Nicky the Martyr

Again, I have ExposeTheTard to thank for this gem of a profile for Mr. Pacione, dating back eight years, to when he was 24, and hot to trot, ladies. Only Pacione would use his profile to post a rant.

The Basics
Member Name: urbanizedsin
Name: Nickolaus Albert Pacione
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single and Looking
Occupation: webmaster, writer
Location: Morris, IL

[. . .]

Those that are from Hampton, Iowa, and openly are judgemental can go suck on a monkey’s genitialia. The staff at the Mason City Public Library can go to hell for banning my ass — you tried to kill my site by banning me, I was beat down in the name of the First. I am a martyr of free speech and press.

Martyr, my ass. He’s gotten so many of his accounts shut down because he has threatened many people and repeatedly violated TOS. I heard about the library incident years ago, but until now was unable to place a time frame to it. It had to have been 1999 or earlier.

I am gothic in my own right since I write of things that are dark, but at the same it could and has happened in reality. I write about people’s phobias.

No. He writes about his own phobias: arachnaphobia, claustrophobia, and apiphobia, to name a few. He also writes about his own mental illnesses. At various times, he’s described himself as “manic depressant,” bipolar, and megalomaniac. Paranoia and delusions come with the territory, so to speak, and he displays them in abundance, both in his blog entries and in his short stories.

He likes to write, but is not a professional writer. He has no professional credits. I like to play hockey, but that doesn’t make me Wayne Gretzky. I haven’t won a Stanley Cup. Winning a few pick-up games on the local pond doesn’t exactly count, any more than his “success” getting to print his dreck.

The Rusty Nail = KKK

Thanks to a tip from “Agent,” we have this gem. Allegedly it was posted and removed, but is back on Blogspot.

The original tip comes from comment # 7 here. The original Blogspot entry that disappeared seems to have been edited and expanded since being removed. Pacione’s been doing this a lot lately.

I want to say this right now — there are two words I am going to say to the fucker who calls himself valentinevegen and they are these two, piss off. I am going to make that interview available that was taken down from, and I thought Staggs was a stronger individual than that.

So Matt removed the interview from his “” Blogspot. I did not know that, but found it very interesting, because he left it up there for quite a long time.

Seeing a site like The Rusty Nail stalking forums I call home too — the fact that they’re pathetic little white trash fucks who basically go around wearing white robes and pointy hats. Yes I am calling them KKK.

That must explain this picture:

KKK Rest in Hell

You assholes are in violation of what they call freedom of speech and expression.

Actually, Mr. Pacione thinks freedom of speech only applies to him and not to the rest of us. As long as I stay within the fair use provisions of the U.S. copyright law, as I have thus far, he can’t get this blog shut down. He’s already tried, to no avail.

Who’d thought a guy from the Midwest can cause so much noise that would disturb the universe.

Good god, his megalomania never fails to astonish. He’s not even disturbing the dust bunnies in granny’s basement.

I might put an anthology together of all the entries that would stand out with this blog too dealing with other writers and dealing with the blogtards that are out there and this would be the assholes behind Encyclopeda Dramatica.

[. . .]

I am tempted to publish stories by people who have had bad dealings with that site, not talking types who write slash and that shit — I am looking for the real people who have their horror stories to tell about that site and how they ruined their life. This is the only way I can really follow up this book is to run a true story anthology by people who’ve been harassed by that site. I am encouraging you all to come forward.

What a moron. Pacione will never get Encyclopedia Dramatica shut down. And he will never scare up enough people dissed by it who would contribute a story to him.

His entry runs on forever. It’s only worth reading if you want to kill some time before crashing for the evening.


The following excerpt from I Want to See You in Black illustrates why nobody within the publishing industry can possibly take Mr. Pacione’s non-fiction tell-all cement block seriously:

It draws into the points of horror and insanity, depths with them becoming the nightmare as it is told from a fictional reality.

Yes, folks, he wrote “as it is told from a fictional reality.” You have it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here is another from Blessed Are the Sick:

They sit there in the back of the mind waiting; that would be there in the back of my mind in the hours when I was in the sanitarium a few years ago.

He admits he was in an insane asylum. That was originally posted five years ago. My guess is that he’s been back several times since then, and is gearing up for another visit.

This one is from Cemetery Dream:

Since I took a gun shot to my stomach a few months ago in Chicago, my mental state hadn’t been the same. The dreams that were induced from the incident had left one emotionally disturbed — in a state of Megalomania from the horror that it had left me with.

I would suggest the megalomania began when he was in high school. I would also suggest that you install the Stop Autoplay plugin for Firefox before you click on the link to the story itself; the music loop is annoying.

And from Misguidance, we have this gem:

She had this sullen look to her face, and just seems like her entire career was about making the hopes of the students she worked with a urinated sense of security.

I wish I knew what he meant by a “urinated sense of security.” Does he not have a loo in the basement where he lives, and therefore fears for his life?

Repeatedly, in story after story, Mr. Pacione uses phrases such as “I cannot describe,” “I cannot really describe,” etc., yet proceeds to describe nothing for 300 or more words.

My working theory is that he’s misdiagnosed as bipolar when he’s really schizophrenic. His mental state certainly has never been stable, but the past few weeks have led me to believe that he’s rapidly deteriorating. I also recall reading in his short stories references to his hearing voices. Those, I must find to document.

In some ways, what Mr. Pacione does with words is similar to what Louis Wain did with his cat paintings. Initially, they looked as if they belonged in a Beatrix Potter book, but got increasingly bizarre, repetitious, and fractal as his schizophrenia progressed. I see signs of that in Mr. Pacione’s writing.