Daggy’s Sort of Back

Dagstine’s got a story in some charity anthology.  Let me guess:  it’s a reprint, he didn’t get paid for it, and he’ll count it as his 532nd credit, or something.

Don’t get me wrong.  I donate to my favorite charities, which tend to be my local SPCA, rescue squads, volunteer fire departments, and that sort of thing, which have a physical presence.  I’m not going to buy an anthology that contains one of his reprints, period.  If there’s no TIN for the organization on my receipt, then I can’t fork it over to my accountant for a line item deduction on my tax returns.

Going off on a tangent here, but it used to piss me off when one of the TV networks, or a magazine, would send me a holiday card informing me that they will be making a charitable donation in my name, rather than sending me a 5 gallon tin of popcorn, or a King Cake.  Well, I can’t claim those as deductions, so why bother?  Just send me a holiday card, as part of doing business, and leave it at that.


I have no idea whether any proceeds from that ebook sale will make it to Japan.  Don’t we have enough folks here, Stateside, who have lost their homes to Irene, and flooding in the midwest?


Tail Tuck Or Empty Promise?

Hat tip:  Lewis

I had given up watching Daggy’s “I’m Back!” announcement on the TTA forum.  I wasn’t expecting Larry to reply at all, after Jim Steel’s comment.  Indeed, he thought about it for three days before adding a reply.  C’mon — you know Daggy was watching that thread, hoping for more than two replies.  Nobody starts a thread like that, then doesn’t watch for replies.  A couple of things really stand out to me.

There was no such thread on any other forum apologizing to North American writers and/or editors.  Nada on Shocklines, for instance.  I can’t help wondering whether he really thinks those in North America don’t count, or it’s just a last ditch effort to save his reputation overseas, since he knows it’s mud over here.

The other thing I noticed is that he claims to have emailed double-digit publications to offer refunds for his fraudulent sales.  First off, offering refunds to that many publications would seem to be at odds with this statement:

I sold a handful of reprints to amateur markets on occasion.

Next, if “a handful” of fraudulent sales progressed to at least 10 publications that he claims to have emailed so far, how many more are there?  I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this nonsense.

Pro tip, Larry:  When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Personally, I don’t think Larry has any intention of repaying anyone.  If he bothered emailing all those editors/publishers at all, which is debatable, I’d bet he’s expecting them to feel sorry for him and give him a pass.  While publishers might give him a pass, and let it go, you can bet he wouldn’t get off so easily if he were caught shoplifting.

Death of Larry?

Hat tips:  multiple people

This deserves its own entry by now, lest the comments clutter up my previous entry, which had nothing to do with Dagstine.

This came up on my FB feed a few moments ago
“Lawrence Dagstine Hi folks, my name is Vance, and I have bad news. It is with great regret that Lawrence Dagstine, fiction writer, has died of a drug overdose in Coney Island Hospital. He was 36 at the time of admission where, it is said, he took 100 painklliers at once. Im learning more as time goes on. Were from the same neighborhood, hung out plenty in CI, and got me into reading SF. At this moment he is survived by one son”

Followed by

“Lawrence Dagstine Lawrence R. Dagstine, R.I.P., author of the speculative, weird, and fantastic.
about an hour ago via Mobile Web · Comment · Like”



Apparently, someone called Vance has posted on Dagstine’s facebook page that he committed suicide on the 23rd.

I hope this is not some sick joke. But Daggy has been known to use alts and to make fake claims (ear cancer).

Due to all the bad press lately, I suspect he is trying to get rid of the Dagstine name. He may re-invent himself under a new author name and start fresh.

I am just guessing. But I hope this is the case.
I may not like the guy, but I certainly don’t want him to off himself.

Check shocklines as well for updates.

Considering that his alleged death happened nearly a week ago, there should have been some confirmation by now, via obit, funeral arrangement announcements, etc.  There have been none for either his Lawrence Dagstine pen name, or for anyone with a name similar to his legal name in the state of New York.

