I see that Pacione has finally made use of the WordPress account he’s had for some time. For that, I might be able to take credit.

“Every little thing I am going to say or do someone’s going to get pissed off about it.”

Not likely, but why would he intentionally piss off readers? It doesn’t work for Philbin, so why would it work for Pacione?

“I’ve seen magazines come and go, that’s the reality of this business.”

The Literary Bone folded pretty quickly. So, when does Ethereal Gazette fold? When he runs out of high school kids to bilk?

“I noticed that a few forums are going around saying Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press like the plague and I am offering larger payouts too as a result of it.”

I suspect his words are not worth the electrons it takes to make them appear on the monitor at the other end, but he can type away all he wants.

“No matter how offensive it is people will get pissed off about it and I will be posting that interview that held the industry hostage too here too and in the result — there is someone out the claiming I am a monster, no I am not.”

He’s not a monster. He’s simply a filthy guy who thinks shampoo, soap, and toothpaste are for the pigeons. For evidence, just look at any of the pictures he’s posted of himself. He has two basic poses: the squatting one, and the 59″ tall one with his feet spread apart and fists clenched.

Interesting Developments

Developments on the Pacione front during the past 24 hours have been interesting, to say the least.

  • the sound and fury at Cairnwood and TODP ground to a halt Friday, as well it should have
  • Mr. Pacione joined Nextcat on 7/23/07. Here’s his updated profile page; it’s hilarious.
  • someone new at MySpace using the name “STOP NICKOLAUS PACIONE!!!” linked to Rusty Nail, and several other places, but has no friends

I found the last one by backtracking through referrals. Though the blog owner claims to be a 37 year-old female from MD, it leads back to an IP address in Brooklyn using Optimum Online (Cablevision), assuming the time slug’s not too far off. I find this rather suspicious.

Guess who lives in Brooklyn, and pretends to want Pacione STOPPED!!! Guess who tends to be overly dramatic. Who made a flounce post before shutting down The Literary Bone?

I do not pretend to have all the pieces of this puzzle, but I think I have enough to suspect that this newcomer to MySpace could be Dagstine. It’s the sort of thing he’d try to pull to either suck in the people who have been burned in the past by Pacione, or to try to save face in the aftermath of his own fiasco with his Pacione interview and magazine.

It’s possible that I’m wrong, but on a logical level, my suspicion makes some sense. We have a graffiti artist turned writer, who lives in Brooklyn, is impulsive, dramatic, “in your face,” etc. The creation of that blog and the links it contains smacks of impulsive, dramatic behavior.

If anyone has further information to add to (or refute), what I suspect, please feel free to leave a comment.
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Did Dagstine Panic?

I’m beginning to believe that Mr. Dagstine panicked at the backlash to the Pacione interview he conducted and posted on MySpace. It seems silly to shut down a magazine for one (albeit rather huge) misstep. The proper way to handle it would have been to acknowledge a mistake, apologize, take your licks, and get on with it. It seems that he couldn’t handle the licks.

The closure of The Literary Bone account at MySpace, and the sudden move from a WordPress-hosted personal blog to http://lawrencedagstine.com, along with a revamping of it was sudden. Too sudden, in my opinion. Most people take their time setting up a new web domain. They also don’t say they’ll leave a MySpace account open for another week, then delete it a day or two later.

I got a very interesting perspective from Stephen, who published a Dagstine piece earlier this year. It’s in the comments to my previous entry. He’s probably right that Dagstine really did want to publish a quality magazine, but got crappy submissions.

I’ve read one publicly posted short story by Dagstine. Its premise had promise, but its execution was poor. Whether it’s representative of Dagstine’s work, I have no idea.

What makes me lean toward a panic theory is the suddenness with which everything happened after the infamous interview was posted. It’s not rational to deep-six your dream of running a quality literary magazine over a misstep, but panic throws rational thought and behavior to the wind.

Whether his magazine was any good, I can’t say. This I do know: there’s a listing for it on Duotrope that claims it will not accept reprints, yet the story of Pacione’s that Dagstine intended to run in issue #2 was a reprint, and he knew it.

There are still missing pieces to this puzzle.
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The Literary Bone: Pacione’s Chess Game

Here’s a quote from Nickolaus Pacione’s Blogspot entry of Sunday, July 29, 2007:

“This is going to be a huge game of chess, knowing what his motives were and now I am going to keep the motherfucker guessing my move now.”

It’s in reference to Lawrence Dagstine folding his The Literary Bone magazine, and withdrawing a story from Pacione’s upcoming Tabloid Purposes 4.

Here is a rather long list of observations I’ve made over the past few days:

  • The Literary Bone at first made its MySpace friends-only after all the fallout from publishing the Pacione interview
  • As of today, The Literary Bone MySpace no longer exists; the account has been closed
  • At first the split and commentary back and forth between Dagstine and Pacione was amicable–too amicable, knowing Pacione’s legendary temper
  • The Literary Bone announced it was folding on Blogspot, with quite a dramatic flounce
  • Pacione began berating Dagstine in blog posts on his Blogspot
  • Dagstine used to have his WordPress blog hosted with a free WordPress address; that address has very recently been redirected to lawrencedagstine.com
  • Another interview is released on Skullring.org in which Pacione and Mike Philbin are interviewed
  • The good folks at TODP appear to be running with the theory that the falling-out between Pacione and Dagstine is fake, and is really a conspiracy between Pacione, Philbin, and Dagstine
  • The “masterpiece”at the center of all this baloney is a scathing tell-all memoir that Pacione is writing to blow the lid off “Teh Genre,” which is more likely to be 200 pages worth of “these people are so evil–call me a waaahmbulance”
  • Philbin encouraged Pacione to write this “memoir,” and suggested he turn it into a Hollywood movie
  • Dagstine did nothing to discourage writing it, and indeed claims to have read several scandalous chapters of it that Pacione sent him
  • Dagstine hasn’t been given the sympathy he wanted, judging by the comments on his Blogspot–the flounce was greeted with apathy

The alleged falling-out may or may not be fake, but I find it hard to believe that it’s a three way conspiracy to fool everyone. My understanding is that Philbin prefers to work one-on-one. If that is the case, he really has no reason to work with Dagstine.

I suspect that Philbin and Dagstine both want to see Pacione’s memoir get published, so they can sit back and watch either the fireworks or another career or two implode without getting their hands dirty. They may share a goal, but I can’t see them collaborating to make it happen. It just doesn’t make sense.

Though I find this entire thing fascinating to watch, I don’t have a horse in this race. Which brings me back to the chess game.

There’s a reason why a three-way collaboration to trick everyone else wouldn’t work: Pacione can’t remember how the knight moves. He thinks a rook’s a bishop, and a pawn’s a queen. The strategy further eludes him.

I’ll bet he’s awful at poker. I cannot imagine Pacione not showing his cards prematurely. He lacks patience, and doesn’t understand the odds. I wouldn’t want him to be my partner at bridge or tarot.
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