Peaches can’t leave well enough alone.  After seeing this morning’s thread go poof, he had to post another.  It’s ostensibly about deadline extensions, but he can’t resist linking to AngryInIllinois’ DA, and taking a pot shot.  Plus, he’s playing the charity angle.

Since DYERS EVE will be published with all the proceeds will go to the charity that the owners of the site set up for younger authors in getting their start.

We all know by now what happens to any money he claims he’ll give to charity.  They get nothing, and he will later claim he has no knowledge of the sales figures.

I will publish as young as 16 since this is a charity anthology.

Why that’s mighty generous of you, Nicky.  Are you aware that anyone under 18 cannot legally sign a contract without parental/guardian permission?  That means they have to co-sign the contract.

Artists — send me your porfolios and I will see what I like out of your artwork then I will enlist you to draw the covers.

Translation:  send me your portfolio so I can steal whatever I like, for later use, and if it makes you feel better, I’ll ask you do a special one for me, without pay, of course.  Don’t bother sending me one or two things; I want your entire portfolio — and don’t watermark any of it, be-yotches.


All replies to this were wiped out by ol’ Matty.  See the full screengrab with 17 replies after the cut.

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Some Joker

I’ll put the screengrab(s) after the cut.  Since Matt is the only forum admin around who won’t tell Nicky to zip it and quit displaying himself in public, Pacione’s back on Shocklines with his third WhineFest in as many days.  This one’s already on page 2 without any editing as of yet.

My thanks to Amie87 for posting this as the first reply:

For now, I’ll just post page 1, but I’ll be taking screengrabs of page 2 as it grows, and post it (with any other pages if it gets that far), as completed, or snipped, as the case may be.

Warning:  NSFW

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Bestiality With Moths

From Nikita’s latest WordPress gem, we have this:

I am posting this here so the admins of can read what I put up with on a regular mothfucking basis.

Somehow, Peaches, I don’t think the new owner there is too interested in your weird sexual habits.  And, I don’t think they spend a lot of time reading your so-called blog.

I am the owner, the editor, the proofer, and the propietor of the imprint. Lake Fossil Press is my brainchild . . .

Hmm . . . propietor . . . an editor/proofer who can’t spell.  That’s a sure sign of quality.  As for being his brainchild, well, the stories do have his lack of intellect.

I didn’t stay around this long by kissing ass and buying into the bullshit popularity game . . .

Yet, you’re almost as popular as Chris Chan.  The only reason he outranks you in popularity is his porn videos.

How could I lose a company that I still own?

Maybe because you never registered the company, Nickypoo?

I found one of my stories on a newstand in 2008. I have a photograph on my private profile with the story bookmarked. It’s available as a PDF online but the font doesn’t read right online so I reprinted the same story with a little more swearing in my own magazine.

Because adding more swearing is guaranteed to make it a bestseller.

I am keeping my nose clean on so I keep the books in print, and I am reporting the trouble makers to the admins of the site.

Annoyed Chupacabra Press doesn’t have a Lulu account.  Fat lot of good it’ll do him to report it.

The fake “domain” of Ethereal Gazette popped up about the time when froze the account of the joker writing as my grandmother.

But has been around a lot longer than that.  Annoyed Chupacabra won’t publish anything by a Pacione or a Campbell.  We have standards.

Of the five years I’ve been active with a particular social networking website, I wonder how many people actually hate me?

A few might, but honestly, it requires a little too much “give a shit,” and most people can’t be bothered.

Moving along to his most recent screed at Shocklines, which is still posted as of this writing, he has a severe bout of verbal diarrhea.  Since the thread is bound to be deleted when Matty finds it, I’ve put the screengrab after the cut.

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LFP Staff

By now, we all know that Nicky does not process information the way most other people do.  AngryInIllinois played a bit of a trick on Nicky at DA for the lulz, and claimed to be the new editor/proofreader at LFP.  Our boi did not disappoint.  Once again he displays his less than superior cognitive skills in another rant on his WordPress blog.

It seems like the asshole AngryInIllinois is trying to tell the world he took over Lake Fossil Press. Funny I never turned the keys over to anyone.

Of course not, Peaches — nobody in his or her right mind would want to take over that roach motel you call a business.  Not to make a real go of it, anyway, given its piss-poor reputation.  Besides, you never forked over the $35 or whatever to legally register it as a real company.

. . . I was talking with some of the writers on the roster about a fucker named “Simon” who e-mailed the magazine about me trying to get a teenager in the hands of the magazine — then claiming that I was “stalking.”

