We Won’t Let Him Be Professional?

The thread at the Writingforums.com forum has reached eight pages. Mr. Pacione could not resist adding a lengthy comment, from which I’ve excerpted this:

“I am trying to be professional here but when I see a lack of professionalism from the rogues gallery and all they’re doing is railroading my readerships that I am working hard to gain.”

Translated, he can’t be professional because people won’t let him.

In other news, his new Blogspot entry is more of the same drivel that we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, Blogspot is down at the moment, or I’d link to the graphic he has posted.

He’s been using a crinkled paper texture a lot lately. It’s used in the banner graphic of his own forum, and on some other sites of his. To use a favorite word of Mr. Pacione’s, crinkled paper is so transgressive!

I, Photographer

Mr. Pacione has a new story up on JPG Magazine, called I, Photographer. In it, he waxes poetic about his love of photography and writing. Tabloid Purposes IV gets a plug, as well.

This is my favorite line:

“. . . I am a recluse as a writer but when I am a photographer – it allows me to be more social with people.”

I suppose it does allow him to occasionally emerge from his grandparents’ basement.

The next excerpt could have used fewer words. Nonetheless, I thought it quite funny.

“The practical joke aspect was my room mate who was getting ready for HIM had her door open and had all her hair falls in place the other room mate was watching – saw that I snagged her camera for this one second, and she almost chased me all the way up 79th street all the way to Cicero Avenue.”

Michelle Russo chasing Nickolaus up the street must have been quite a sight.

Mr. Pacione was relatively quiet today, with one rant entry at Blogspot. Initially, only the first paragraph was there. After who knows how many edits, it expanded to five.


Pacione’s bout of hypergraphia continues.  This morning I found two new Blogspot entries and one on MySpace from him.  The following is from his most recent Blogspot of August 17, 2007.

One thing I am setting out to do with this book is proving one thing — I am real. And being exactly who you are in person as you are online is the most disturbing. Yeah I can see Brian Knight trying to snag this post and pick it apart with The Rusty Nail or his other piece of shit blog that he has out there to stalk to shit out of me.”

First, my name is not Brian.  Second, I never thought you weren’t a real person, Mr. Pacione.  You are unreal, but that’s a different story.  Mr. Knight, please accept my apologies for Mr. Pacione’s addled thought process.

Dagstines, Lake Fossil Press is staying live and I am publishing Tabloid Purposes IV — won’t be the last anthology that I am running and there will be more.”

I thought Dagstine had been keeping a rather low profile of late.  Pacione’s most likely just ticked off that Dagstine pulled a story from either TPIV or the Ethereal Gazette (I forget which he was supposed to be in).  Word on the street is that TPIV lost two authors; I heard that in addition to Boye, Enck pulled out under pressure from his publisher.  A new entry on Pacione’s forum would seem to corroborate that.  I heard a rumor that some woman pulled out as well, but I cannot find evidence to support that assertion.

“The threats are becoming more intense with writing this non-fiction book and I will be including one of the hatemails in the book and they won’t see a dime from the hatemail they get published.”

Either he’s sending himself hate mail, or someone’s playing a trick on him.   My working theory is that Pacione is simply trying to stir up interest in his tell-all memoir, in the hope that legitimately published authors will be curious enough to see what he’s said about them to buy a copy.

I’m afraid it won’t work that way.  Nobody wants to read that Ms. Hawkes and Ms. SanGiovanni have (gasp!) long hair, or that Poppy Z. Brite’s stories contain “the sexuality.”  Even if the book were to contain some earth-shattering news, it wouldn’t become a bestseller.  It’s a grapevine thing; the publishing grapevine works about as quickly as that of Wall Street.

And from his MySpace entry, we have this:

Some asshole is impersonating me on the board and using the persona NickolausPacLone, “

I saw that post on Pacione’s forum last night.  Sure, I knew it was fake, but I thought it was funny anyway.   No, Mr. Pacione, it wasn’t from me.  I have my suspicions who it might be, but have nothing concrete, so I shall say nothing further on the subject.

The Good Ship Bohemeth

Here’s what our favorite English-challenged boy’s been up to in the past 24 hours.

  1. He’s been making threats to take his battle against the world to the press.
  2. Put up two entries on his Blogspot, and one on his MySpace.
  3. Driven a 14 year-old named Kody Boye to withdraw a story from TP4
  4. Driven the same youngster over to the TODP forum
  5. Ranted about other authors withdrawing stories

First, it doesn’t matter if he goes to the press with his story. The two local papers that have in the past given him some coverage aren’t likely to do anything this time. The Coal City Courant is a weekly paper with a self-claimed circulation of 2,125. The Morris Herald is a daily, with circulation too low to be audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, which just happens to be located in Schaumburg. The population of Morris is around 12,000. Even if both papers gave the story some ink, it would do as much good for Pacione as shouting into the wind.

As an aside, the Coal City Courant published a piece about him perhaps three years ago that was incredibly unflattering. It was downright nasty.

Kody Boye reminds me a bit of Kyle Kucek. Kyle managed to escape the evil clutches of Pacione; hopefully, Kody will as well. Withdrawing his story is a good place to start.

If others are withdrawing stories, it looks like the good ship “Bohemeth” is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Mr. Pacione: do us all a favor and learn to use a dictionary. Make that two favors. Stop preying on naive young kids who want desperately to be published. This one escaped. Many others haven’t, and we don’t even remember their names like we do Kyle’s or Macey’s.


I should have added Nickolas Mounts to the list of escapees.

Tabloid Purposes Pirates Itself

Tabloid Purposes IV has been released, so Mr. Pacione has been promoting it. What I fail to understand is why, with such a momentous announcement, he fails to use the opportunity to promote the authors. Instead, he gripes about e-pirates, someone named Mark, and in passing, mentions some old friend of his from junior college.

Guess what — TABLOID PURPOSES IV is just out right now, and for you bastards who like to pirate books good luck trying to pirate this one. If you want to review the book you have to buy it like everyone else. I guess you assholes have to wait for the non-fiction book, and one of them tried to harass one of my college buddies too. And Mark? Who gave you permission to use my photo?

That was replicated in his Nextcat entry, to which he added since he originally posted it last night. Pacione followed it up with this:

“. . . this anthology has a history of ending up pirating the book.”

That implies that his anthologies pirate themselves. I believe that puts Mr. Bennett, Mr. Barnes, Horrorgal, and everyone else who has ever been accused over the years of e-pirating Pacione’s books in the clear.

He said it himself: his books pirate themselves!
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