156 Pages of Lies

According to Mr. Pacione, he’s got approximately 156 pages worth of drivel written. I am going by the 500 words-per-page rule of thumb.

An Eye In Shadows is now about 78,000 words and climbing from there.

[. . . ]

I am pleased that I am able to get this far along with the book.

What is his problem with Sabledrake all of a sudden? I’ve never seen him mention her until now.

The fact the fancrapper behind Sabledrake is bragging how she gets fanfiction the rate of the book in two days time.

That makes no sense. Like almost everything Pacione composes, it’s unfinished, and communicates nothing but the fact that he’s angry.

I am proud of where the characters are all mine . . .

That’s what makes An Eye in Shadows fiction. A memoir does not contain a plot, nor “characters.” It consists of memories and the real people who entered into them. It can skip over unpleasant parts (Eleanor Roosevelt left out her hubby’s affairs, for instance, in her memoir), but it cannot contain “characters” and a plot.

This is further proof that Mr. Pacione cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. It’s also proof that his output isn’t as phenomenal as he thinks, even if he bases it on quantity instead of quality.

One hundred fifty six pages isn’t exactly the book of the century. I’d rather re-read a 30-page play by Henrik Ibsen, if it came right down to it. Hedda Gabbler and A Doll’s House are a good start. They’re anti-misogynist.

“The Cherry Orchard” is a good place to start with Anton Chekhov. Granted, he’s bleak, but he gets his point across.

Mr. Pacione, you need to learn to get your point across, instead of spewing unfinished thoughts in your blog entries.

He Thinks He’s Dostoyevsky

From Mr. Pacione’s newest MySpace entry, we have this:

Damn — I am laughing right now because I never thought in less than four months I would actually have a 143 page book on my hands.

That’s approaching Dostoyevsky or Rand, alright! He’s only got another 600 pages to go to match either one of them.

That size fucking shocks me because I never thought I would actually do something that length in my life time, not even at 21 when I was writing short stories back then

Assuming typical manuscript conventions of 12 point Courier or Times New Roman with 1″ margins, it’s a short novel in my estimation. I could be wrong; I know jackshit about writing.

When you reached this mark with a book there is no turning back, you have to keep going and the ideas that come about will scare you even more because what I am writing isn’t fiction but all true.

What the hell does that mean?

Devoted to Pacione?

This evening brings two entries from Mr. Pacione on his Blogspot.  I’ll begin with the earlier entry.

The fact that I know that I am getting a lot of shit already because this book isn’t even done but I am getting a lot of prank calls and bastards making my life a living hell on myspace too.

People almost never comment on his MySpace entries.  Mr. Pacione loves to track down detractors and spill his filth all over their blogs.  Yet, notice how people leave him alone on his own blogs, even when he doesn’t have comments disabled?

I can see the suckpuppets are dancing. The Rusty Nail is someone’s suckpuppet.

People merely comment here.  I find many of the comments amusing.  To hear Mr. Pacione tell it, you’d think I was having a hoedown in the barn.

But I can say this, An Eye In Shadows is going to be a bucket of piss . . .

I prefer to think of it as a manure pile baking in the summer heat.

The more recent entry talks about the old Firefly.com and how TODP is “devoted to” trashing him.

The way the Other Dark Place is and these other online communities who are devoted to trashing on me — reminds me of the bullshit that a jagoff named CoyoteShadowJacker used to do.

TODP has a few Pacione-related threads, but that’s the extent of it.  What other forums are devoting to trashing Mr. Pacione?  I can’t find any.  There’s an unflattering thread on AbsoluteWrite, but it’s a forum for writers, and is in no way devoted to Pacione.

Haunted Word Processor

Mr. Pacione admits in a MySpace entry that he’s using lots of imagination writing his infamous memoir. Isn’t it supposed to be non-fiction? That reminds me of a famous line of Mr. Pacione’s: “I can imagine it because I was there at the time.”

Yeah the puppet convention is on an uproar because I’m writing this book and believe me this thing is going beyond anything I can believe. I am using a lot of my imagination with this too painting some dark and nihilistic pictures with this book. It has more nihilism than anything I’ve written before it.

