoulder, running after them.

I only have anecdotal evidence, but that $50 I spent on decoys really does seem to be doing the trick.

AFAIK, Tricky Nicky is only spewing his own special brand of hate at gays, and people with whose religion he doesn’t agree.  *yawn*

Dirt Man and S-I-L

Our local dirt man was supposed to come by at 8:30a, but was here half an hour early with his dumptruck load.  Dirt is cheap; labor is not.  Cash under the table works.  It’s like the old days of “fix my broken wrist, and I’ll give you two chickens.”

After the dirt delivery, my other half shredded the knees and a pocket of his jeans moving the stuff around with the front end loader.  Good  dirt delivery, but his old jeans are air now conditioned around the knees and left pocket.  Normally, we would repurpose them for dipstick or grease rags, but my sister in law has a thing for patching up old jeans with hippie dippy things.  I can’t  wait to see what those  jeans look like when we get them back.  Psychodelic, man …