Nicky’s Back on Shocklines

This time, he’s going by GothicPreacher.  He’s spewing his usual bile.  Get your screengrabs while the threads last.

A post

GAME OVER by Nickolaus Pacione

untitled horror anthology submission call: keeping it simple

Setting the record straight with Rector

ETA, according to Nicky, he’s not selling this:



That makes sense, since he hasn’t come in contact with a bar of soap in decades.

Edit #2:


Nicky Admits Making a False Accusation

This is from page 16 of the epic thread at Shocklines:

It’s just an annotated grab of what was visible, but I have a grab of the entire unannotated page, along with one of every other page.

This is the sort of depth to which Nickypoo will stoop, when he feels butthurt.  In fact, Tim made up no such rumor, so Nicky’s justification for his actions have neither basis in fact, nor merit.

Two Deleted Shocklines Threads

As we all know, the Yuku administrators banned Nicky from the entire Yuku network a few months ago.  It had nothing to do with Matt on the Shockines forum.  Matt would never ban someone for making death threats to people, so the Yuku admins had to do it.

Recently, Nicky opened a new account on Shocklines.  At first, he somewhat minded his manners.  Naturally, that didn’t last long.  He started two threads in which he made several false accusations against other members.  Those threads have been deleted.  However, through the power of Awesome Screenshot, I have them saved for posterity.  They’re posted after the cut.  Click on each image twice to see it full size.  If you have a use for them, feel free to swipe them.

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Two Nuked SL Threads

The first thread is the original one, referencing Brian Keene’s entry about Boyer, and Rick Moore’s letter writing campaign.  The second one was started by Jeani, in an attempt to stay on topic, after the first thread started going astray.

Screengrabs are after the cut.  Click on each one to enlarge it.  You might have to click twice to get full-size.  Feel free to swipe them.

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“Campbell” on SL

Hat tip:  PG

I’m a little surprised Matt didn’t lock this thread sooner than he did, but it’s a weekend, so he may have been out running errands, or whatever.  It’s not at all unusual for Matt to lock a thread, then rethink his decision later, and delete it.  For posterity, I’ve got screengrabs of both pages after the cut.

The thread features a new sock puppet, “Campbell,” along with an old sock puppet, “Attentionwhore,” who never has anything nice to say about anybody.  The latter brought up Pacione and Boyer, in his pissy comment that had nothing to do with the topic of the thread, which was the Stoker Awards, and the folks who were Twittering on the Strokerawards account during the live streaming of the event.

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Nicky Banninated from Yuku

Hat tips:  Jenny and Autoaim

It sure looks as if it was Yuku who banned Nicky, not Matty.  Still, it means La Femme Nikita is gone from Shocklines.

If he shows up again with a handy dandy new sock puppet, he’ll give himself away pretty quickly.

I do have screengrabs of his last two posts on SL, along with the replies.  As of now, both threads remain unlocked and unsnipped.  If they do get deleted, I’ll post the grabs.

UPDATE:  screengrabs of the bahleeted threads after the cut.

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Tin Foil Dave’s Last Hurrah

Talk about nailing your own coffin shut . . .

Evidently unhappy that his previous threads on Shocklines got locked or were deleted, Davey decided to post two more.  The first one shows he ripped a page out of the Pacione Play Book:  “think of all the poor innocent people you’re hurting by going after me!”

Suffice it to say that the folks at Shocklines, and indeed on internet at large, have no obligation to Davey to see to it that he honors his own contracts.  Similarly, nobody’s stopping him from removing the plagiarized stories and artwork, and reissuing the books in question, even if he has to find another publisher, or self-publish them.  Hell, even Peaches did that.

His second post proceeds on the Cooks Source Credo:  if it’s on the internet, and can be downloaded, it must not have a copyright.  Furthermore, his reasoning goes, it was Activision’s responsibility to make sure he couldn’t get his hands on its artwork.  Say what?

Note the ass-kissing plea at the end to leave poor Matty’s forum alone.  As if that did him any good.  I could be wrong, but I don’t recall anyone starting a Boyer related thread there since Harry Shannon’s from the 6th (which Matty deleted), except for Boyer himself.  Kinda defeats the purpose of doing a whiny, yet obnoxious sympathy plea for mercy at Shocklines, when they’re not exactly on his case anymore.

Also, see B’s blog for some interesting info on Tin Foil’s financial wherewithal to go to court.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.

Damage Control

No, not what happened at SL this evening.  That’s better termed whitewashing.

Nikita wasn’t too thrilled that Matty nuked his 4theluv submission thread, so he posted a new one.

At this time I am reworking the first Library of Unknown Horrors because I need to do some damage control, but I am looking for new stories for the anthology.  If anyone wants the e-mail address to submit to send to my message box on here for the private e-mail address (I am using my personal e-mail address for this.)  I am looking for stories starting at 3000 words then topping out at 10,000 words.  I will provide a .pdf copy of the finished anthology plus if contributors want copies they can get them at a discount (they would have to send the amount for the books at cost for me to get them.  I will have an ISBN for this one.)

So, he calls doing the right thing (under pressure from several parties) “damage control.”  Nobody’s blaming him for being suckered with that plagiarized story.  Other people were too, but they all voluntarily fixed it as soon as it was brought to their attention.  There wouldn’t have been any damage if he had done likewise, rather than wait until the pressure was on.  Of course, it could be argued that his conduct in general, aside from this incident, has already damaged his reputation beyond repair . . .

Note that he talks about having an ISBN for the reissued publication.  I can’t help but wonder whether he’s going to try to reuse the original one he got, rather than get a new one, the way he’s supposed to.

Any plagiarism to the anthology gets the would be contributor blacklisted from being published anywhere in the small press because I will inform other small press outfits about the plagiarist.

Hahahahaha.  Nicky thinks he has the power to blacklist someone from every other one-man operation out there.  The problem, of course, is that he didn’t even discover that he’d published a plagiarized story until long after other folks were discussing the issue, sharing plenty of hard evidence.

The rest of the thread is tl;dr, and has little do do with submission guidelines, but has a few funny nuggets about his cousin, and former roomie.

And that, folks, is what Nicky calls damage control.  Um, yeah.


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Christ Leaked

Hat Tips:  Al_Kilyu and Lewis

“Christ Leaked” might make a great title for a short story, eh?  This deserves its own entry.  Besides, scrolling through over 170 comments on my last entry was getting to be a pain.

Nicky’s back on Shocklines, bawwing about how an “unreleashed” novella of his was leaked.  It’s a fairly standard wall-o’-text that will probably get bahleeted.  So far, there are no replies.  Nobody wants to be the first, I suppose, to ask how something that’s never been passed along to anyone else can possibly get leaked.

He’s even got an unsubstantiated claim of being blackmailed.  Dagstine, or an overactive imagination?


We knew this was going to happen.  Screengrabs of the whole mess after the cut . . .

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