The stated cause of death (swallowing 100 painkiller pills) is highly unlikely, given what really happens to people after they do that.  This, coupled with the ear cancer hoax from a couple of years ago, leads me to believe this is also a hoax.

The thread at Shocklines about it is interesting.  It seems that Ramsey Campbell is suspicious, too.

I was struck that here (http://lawrencedagstine.com/2010/02/12/lawrence-dagstine-how-to-make-5000-00-from-writing/) he says “I sell most of my works a minimum of three times each.” Forgive me – I stumbled on this while looking for online reports of his death. It seems odd that there appear to have been none other than the one originally cited, but if I’m being unfair I apologise to his kin.


It’s no secret that I don’t like Dagstine.  Why would I like anyone who claims to have driven across state lines to watch my house, and stalk me?  Who does shit like that?  However, I would never wish death on him, or anybody else for that matter.


The following comment from Peter Tennant on my previous entry got stuck in moderation, so I didn’t see it until moments ago.

No date of death has been given on Facebook. Vance only said that he was admitted to Coney Island Hospital by ambulance on the 22nd.
People started to point out that he’d updated Facebook on the 24th. Vance’s reply boiled down to, well if you don’t believe me ring the hospital.
Then somebody called John Cashin showed up demanding who Vance was and how he’d got Larry’s password, and calling bullshit. John Cashin is shown as his sibling on Dagstine’s Info page.
Current state of play is half the people seem to only be reading the first post and are expressing sympathy, and the other half are reading everything and wanting to string up Vance.

“Douche Bag Alert”

Hat tip:  LSL

LSL left a comment that included a link in my “Yowzers” entry.  The link is to a blog entry by the guy who runs Necrotic Tissue.  The few comments the entry generated are rather interesting.

Regarding the entry itself, this is my favorite line:

Because of this illegal and unethical activity, I declare Lawrence R. Dagstine Douche Bag of the Year.

I consider Daggy to be a douchebag, but it’s primarily because he stalked me online for nearly two years, before he admitted on this very blog to doing so in real life, too.

For the record, I have never contacted the editor of any magazine or e-zine regarding any of the Legion of Nitwits.  They’re beginning to figure out Dagstine’s deception for themselves.  While there’s something to be said for trusting your contributors when they sign a legal document (i.e. contract), there’s also something to be said for “Trust, but verify.”


Hat tip:  anonymous by request

I wouldn’t expect the editor/publisher of M-Brane to know anything about Dagswine confessing to stalking me IRL.  Can’t even say for sure whether this is the “attack blog” to which he refers, since Daggy gets relatively little mention here.

Still, the blog entry from that publisher, coupled with this one from Daggy, make it pretty clear that the Nitwit in question isn’t Pacione this time.

I discovered, to my great irritation, that a writer whom I have published a couple of times sold me first rights to his stories when, in fact, they had been previously published not just once but two times and three times.

Par for the course with Daggy.

If this were some newbie writer who didn’t know what he was doing, and had only done it once or twice, I could maybe forgive and forget. But this is a person with literally hundreds of credits (many of them evidently duplicative under false pretenses).

Duh.  It’s how he gets his “acceptance count” as high as he claims.  There’s nothing wrong with selling reprints, but there’s something very wrong with selling them multiple times as new material, and counting them multiple times.  Not even the “new math” that was taught back in the 1960s can explain that sort of accounting chicanery.

My research into this fraud happened to lead me to a blog that is evidently almost wholly devoted to hating this writer, and does so with great bile and personal nastiness.

Possibly, although not definately, he means this blog.  Daggy accounts for a small portion of my Legion of Nitwits coverage, but having been stalked in real life by Dagswine, I readily admit to having the jerk on my radar.  My concern is legitimate; he has a restraining order from his ex-wife on file with the state of New York.

Anyway, it looks like word is finally getting out about Daggy, and I had nothing to do with it.  I’ve never been one to contact editors about stories being reprints, or whatever.  I’ve always figured it’s their job to doublecheck these things.  Caveat emptor.

Daggy’s double dealing finally caught up with him.  It’s as simple as that.

