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Nicky started another thread announcing his new official website for TP, which of course looks like shit.  It’s up to three pages, and still going strong.  This is epic.  It’s also going to be locked/snipped/deleted at some point, so I have screen shots.  For now, I’ll only post the first two after the cut.  If it makes it to page four, I’ll add page three, etc.

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Tabloid Purposes V: Cyberterrormachine

How many submission calls does this guy have?  I’ve lost track.

By Nickolaus A. Pacione
Last edited: Thursday, December 13, 2007
Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2007

the submission call is up. read the guidelines carefully. Don’t submit until the 16th of February. The guidelines are extremely strict

Tabloid Purposes V: Cyberterrormachine 

Cyberterrormachine?  Oh god.  Is this going be a anthology about terrorizing people over the internet?

The concept of the story will open the gateway for a theological element in there. Ghosts in the mainframe, demons causing a computer virus . . .

Ah — it’s about all the things he wishes on others.

I want something that will compliment Chimeraworld series in some ways while at the same time do something that makes Tabloid Purposes Five stand out If you do an alternate history story it must be alternate 1990s starting and goes into future history up to 2027-2033. 

Future history, eh?  I think I can guess what 1990s alternate history is:  An Eye in Shadows.

Deadline: July 28, 2008

Submission begin date: Feb 13, 2008 (start writing stories now – this thing will fill fast like Tabloid Purposes II did.)
      Payment here: STARTING . $16 with a $10 minimum  (Sent to PAYPAL you must have a paypal account if you want to be paid.)

Where does he expect to get the funds to pay anyone? Nobody ever pays those phony Paypal invoices he sends.

Stocking Them Up or Sticking Them Up?

It seems that Mr. Pacione is finally able to send out one more long-owed contributor copy of TPIV.

Yes I will be doing one of those read posters for a couple libraries in the area here — one of them is going to do it the moment I get the more copies of Tabloid Purposes IV. I ordered up a few but one will be sent to a contributor tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, folks — one copy! I think he should get all his contributor copies out before stockpiling a stash for himself.

I am going to be stocking them up the moment I get this debit card fixed up. The whole thing that those bastards who repeatedly prank called my house really fucked things up in the sense with the bank now with the address needs to be changed over from the old apartment address and now the phone number is fouled up.

I’ve got news for Mr. Pacione. Regardless of whether the prank calls occurred, notifying his bank of a change of address and phone number is his responsibility.


Pacione posted his trade paperback cover for TPIV on deviantArt earlier this evening. Same crappy, muddy, misty, blurry cover as the original, but with commentary:

. . . the shirt I was wearing in the editor picture was provided by Invisible Records the band shirt, Damage Manual featuring Martin Atkins of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.

Really — does anyone care, since the author picture is way too dark, and the shirt can’t be read, anyway? Good lord, why even bother posting author comments about a book cover if they talk about his clothing?

Tabloid Purposes 5

Wasn’t there some talk on MySpace last winter or spring about trademarking the Tabloid Purposes name?  I wonder what became of that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V

Purposes Five is going to be drawn up but I am also going to dredge up
the reading list and in fact planning to get one book before I finish
the guidelines for this.

I might suggest that Mr. Pacione pay another writer before he buys himself another copy of his own dreck.  In Coach Culbertson’s interview posted by Mike Duran, Culbertson says that self-publishing can be a way to lose money, and that his magazine is just about at the break-even point (to paraphrase).  Pacione has yet to hit the break-even point, and he still owes writers from previous anthologies money.

Nicholas Cook, if you think I am such a shitty editor why don’t you
take a stab at editing an anthology with some of your friends to see
what happens.

Mr. Pacione can’t seem to get it through his pea-brain that not everyone is interested in editing an anthology.  The fact remains that what Pacione calls editing is nothing more than doing copy-and-paste, and reformatting.  He can’t even proofread properly, let alone edit anything.

Tabloid Purposes is a darker project and it is more involved with it.
The fact that none of the authors involved just want to be read.

Believe me, they won’t be read if they get their stories printed in one of Pacione’s anthologies.  He’s a one trick pony; anthologies in general are a hard sell, and his are abominable, yet he persists.

I learned of a book that will be similar to An Eye In Shadows — an expose book called AN INDUSTRY OF CRONYISM also contains two years worth of research. I am waiting to see this book hit the streets too when it is finally finished.

If it contains as many juicy fantasies and reminiscences of being locked in a gym locker as “An Eye in Shadows,” then it will sell just as few copies.

I am recently armed with who the trolls are, and why they’re doing it.
Being they’re a bunch of mid-list nobodies who don’t have a notable
title out there unless they sucked someone’s dick to get the review.

