New Contest

Thanks to Horrorgal, I came across a posting at the forum.  Mr. Pacione announced a new contest with the title “New contest — the one that Leider doesn’t want you to take part in….”  There have been a few views of the topic, but no replies.

Pacione hasn’t mentioned Tim Leider in quite some time.  It’s almost as if he has a little black book that he flips through, and chooses a name at random.  If memory serves me correctly, a long time ago, Mr. Leider rejected a story that Pacione submitted.  Rejection happens.  That should have been the end of it.  Any normal person would have taken it in stride, but, as we all know, Pacione is not normal.

As Horrorgal says,

I wonder what has Tim done to Nicky lately. Maybe nothing. We all know Nicky likes to create drama when he feels that he is being ignored.

Well said, Jenny.

Tabloid Purposes 5

Wasn’t there some talk on MySpace last winter or spring about trademarking the Tabloid Purposes name?  I wonder what became of that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V

Purposes Five is going to be drawn up but I am also going to dredge up
the reading list and in fact planning to get one book before I finish
the guidelines for this.

I might suggest that Mr. Pacione pay another writer before he buys himself another copy of his own dreck.  In Coach Culbertson’s interview posted by Mike Duran, Culbertson says that self-publishing can be a way to lose money, and that his magazine is just about at the break-even point (to paraphrase).  Pacione has yet to hit the break-even point, and he still owes writers from previous anthologies money.

Nicholas Cook, if you think I am such a shitty editor why don’t you
take a stab at editing an anthology with some of your friends to see
what happens.

Mr. Pacione can’t seem to get it through his pea-brain that not everyone is interested in editing an anthology.  The fact remains that what Pacione calls editing is nothing more than doing copy-and-paste, and reformatting.  He can’t even proofread properly, let alone edit anything.

Tabloid Purposes is a darker project and it is more involved with it.
The fact that none of the authors involved just want to be read.

Believe me, they won’t be read if they get their stories printed in one of Pacione’s anthologies.  He’s a one trick pony; anthologies in general are a hard sell, and his are abominable, yet he persists.

I learned of a book that will be similar to An Eye In Shadows — an expose book called AN INDUSTRY OF CRONYISM also contains two years worth of research. I am waiting to see this book hit the streets too when it is finally finished.

If it contains as many juicy fantasies and reminiscences of being locked in a gym locker as “An Eye in Shadows,” then it will sell just as few copies.

I am recently armed with who the trolls are, and why they’re doing it.
Being they’re a bunch of mid-list nobodies who don’t have a notable
title out there unless they sucked someone’s dick to get the review.

So, wait.  I’m a mid-list nobody?  Did I change professions and claw my way up the ladder while I wasn’t paying attention?  Where’s my review?

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Submission Guidelines

Snake Fossil Press is soliciting parody short story submissions for Issue 1 of Fossilized Snake Magazine.

Stories must be between 1200 and 2000 words, in MS Word .doc format using 12 point Times New Roman or Courier font, double-spaced, with 1″ margins.

The style of story for which we solicit parodies can be read here, here, or here.

If your story is accepted, payment will be in the form of a .pdf of the magazine. We cannot guarantee that we will personally reply to all submissions, but will reply to all authors whose stories are accepted. You retain the copyright to your story.

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The deadline for submissions is November 23/24 at midnight, U.S. Central time.

Few or No Submissions

This afternoon Mr. Pacione posted on his Goth community at LJ the same submission call for a new anthology that he’s posted in various places over the past few weeks. I’ve seen it posted on DeviantArt on August 26th, as well as Goth on August 25th. I’m sure I’ve seen it elsewhere.

The fact that he made the same submission call twice in the same venue leads me to believe that he has received few, if any, submissions.

On his August 17th WordPress, Mr. Pacione states:

I noticed that a few forums are going around saying Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press like the plague and I am offering larger payouts too as a result of it.

The submission guidelines from August 25th, August 26th, and today offer nothing but a .pdf of the finished anthology. Only in an alternate universe is that paying more than the $25 he paid two authors from TPIV.

On August 10th, in Horror_Writing on LJ, Pacione states:

I just started the first set of payments for Tabloid Purposes IV — Bryan you were first and highway_west was second — you both got paid $25 via paypal.

Yes, a .pdf is worth far more than cash. Consider the postage it costs Pacione to email the files.

Perhaps word of Pacione’s shady practices is spreading. At least he’s no longer charging “reading fees” and requesting the enclosure of additional fees with the floppy or CD-RW “in case the disk gets lost in the mail” to submit a story. No doubt it finally occurred to Pacione that if the disk gets lost in the mail, so does the enclosed money.