An author of a has a lot of stylistic leeway when it comes to writing a memoir, but the content should come from memory, not from imagination. Has he made it to tenth grade yet? When will he get to the part where he imagines being mentally fit for Navy duty?

The idea that there are a lot of evil spirits coming out of the word processor much as someone is doing so on a daily printing press.

I don’t know what that sentence means. If the software he’s using is buggy, he should say so. Does he imagine that his keyboard harbors gremlins, or that the presses at The Sun-Times are haunted?

The former would be a hardware problem that could be cured by cleaning off the sticky grime, or buying a new one. The latter might make a good premise for a short story. Of course, Mr. Pacione would muck up the execution.

Maybe his evil keyboard is responsible for his misspelling of the word tirade. The one time I had a keyboard go bad on me, the gibberish that displayed bore no resemblance to what I typed; IT had to pull out my hard drive and pop it into a spare laptop.

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day, everyone! This morning brings another screed from Mr. Pacione on his Blogspot.

I guess the Other Dark Place are wanting to be dicks about me when I am trying to ignore the asshole convention forming over there. I got a book to write and a deadline to meet with the book being done.

What deadline is that, I wonder? I can’t imagine that anyone at Lulu or Lightning Source set a deadline for the tell-all memoir.

Overall, the entry is rambling, and mentions TODP, Dan, Susan, R.J. Sevin, and Brian Keene for imagined slights. There’s nothing new, really.

Face it you all hate my guts, and don’t like the fact I did get legitimate sales under my belt as a short story writer . . .

I’d like to know how many people over the age of 16 bought anything of Mr. Pacione’s, and what their IQs are. Seventy nine doesn’t qualify for Mensa, yet Mr. Pacione bragged a couple of years ago that it was his IQ, thinking it near brilliant.

Personally, I don’t hate his guts; he’s contemptible, probably pitiable as well. But, he’s amusing to follow as he spews venom against the world. It really doesn’t require much of my time.

The way I interpret his latest blog entry is a simple marketing ploy to drum up sales for his harmless memoir. I’ll entertain other theories, though.

Revisionist History

Mr. Pacione’s second WordPress entry is a fairly typical screed. This is the first time I’ve seen R.J. Sevin come under fire.

I noticed that R.J. Sevin decided to be the asshole and post a copyrighted photo on the forum of assholes again.

Actually, it was a fake memoir cover that was, frankly, quite funny. Fake title aside, it was tastefully designed.

I came under fire for “stealing” his domain name out from under his nose, because I paid for it after Janrae let it expire. Mr. Pacione neglected to purchase it himself, given a month’s advance notice, and two months thereafter.

And the fucks who created the rusty nail decided to steal another domain so I can’t get another domain in my name — cocksuckers you need to get a fucking life.

The irony is amazing. People allegedly steal his books by e-pirating them, but a domain name is stolen by actually paying for it? Either way, his logic is twisted. His attempt to revise history isn’t fooling anyone.

Mr. Pacione strikes me as being an ideal poster boy for the Entitlement Generation. He’s entitled to book sales, even though he finds it nearly impossible to write anything coherent. To him, he mere fact that he takes the time to type something makes it deserving of sales. But, when it comes to a domain name, he feels entitled to have it for free simply because it bears his name, while anyone who purchases it is stealing.

That’s not the way it works in real life, as Mr. Pacione is (hopefully) discovering. It’s odd that he tells others to “get a life,” yet he’s the one who stated in his JPG Magazine story that he’s a recluse when he writes.

Have fun with the ideas you come up with is what I am saying, I am a recluse as a writer but when I am a photographer – it allows me to be more social with people.

I firmly believe that his chances of making a dollar or two would improve if he were to stand on a street corner wearing dark glasses, holding a tin cup filled with pencils. He’s a little too old to run a lemonade stand.

Write vs. Right

Today brings not one, but two new entries on Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot. For the most part, he attempts to generate interest in his tell-all memoir. Ms. SanGiovanni, Ms. Peake, Mr. Lovell, and Flemco get personal mentions.

Two lines stand out in the one addressed to Mr. Lovell:

This book isn’t about people being mean and call the wahbulance.


