David Boyer Is Back

I haven’t looked at Shocklines in ages until today.  It does seem rather comatose compared to its heyday, but I did notice this one gem that was stickied at the top of the general discussion section:  http://shocklinesforum.yuku.com/topic/23114/New-David-Boyer-alias-Jana-Moore

He’s back.  We have Jeani Rector to thank for the discovery.  Remember Jeani?  She struck a deal with Nickypoo, after he used one of her stories in a book of his without her knowledge, to let him continue using the story, if he’d leave her alone and stop mentioning her name.

To see how well Nicky’s kept up his end of the bargain, check out the comments here.  That blog, if not run by Tabby under one of her many aliases, is run by a crony of hers.  Judge for yourself.

Nicky Two Kitchens Strikes Again

Nicky’s been tweeting up a storm, heaping abuse upon, and spreading lies about “rival” authors.  Mind you, he still has no connectivity from home, so he has to spread his special brand of love from a public library.  His mental Rolodex landed on the following names:

  • Mary SanGiovanni
  • Ray Garton
  • Sam Cox
  • Angeline Hawkes
  • Melany
  • a couple of others whose Twitter handles I don’t recognize

Naturally, none of these people have done anything to Peaches; they’re just on his hate list.  I have a screenshot in case he starts deleting his tweets.

As we all know, Nicky’s mind gets stuck in neutral, so no matter how fast it revs, it’s stuck in the same place.  This week’s wish for his perceived enemies is “die in a fire.”

In other news, David Boyer’s been sending abusive email to Ramsey Campbell, using his Tobey King alias.  What’s funny about it is that Boyer and his aliases were merely copied on an email exchange between other parties.  A comment was made about Boyer, who was so incensed that he forgot to log out of his Tobey King account before replying, thus outing himself (as if we didn’t already know who Tobey is).

Boyer Strikes Again

Hat tip:  Jeani Rector

Check out Jeani’s topic on Shocklines.  There are some interesting links.  It seems Boyer penned a “true” tale about how persecuted he is by the likes of Jeani, B, Rick Moore, and Brian Keene. Obviously, it’s a whole maelstrom of lies.   Rick has his own take on the situation here.

B-Thoughtful also has an interesting blog entry about how David Boyer steals stories.

The screenplay preview has got to be one of the corniest things I’ve ever read.  Jeani, Janrae and Jane all appear as “characters;” Boyer didn’t even bother to change the spelling of their names.

Victoria Has an Entry About Boyer

This was posted on Tuesday, although I didn’t see it until today.  Yeah, I’m a little more than fashionably late to the party.  Oh, well.  It happens.

Sure, B. Thoughtful, Rick, Jeani, and I can write our own blog entries or post to SL about the shmuck.  We do.  But, B’s blog is the one with proof, in the form of annotated screen grabs.  Far be it from me to steal her thunder.

Once someone of Victoria’s stature picks up the story, however, it gets the kind of traction that this blog can’t give it.  Besides, she’s funnier than I am.  😉

Boyer Slightly More Cunning?

Hat tip:  B. Thoughtful

This looks like a rip-off from George R.R. Martin.  B has the details.

I really love the comment.  Unfortunately, if natural selection were the law of the universe, none of the Nitwits would still exist.  Typically, the runt of the litter doesn’t make it.

Two Nuked SL Threads

The first thread is the original one, referencing Brian Keene’s entry about Boyer, and Rick Moore’s letter writing campaign.  The second one was started by Jeani, in an attempt to stay on topic, after the first thread started going astray.

Screengrabs are after the cut.  Click on each one to enlarge it.  You might have to click twice to get full-size.  Feel free to swipe them.

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Boyer Plagiarizes Matheson, and Rick’s Letter Writing Campaign

Hat tips:  B Thoughtful, and PG

I received an email tip about Boyer’s plagiarism of Matheson’s work a few days ago, which came hot on the heels of a couple of other tips.  Other than being extremely busy with Fall chores such as reseeding half our lawn, and patching our driveway, I don’t have a great excuse for not reporting on it before now.

Brian Keene is back in action after his heart attack, and wrote his own blog entry about Boyer’s shenanigans.  Aside from his own thoughts about Boyer, it refers to Rick Moore’s letter writing campaign to the Indiana Attorney General.

Since Boyer is by all accounts poor as a church mouse, perhaps the threat of jail time for committing consumer fraud will prove to be more of a deterrent than civil suits for plagiarism.  Not only has he stolen work from other authors and fraudulently resold it as his own, but also he has gypped people out of their hard earned money for books they ordered, but never received.  I’ve seens some old email exchanges regarding the latter.  These involve all sorts of lame excuses about why the merchandise was never sent, stretching out for months, before Boyer finally tells his victims to fuck off, and claims his email address no longer works (although he continues to use it).

If you have been a victim of Boyer’s, please consider writing your own letter to the Indiana AG.  Instructions are posted both in Brian’s entry, and in Rick’s.


I just received word that Boyer also plagiarized a 16 year old girl named Margaret Li.  Details are here.  He does seem to steal a fair amount of material from Storymania.

Boyer Steals, Renames a Wendy Brewer Story, Publishes in Three Lulu Books

Hat tip:  B Thoughtful

Details are over at B’s Blogspot.

Tin Foil Dave actually spent the time to add a few words here and there to Ms. Brewer’s story before calling the renamed story his own, and incorporating it into not one, not two, but three of his books available for sale on Lulu.

This guy just gets worse and worse.  One of those books also contains the Dean Koontz story that Davey previously plagiarized, and was forced to take down.  Well, it’s b-a-a-a-ck!

Boyer Adopts New Alias, Plagiarizes Ellen Maze

Hat Tips:  Jeani and B. Thoughtful

Remember how webs.com shut down so many of Boyer’s alias accounts that he moved to Weebly instead?  Here’s his new Weebly:  George LaCroix.

What has he done as “George LaCroix”?  Mostly, he changed the titles on some of his old stuff, and got it republished under his new alias.  In an email from this morning that B posted, Boyer claims to have received royalty payments of $168 and $67, as well as won $1700 in the lottery.  Maybe, maybe not.  We all know he’s full of bluster (and a few other things).

Not content with publishing his old crap under his new alias, he plagiarized Ellen C. Maze’s story “Vegas,” and titled his version “Las Vegas Blues.”  Ellen Maze herself confirmed the plagiarism in comments she left on B’s entry.

See B’s blog entry for the documented details.  You can tell from the email at the end of the entry that Boyer is completely unrepentant about his chronic plagiarism.

What’s Davey Boy’s Game?

Boyer posted this on SL this afternoon:

First off, why would the editor of Lost Souls pass along email to Boyer, unless of course, Grant Dean is Boyer?  Sure, we already know Dean is Boyer, but if the folks on SL don’t know that, it’s exactly the sort of question they might ask themselves.  He might as well climb on top of a gas station roof and scream “Look at the kind of nasty email people are sending me!”

And, what’s up with the Pacione-style alleged nastygram?  Is Peaches back on Boyer’s case, harassing him?  If so, Karma’s my bestest bitch evah.  Tin Foil Dave deserves this.

Anyone know what his game is, with that post?  He’s too transparent for it to work, whatever it is.


Matt locked both of Jeani’s Boyer threads, and deleted the one above, started by Boyer.  Below is the screengrab with replies before the bahleetion occurred.