Who’s Simon?  Yet another Dagswine alt?  Maybe Simon’s another figment of Nicky’s imagination.

As for his new friend, I am going to put the fucks e-mail address on the God Hates Fags mailing list.

Whose new friend?  Angry’s?  Simon’s?  Either way, that’s really mature, Nicky.  Junior high ended, what, 20 years ago?  Besides, how long do you really think it’ll take for the recipient to set up a spam filter?

I am guessing they are attempting to fuck with a novella that isn’t even done and threatening to pirate Lloyd Phillip Campbell‘s story The Suicide Man from Issue Ten — the cunt is trying to post up GAME OVER on her blog, well I will say this Eugine Verner isn’t a hero in the story.

There are several thoughts strung together in that single sentence.  First of all, quit guessing, Nicky.  You’re dumber than a bag of marbles.  I’ve heard of sodomy, but how does one fuck a manuscript, finished or otherwise?  He must be referring to Horrorgal, with his GAME OVER remark.

As for Lloyd Phillip Campbell, who probably doesn’t exist, I have a couple of questions.  Does his wife, who covertly meets you in a little love shack somewhere to hand you Lloyd’s manuscripts, know that he lives with his girlfriend in Bolingbrook?  Forget your sexuality; it’s your lies you need to keep straight.  Why does “Lloyd,” who, according to you, only communicates with the outside world through you, register at Twilight Sucks, and has a merry old time communicating a boatload of personal details about you?

No and his slut with nuts Tess Tilleman is threatening to pirate the fucking thing on the 4Chan message board.

Okay, what am I missing, folks?  Nicky’s back on 4chan?  That’s so 2008.

The fact this so-called “editor” saying he did a hostle takeover of Lake Fossil Press when I still have control of the company.

No, you don’t.  How many times do I have to tell you that your so-called company doesn’t exist until you register it with the state of Illinois?  It.  Does.  Not.  Exist.

I actually got yelled at by the place I call my print home on a message board a few years ago for calling someone a fandom wank because of the masterbation connotation. I actually grossed out one of the trolls with a signed in blood picture on the horror forum over there.

That’s only because it was 90% zit juice, Nicky.  The blood content was too low to have been of value.

. . . I guess Irene Baker mysteriously got a copy of Lloyd’s story. Then posting up parts of the story under “fair use” more like it’s fair abuse.

Um . . . you’re selling copies of EG10.  Unless you can prove that you’re the only one who bought them, it’s not exactly a mystery how anyone else got a copy.  And, if you have an issue with the law regarding Fair Use, take it to court.  Go hire another e-lawyer, or something.

I noticed that the slut with nuts threatened to post my novella all over /4chan/ and those are the worst kind.

Does anyone have a link?  I’m getting really curious.

I am guessing they’re not happy until everything is taken away from me.

You have nothing of value.  Enough of the pity party, Peaches.  Nobody’s attending but you.

Facebook Solicitation

Hat tip:  Baupdeth

This is from La Femme Nikita’s Facebook.  Baupdeth left the following as a comment on another thread of mine.  The parentheses are for B’s commentary.

I have a fifty foot cockroach plagiarizing a story of mine on his blog, the original story he stole is Halloween Girl. Then Lewis_Unknown made a list of stories he’s going to steal. Anyone in Scotland in touch with the press up there — see to it that he will never find a job because of plagiarism.

(And his younger sister is getting into the Gothic horror writing game too:)

My sister is still working on a Gothic horror story — the vibe reminds me of when I wrote A Cemetery Dream. I am curious if she has it done yet because I will see if I can try it on DLS. She actually got into horror because of Tales of the Talisman. She read her older brother’s story asking, “Doesn’t horror have a lot of gore?”

Yes my sister is working on a horror story. She got the same magazine I gave you and the wife when you were at Fragmentation — I gave her a copy of the magazine for Christmas. I’m curious if she got the story done or not. She’s been playing with horror since I gave her Reality Check: An Anthololgy Of Horror.

So, our favorite misunderstood genius incoherent midget, who claims he has press connections all over the UK, is looking for someone who knows someone in the press in Scotland.  Some connections, eh?  I remember him ranting something about having friends in the press in Leeds, which last time I looked, was still south of the border.

Remember Nicky’s video ranting about yellow journalism?  Here he’s actively soliciting someone to perform it for him.  Pot meet kettle.