So, wait.  I’m a mid-list nobody?  Did I change professions and claw my way up the ladder while I wasn’t paying attention?  Where’s my review?

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More Gothicfest

So, Zippy the Pinhead sold a whopping two copies of TPIV. This is from his latest on Blogspot.

I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event . . . I had just two copies of Tabloid Purposes IV there just as a test sort thing.

As always, the entry strays from one thought to another with little coherency.

The fact that some loser who stabbed me five times decided to get in contact with me via e-mail recently so I look at this with some

I don’t know where perspective comes into being stabbed, but it’s obvious that old stabbing wasn’t some random event if the person who did it knows Mr. Pacione.

It’s a little unclear, but I get the impression that Pacione thinks the person who stabbed him might be the one who runs Exposethetard. Of course, with all things Nicky, he’s not really sure.

Thinking it could really be the dick that stabbed me or some other jerk who went digging around my old website to see the information . . .

Pacione then proceeds to whine about someone he’s known since grade school.

The fact that my best friend of twenty plus years is involved now with the smear campaigns are going to be a nightmare waiting to happen. [. . .] The reason being he’s doing this is because I couldn’t get him into the venue I was signing at for free.

If Pacione has known this person that long, and the person really is his “best friend,” I shudder to think what his other “friends” are like. A real friend would have said something along the lines of “Oh well — thanks for trying.”

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The mystery regarding Mr. Pacione’s whereabouts the past couple of days has been partially solved, thanks to an anonymous tipster who commented on my previous entry.


Apparently, Pacione’s been picking an email fight with a guy named Jim who had the audacity to ask him a question.

Long story short, I had quite a laugh reading the whole exchange. It’s worth a read if you have a few minutes to spare. Jim is GOOD, whoever he is.

One buried gem grabbed my attention because it confirmed my suspicion that Pacione gets very few submissions to his TP anthologies.

. . . but anytime when a Tabloid Purposes guidelines are up — I always end up getting submissions not a lot of them but all of them kick some serious ass.

Considering the repeated submission calls he’s made over the past few weeks, the TP anthologies aren’t the only ones for which Pacione has trouble getting submissions.

As an aside, the list of people who consider Mr. Pacione to be a hobby grows.

Freebies Announced at DeviantArt

Mr. Pacione has been promoting his memoir and TPIV over at DeviantArt.

This is the new book, An Eye In Shadows — you don’t need a lulu.com account to get this one but I am doing a cool promotion here. This will get you a free copy of Tabloid Purposes IV or one of the other installments pending what I have at the time.

Why is that Mr. Pacione is always screaming about e-piracy and lost sales when he’s giving away his books for free? And why can’t he learn that pending doesn’t mean the same thing as depending?

I am trying to get a few friends together to help me design the givaway item at the event I am signing at — and if you want grab Tabloid Purposes IV that’s also available on lulu.com right now. The anthology project I am working on right now is going to be the giveaway item at Gothicfest 2007 — and this will be hosted by Scott Savage.

I thought he wasn’t getting submissions for that anthology project; he’s been putting out the call for weeks now. If they were coming in fast and furious, that wouldn’t be necessary.

Calling All Goths

He’s back at it, at his LJ Goth forum:

There will be two versions of the book going around eventually — this is the 7.44 x 9.68 size Paperback Size, and the other will be a Crown Royale size trade paperback. If you’re from a Gothic magazine interested in a review copy of the anthology in either size out there contact me via lakefossilpress@gmail.com. Only serious inquiries only

He can’t pay contributors from TPIII and TPIV with an emailed .pdf, but he can send out review copies?


Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot entry today is a lulu.

I will say I got an e-mail from a publisher interested in running the book when it is finished. I sent this publisher a sample of what was already done and that was the 1990-1991 section of the book.

So he’s made it to ninth grade. Don’t tell me. Let me guess. That “publisher” is PublishAmerica, right? I wonder how much money PA thinks it can actually bilk from Pacione. He still hasn’t paid his contributors from TPIII and TPIV.

Oh by the way Marlowe1, listen up you libeling fag — I’ve paid the authors in Tabloid Purposes and Tabloid Purposes II . . .

Usually, his entries only mention one or two people. Today, Brian Keene, TODP, Angeline Hawkes, Karen Koehler, Tim Lieder, Elizabeth Peake, Journalfen, and Brucha Meyers got special mentions. Did I miss anyone?

His EncyclodepdiaDramatica entry was recently (and hilariously) updated.

For one last treat, he was slammed pretty hard on Journalfen’s support page. PWNED! Kudos to llama_treats.