Hey Folks, It’s 2011

I know Dagswine has an obsession with Doctor Who, but I think this is taking time travel a little too far.

Later on, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll talk about what is probably one of my best pieces I’ve worked on so far in 2011.  A lot of people appear to be anticipating this on places like Facebook.  A 22,000 word novella called “FAMILY REUNION.” Though it has its moments of horror, at its heart it’s a thriller, taken out of elements of my own life concerning separation, custody of children, the thoughts and action of two different parties trying to kidnap children.  Only, with a deranged antagonist and a mother with a past.  I say no more.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Great.  Daggy wrote about the thrills of his divorce and custody battle — in 2011.  Of course, he’ll leave out the part in which his ex got a restraining order against him, which happens to be on file in NYS.

By way of background for those who don’t remember, or weren’t aware of the Nickster at the time, Nicky got a story in the premiere issue of Withersin, then bitched for months that someone ratted him out for submitting a reprint as new material.  As a result, he didn’t get paid for it.

Explose Them!

I took me a while to wade through Chiquita Nikita’s latest blog entry.  Holy guano, Batman!

If they go around trying to torrent any of my stories, then don’t go supporting their art — explose them . . .

He could mean either expose or explode.  The former is more likely, but with Nicky, you never know.  Either way, it’s a great typo.

He mentions so many names, and rambles on ad nauseum about imaginary enemies and imaginary injustices.  A few of us seem to agree that those emails he’s reposting were from Dagstine.  It’s his modus operandi.

I thought it might be fun to do a little word count with this one.  I’ll leave out variations of shit and fuck.  They’ve become white noise, so to speak.

  • I guess/I am guessing = 19
  • I am willing to bet/say = 3
  • Asshole(s) = 17
  • Faggot/faggots/faggoty/faggotry = 12
  • Rape = 7

Basically, for a guy who’s “guessing,” he’s throwing around an awful lot of accusations.

Lloyd Phillip Campbell is around Bollingbrook, Illinois, with his girlfriend Kelly Thompson.

If indeed this Lloyd Phillip Campbell exists, I’m sure he wouldn’t want you spewing details about his girlfriend.  She would like it even less.

And now for the best line of the whole thing:

I was recommended for a Stoker in 2006 for two things — Lake Fossil II and Quakes and Storms.

Hahahaha!  Even if technically true, I suppose Peaches missed the memo on how meaningless it is to be “recommended.”  I seem to recall an entire discussion somewhere, a few years ago, about the distinction between recommended and nominated, and how damn near anything can be “recommended.”  All that really counts, in the end, is “winner.”

Alone Again

Lawwy is getting divorced, and is worried about child custody.

Well, lately I’m going through a very hectic divorce. Yes, I’ve split up and moved away from my now ex-significant other.

So, Christine finally kicked his sorry, leeching ass out of the apartment.  You go, girl!

. . . it’s all about who gets the custody and visitation and when and where (I’ll probably get the kid on the weekends).

Way to get out of taking the kid to pre-school, doctor’s appointments, etc., on weekdays, Larry.  Wouldn’t want that responsibility, now, would you?

I’d like to thank all of my friends . . . all of my very supportive friends–all 2,500 of you–on Facebook . . .

Did they each send him a dollar?

I have a roof over my head.  It’s a room… cozy… $500 a month with utilities (I know peeps), and for a Native New Yorker and Bohemian like myself it will suit me just fine.

For a welfare recipient, it’ll have to suit him just fine.

I feel as if I’ll get more work done now.  Perhaps better work, as I’ll be able to concentrate.

Yeah, there’s nothing like having a pesky rugrat around to prevent you from earning your keep.  Of course, not having the kid around means no more excuses, too.  It cuts both ways, Daggy.

I’d like to also thank you for your privacy concerning all these family matters at this time.

Which must be why he’s posted a public entry on WordPress about it.

In case Lawwy decides to delete his blog entry — in the interest of the privacy he seeks (wink, wink) — I have a screenshot after the cut.

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