Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not.

The bitch been adding my real life friends and tryin to chase me around from forum to forum.

Has Mr. Pacione ever met any of his “real life friends” face to face?

What if someone was to create a site about her like that — yeah I know what I am thinking, it is time to have Encyclopedia Dramatica rip on her for a little while too.

I would hope Pacione knows what he’s thinking, because nobody else can fathom it.

She went out and called me a snail oil salesman . . .

False. Ms. Koehler wouldn’t have butchered the expression in that manner, if, in fact, it had been directed at anyone in particular. However, I do recall Pacione butchering it in just that way when referring to her. He’s been making heavy use of malapropisms lately. I predict this one will go down in history along with descent (for decent).

Revisionist History

What’s up with spreading false rumors?  Doesn’t anyone bother to do his or her homework before sitting down in front of a keyboard?

She’s a very bitter soul who seems to think there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia — at least that’s the impression I got from her live journal before it got wiped and replaced.  I could be overgeneralizing her position on the matter, and if I’m wrong I apologize.

However, she did threaten to write a slash fanfic involving Twerpy’s son,and she ended up catching all kinds of hell for it.  She seemed to react bitterly to it, and that’s when her “cussedness” LJ went poof.

Mr. Brendan has his facts more mixed up than a smoothie.  Hopefully, he’s just repeating what he heard from someone with an axe to grind.  I’d classify this under revisionist history, because it never happened.

Velmonturna, a Goth from Chicagoland, threatened to write that piece of slash, but never did.  Velmonturna has twice admitted as much, in public.  The piece was never written by him, nor anyone else.  Anyone who continues to spread this false rumor half a year (or more) later is willfully twisting the truth.

Pearls of Wisdom from Pacione

On the topic of fan-fiction:

One thing I will say in the planning process of Tabloid Purposes V — there will be a whole new load of topics I have yet to step into and the community who wrote Sliders fan fiction are the ones I am going to invite to submit original stories to this anthology. I discovered that could be an untapped source for writers.

As much as he professes to hate fan-fiction and people who write it, he gets over his qualms when he realizes he hasn’t yet exploited them. Fresh blood.

More on the topic of fresh blood:

The delivery of this story was inspired by Kevin Lucia, author of The Way Station.
The fact I get to work with Lucina on a future anthology I am putting together. This guy is very damn good at what he does and for him to get his start on an anthology that is $13 well spent, it is an honor.

Translation: a guy who writes better than I do hasn’t heard of my reputation and run for the hills, yet (*squee*). Pity the fool. Nicky’s found himself another sucker.

Regarding TPV:

Tabloid Purposes V will have its guidelines drawn out by Christmas 2007, and this will be the most epic of the guidelines yet because I need to draw out the storyline for it.

What storyline? Guidelines are guidelines. This is insane. Nicky uses no storyline for his stories, but insists on having one for his guidelines?

On the topic of his old old room mates:

The other room mate and I didn’t deserve the verbal abuse that she did — she was mentally abusive on me. The fact she dangled the threat of having me committed over my head on a regular basis, where I really think she’s the one that needs to be committed. The fact I made the remark saying, “She could be replaced.” Meaning, I was borderline kicking her out and interviewing another room mate to fill her leash slot.

Yes, folks, the lease was in his name, he was ready to kick out Crazy Michelle, and interview new room mates. Lewis Carroll couldn’t have made up anything this fantasy-filled.

The source for this intelligence wishes to remain anonymous. I have, however, verified with a secondary, unimpeachable source, that the above quotations are indeed from Mr. Pacione.


We have a double-header, folks.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calling my house and listing my address…. off limits

You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It’s not even funny the first time doing it. Stealing my photographs and watermarking them — shit isn’t even funny either.

Actually, yes it is funny. I have nothing to do with any of that, but it’s funny, regardless. Pacione forgets that he posted his own personal information online first. What happens on the internet stays on the internet.

Jerrod, you’re a fucking loser who has no life and the fact that you ripped off Tabloid Purposes with your cover scheme shows it.

Mr. Balzer’s after Nicky? Whatever Zippy the Pinhead’s smoking, I want some. It’s got to be better than Benson & Hedges.

I am going to have to get a cell phone because of this shit

He’s not going to have a cell phone because he can’t afford one. You know, this crap makes me want to go buy Balzer’s work, as well as that of J.D. Hintz.

Nicky is good for business . . . yours, not his. And, he’s good for my traffic counts.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Russo is crazy

She’s reading between the lines about wanting to sue me for libel; I didn’t even mention her by name once.

Oh, please — everyone who follows this saga already knows her last name is Russo. Pacione devoted an entire blog entry to her. It doesn’t take a trained detective to piece it together. None of us harass her. None of us care to, no matter how bat-shit insane she may be. She doesn’t come after us. She’s not even a carnival side show.

The fact that this lawsuit is already felt across the
Goth Community in Chicago, and the only people who can protect you from my fury are Koehler and Keene, and even they are fair game for me. Hell I could see you calling on them as witnesses on your case for this book
because I rip them a new one too in this.

One, there is no lawsuit, and two, the Goth community wouldn’t rally to Nicky’s aid, no matter how much he bribed them in internet dollars, or deep-dish pizza.

Sue me for what, I got no money — I am not a millionare.

Not even in pennies, could he come up with a million. If he had one nightmare for every evening of his life, it still can’t top 12,000. He’s had far more nightmares than he’s made in dollars.

You messed with an investegative journalist Russo, and yes this kind of journalism has no kind of mercy.

LOL! I’m an “investigative urinalist” . . . plumbing the depths of the u-bend for you. I could call myself a painter, but it wouldn’t make me one. Ditto for calling myself a writer.

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*edit* (now reliving college undergrad years, listening to Devo)

Tabloid Purposes 5

Wasn’t there some talk on MySpace last winter or spring about trademarking the Tabloid Purposes name?  I wonder what became of that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V

Purposes Five is going to be drawn up but I am also going to dredge up
the reading list and in fact planning to get one book before I finish
the guidelines for this.

I might suggest that Mr. Pacione pay another writer before he buys himself another copy of his own dreck.  In Coach Culbertson’s interview posted by Mike Duran, Culbertson says that self-publishing can be a way to lose money, and that his magazine is just about at the break-even point (to paraphrase).  Pacione has yet to hit the break-even point, and he still owes writers from previous anthologies money.

Nicholas Cook, if you think I am such a shitty editor why don’t you
take a stab at editing an anthology with some of your friends to see
what happens.

Mr. Pacione can’t seem to get it through his pea-brain that not everyone is interested in editing an anthology.  The fact remains that what Pacione calls editing is nothing more than doing copy-and-paste, and reformatting.  He can’t even proofread properly, let alone edit anything.

Tabloid Purposes is a darker project and it is more involved with it.
The fact that none of the authors involved just want to be read.

Believe me, they won’t be read if they get their stories printed in one of Pacione’s anthologies.  He’s a one trick pony; anthologies in general are a hard sell, and his are abominable, yet he persists.

I learned of a book that will be similar to An Eye In Shadows — an expose book called AN INDUSTRY OF CRONYISM also contains two years worth of research. I am waiting to see this book hit the streets too when it is finally finished.

If it contains as many juicy fantasies and reminiscences of being locked in a gym locker as “An Eye in Shadows,” then it will sell just as few copies.

I am recently armed with who the trolls are, and why they’re doing it.
Being they’re a bunch of mid-list nobodies who don’t have a notable
title out there unless they sucked someone’s dick to get the review.

So, wait.  I’m a mid-list nobody?  Did I change professions and claw my way up the ladder while I wasn’t paying attention?  Where’s my review?

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