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In addition to (predictably) vowing to get Fossil Lake pulled, because its very existence is getting under his skin, Nicky has taken to harassing Elizabeth Peake.  I don’t know Elizabeth, but I certainly remember her name from the old Xanga days a decade ago.  As far as I know, she never did anything to Nicky.  Then again, so many people’s introduction to Nicky, as did mine, occurred when he went after them out of the blue.  The “Who the fuck are you?” reaction is rapidly followed by “Oh lord, what a creep.”

On what grounds Nicky plans to get Fossil Lake pulled, I don’t know.  Even he admits the title is only “a bastardization of Lake Fossil.”  Jerrod’s highly entertaining story, in which Nicky screams at the lake for using the name of his company, nails Nicky’s twisted mental processes.


Now Available

Reposted from the Fossil Lake Facebook page, Lake Fossil is now available from Smashwords:

Fossil Lake Anthology Reposting for the morning crowd … FOSSIL LAKE now available!

For just $2.99, you get 37 — that’s right, thirty-seven! — stories and poems! That’s less than ten cents apiece! What a bargain!

You’ll enjoy the writings of talented newcomers and seasoned pros! But wait, that’s not all! You’ll also get not one but TWO excerpts from works by that legendary master, Ramsey Campbell!

Just run your eyes over this spectacular Table of Contents!

“A Letter from the Lake” – Ramsey Campbell
“Eat Yourself” – Michael Shimek
“The Varmint of Fossil Valley” — Lewis Unknown
“Road Kill Angel” — Dana Wright
“Silver Screen Shadows” — Mathias Jansson
“C-C-Cold” – Ken Goldman
“What’s Your Beef?” – Mark Orr
“Alchera” — D.J. Tyrer
“The Dank” — Doug Blakeslee
“Dark of Madness” — Tanya Nehmelman
“All That Jazz” — Meagan Hightower
“Revolver Concert” – Spencer Carvalho
“Thick” — Melanie-Jo Lee
“The Ziggurat of Skulls” — Joshua Dobson
“Apartment B” — Stinky Cat
“Pretty Girl” – Deb Eskie
“Come Fly With Death” — Wesley D. Gray
“The Horn of Plenty” — Russell Nayle
“The Lost Link” — Carl Thomas Fox
“Nat Poopcone vs. the Beast of Fossil Lake” — Jerrod Balzer
“Where Lost Ones Dwell” — Tony Flynn
“Lana Doesn’t Get Lucky” — Kerry Lipp and Emily Meier
“Gothicism on Trial” – G. Preacher
“Finding Miss Fossie” — Melany Van Every
“Arkham Arts Review: Alienation” – Peter Rawlik
“Mishipishu” — Mary Pletsch
“Malicious Intimacy” — William Andre Sanders
“Beneath” – Michael Burnside
“Passionate in Chicago” — John Goodrich
“Mr. Winter” — Jeremy Terry
“Impressions” — Christine Morgan
“Make Me Something Scary” – Patrick Tumblety
“The Depths” – Stacey Turner
“The Day Lloyd Campbell’s Mama Came to Town” — Scott Colbert
“The Rack” – Mike Meroney
“Beautiful” – John Claude Smith
“The Last Revelation of Gla’aki, an Excerpt” – Ramsey Campbell

Order now, and we’ll throw in a saucy blurb by the awesome Mary SanGiovanni, AND an introduction by Yours Truly! (well, okay, okay, order any time and those will still be included)

Levity aside, this book is dedicated to the memory of Daverana Enterprises’ own too-recently-departed Janrae Frank … who believed in and supported this project from the very beginning. We miss you, Cuss.

The preview was a rollicking good read — sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but all good.

Random Writing News Items

Mike put up a wonderful piece here, on his LJ.  The Nitwits will never bother to read it, much less comprehend its message, but they should.  I agree that being polite costs nothing; it’s also far more effective at getting what you want, when you ask a favor of someone, than ranting and making demands.  Louise and I are the only ones to have commented, so far.

Cuss has a couple of announcements about Daverana Enterprises here, and here.  The first link goes to an entry that announces the Fall/Winter line-up of authors/books.  The second entry is about a new incarnation of an old poetry site.  Disclaimer:  I am Daverana’s marketing director, and do some freelance line editing for the company. is not yet live, but I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

This writing-related forum, Whispering Spirits, is not as new as I suspected when I joined it yesterday, but it could prove interesting.  Sir Otter (Mark Orr) and Janrae will both be upcoming guests.  Disclaimer:  I happen to know the forum owner, but have nothing to do with running it; the owner’s blog is here.  Mark has a couple of snippets of his writing on the forum, available for reading.  I like his style.

Unrelated to writing, really, I found it a bit interesting that someone apparently associated with Goodreads commented on my earlier entry about my frustration with the site one night (comment #39), when I tried to add someone who sent me a friend invitation.  Do admins over there actually read this blog?

FWIW, you will never find me reviewing a Daverana book here, or at Goodreads.  It would be a conflict of interest.  It’s bad enough that I posted the above links, with disclaimers.

Alright, I need to get back to editing.