I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked

It’s rather a shame the book isn’t about whining and calling “wahmbulances.” That might be more interesting than the actual subject matter.

Mr. Pacione has a right to write. He has neither a right nor a write to gain money from sales of said writing.

Pacione relates the bit about North Korea to freedom of the press, which he constantly confuses with freedom of speech. Perhaps one day it will dawn on him that not all writers have press credentials, and not all journalists write books. We can hope.

There was one other item of interest: he is now leaning toward using Lightning Source.

I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly.

It’s highly doubtful that his empty wallet could foot the bill for the block of ISBNs, printing setup costs, etc. His GothicFest booth cannot possibly cost any less this year than the $300 he paid in 2005.

Pacione Says No to PublishAmerica

Someone must have warned Mr. Pacione about PublishAmerica. He decided to shy away from it. I’m reasonably certain he’s talking about his infamous memoir. This was from the Goth community he runs on LiveJournal.

The book I am writing is very dark and cynical, and it is about my teen years being a teenager in the early part of the 1990s.
This book was on a third rewrite and this was the one that became the rewrite that will go to press too when it is finished. I got a few publishers wanting to publish this one, PublishAmerica came knocking on my door for the manuscript but I will not go with them. Not after all the horror stories behind what they’ve done.

It’s a shame, really. A tussle between those parties would have been interesting. Would PA eventually have surrendered?


The following excerpt from I Want to See You in Black illustrates why nobody within the publishing industry can possibly take Mr. Pacione’s non-fiction tell-all cement block seriously:

It draws into the points of horror and insanity, depths with them becoming the nightmare as it is told from a fictional reality.

Yes, folks, he wrote “as it is told from a fictional reality.” You have it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here is another from Blessed Are the Sick:

They sit there in the back of the mind waiting; that would be there in the back of my mind in the hours when I was in the sanitarium a few years ago.

He admits he was in an insane asylum. That was originally posted five years ago. My guess is that he’s been back several times since then, and is gearing up for another visit.

This one is from Cemetery Dream:

Since I took a gun shot to my stomach a few months ago in Chicago, my mental state hadn’t been the same. The dreams that were induced from the incident had left one emotionally disturbed — in a state of Megalomania from the horror that it had left me with.

I would suggest the megalomania began when he was in high school. I would also suggest that you install the Stop Autoplay plugin for Firefox before you click on the link to the story itself; the music loop is annoying.

And from Misguidance, we have this gem:

She had this sullen look to her face, and just seems like her entire career was about making the hopes of the students she worked with a urinated sense of security.

I wish I knew what he meant by a “urinated sense of security.” Does he not have a loo in the basement where he lives, and therefore fears for his life?

Repeatedly, in story after story, Mr. Pacione uses phrases such as “I cannot describe,” “I cannot really describe,” etc., yet proceeds to describe nothing for 300 or more words.

My working theory is that he’s misdiagnosed as bipolar when he’s really schizophrenic. His mental state certainly has never been stable, but the past few weeks have led me to believe that he’s rapidly deteriorating. I also recall reading in his short stories references to his hearing voices. Those, I must find to document.

In some ways, what Mr. Pacione does with words is similar to what Louis Wain did with his cat paintings. Initially, they looked as if they belonged in a Beatrix Potter book, but got increasingly bizarre, repetitious, and fractal as his schizophrenia progressed. I see signs of that in Mr. Pacione’s writing.

We Won’t Let Him Be Professional?

The thread at the Writingforums.com forum has reached eight pages. Mr. Pacione could not resist adding a lengthy comment, from which I’ve excerpted this:

“I am trying to be professional here but when I see a lack of professionalism from the rogues gallery and all they’re doing is railroading my readerships that I am working hard to gain.”

Translated, he can’t be professional because people won’t let him.

In other news, his new Blogspot entry is more of the same drivel that we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, Blogspot is down at the moment, or I’d link to the graphic he has posted.

He’s been using a crinkled paper texture a lot lately. It’s used in the banner graphic of his own forum, and on some other sites of his. To use a favorite word of Mr. Pacione’s, crinkled paper is so transgressive!