Now Tin Foil Dave’s Threatening Me

The boy must be attracted by my charm; he just can’t stay away from this blog.

Tin Foil Dave says:

True, but you are allowing these miscreants to post their negative comments here, which makes you just as guilty from a moral viewpoint.
I am filing a protective order against anyone who has done so on Friday, so if you dont take down these comments, I will request your postal address so I can send you one, too.

Request away. If your e-detectives can’t find it for you, you might want to reconsider who you “hire.”  I don’t take kindly to threats, nor do I take kindly to having some ex-con plagiarist clown in Indiana tell me how to run my blog.

I’ll Get You My Pretties!

ExposeTheTard writes:

I got an email the other day that was sent to myself and a few others complete with the picture below:

Subject: not even close to breaking me assholes

I feel neglected.  The only nasty-gram I’ve gotten from him was the $4000 PayPal invoice.   The rest of the entry is a copy of the email from Mr. Pacione.

You call yourselves “journalists” — come on, all you fucks are and consider yourselves to be faceless bloggers who are scared of the reality my name as an author . . .

I’ve never called myself a journalist; the term “investigative urinalist” is in my tagline.  One could call what I do on The Rusty Nail muckraking, but even that’s a stretch.

Noun 1. muckraking – the exposure of scandal (especially about public figures)

exposure – the disclosure of something secret; “they feared exposure of their campaign plans”

I don’t expose scandal, and Pacione is not a public figure.  I report what I know to be fact, and back it up with excerpts from Pacione himself.  Any speculation on my part is presented as such.

That might be too much information for you assholes to take in all at once, and you celebrate mid-list assholes who don’t deserve any acclaim.

I personally don’t celebrate any author, mid-list, NY Times bestseller, or otherwise.  I’ve given a few informal reviews to things I’ve read, and pointed out a few things that gave me pause.  They were honest, if sometimes hasty reviews.  I don’t have much of a feel for where the authors I’ve reviewed are on the food chain, to be honest.

ExposeTheTard has never given a review, and (s)he’s one of those who received the email in question.

It’s going to piss you off all the more that 2008 I will be getting a novel out there based off The FANDOM WRITER. That kind of story is written about fucks like you.

God spare us all.  A novel-length version of that laughable grudge-wank story about real authors is forthcoming?  It can’t possibly be about me, or ExposeTheTard.

I am going to take you assholes to hell, and prove that you fucks are going to see to it that I will never get a dime in this business.

That sentence doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.  It’s pretty much been proven that he’ll never makes a dime in publishing; he’s seen to that himself countless times.  That’s my favorite sentence of the whole email rant.

Bully Pulpit

Mr. Pacione is again using his status at LJ’s Goth community to ram his dung down the collective throat of the community.

The magazine is available for purchase and for those of you who like your horror how your like your heavy metal — HARDCORE. My story in this one is an exclusive, Damnation Observes.

If it reads like his other stories, the editor should re-examine his or her raison d’etre for the publication.

If you have a hard time working with trying to buy a copy from go ahead and send your payment of the magazine directly to the editor & publisher of the magazine. $13.49, it’s priced to move.

Translation: it isn’t selling.

. . . that is the perfect compliment to a Tabloid Purposes anthology because there is another author from my series in there . . .

Promotional plugs are alright from time to time, but he’s trying to hitch his wheel onto the back of another cart that may be going nowhere just as fast as his is.

I am publishing him in issue six (reversed what the issues will be, issue seven will be the local author issue and the issue six one I am focusing on horror and bizarro. I got some damn good submissions (for the very few I got . . .

I thought Pacione still had a submission call out for issue 5 of his Ethereal Gazette. Did I miss something? Why is he talking about issues six and seven?

The story I describe so far from what I read of it is going to be a Lovecraftian horror story with the influence of Serpent in the Rainbow meets Charles Beaumont. It is an ambitious short story, and the cool thing is he giving it to me for free to publish in the mag.

That means that Pacione is thrilled to death to take any story for which he won’t owe the author money. He must be hurting for submissions.

Book Signings

Pacione has another video blog up on MySpace tv.  He also left another long-winded entry on Goth at LJ.

(Yeah the anthology got an ISBN finally — just got done redesigning the copyright page on the thing, so I will be loading up on the ISBN versions and start bugging the shit out of the brick and mortar book stores in the area.

Driving bookstore owners and managers up a wall is always a good way to get your books carried.

I am looking to do Screamfest next year, just working on the details of getting a table hell even Flashback in Chicago sounds tempting right now. I just need to find out how much is it for a table for the event and how many books I will need to load up on.

How much money is he looking to lose?  Not one of these events has been profitable for Mr. Pacione.

I had to turn down the event that is going on at the Abby the weekend after Christmas, but I will be looking around to do a couple book signings in the area . . .

He makes it sound as if the event organizers were begging him to attend.  More likely is that he can’t afford to attend.

Maybe I might be able to do plan a few signings in Tampa, Florida, next year. Would give me an excuse to go visit my family down there.

Here’s a suggestion:  set up a card table at the end of granny’s driveway.  It’s cheaper, and I don’t think his step-father wants him around.

If you guys want information about starting your own Goth or horror mag, I can give you a few tips how to get it started.

Did Pacione suddenly become successful when I wasn’t paying attention? He’s the last person I’d ask for advice.

Give It Back

Another damn impersonator popped up . . .

In his dreams, another impersonator arose. He didn’t link to it, so I doubt it exists.

If you’re trying to get a rise out of me — I am doing all I can to keep a cool head about it. But sometimes seeing the impersonator . . .

Who would that be?

The internet is full of thieves . . .

Perhaps, but I have paid to read words written by Frank, Orr, Koehler, Freeman, Hawkes, and Knight. And, I’ve enjoyed them. I won’t bother to name the myriad other authors I’ve read since I was in diapers.

They do everything in their power to get people believing all the lies. A crock of bullshit when someone goes using a way back machine to find all the old files . . . is useful, but the person who is posting Nicky’s old stuff doesn’t need to use it.

. . . but I had assholes like that fuck on The Rusty Nail who hides behind a fake name and using “journalism” to document my downfall. I am using a video camera to document theirs. Stealing from me is your downfall pal.

“Journalism” isn’t my gig. “Urinalism” is. That aside, if Mr. Pacione can actually point to anything in particular that doesn’t fall under Fair Use provisions, I’d be pleased to give it back.

Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not.

The bitch been adding my real life friends and tryin to chase me around from forum to forum.

Has Mr. Pacione ever met any of his “real life friends” face to face?

What if someone was to create a site about her like that — yeah I know what I am thinking, it is time to have Encyclopedia Dramatica rip on her for a little while too.

I would hope Pacione knows what he’s thinking, because nobody else can fathom it.

She went out and called me a snail oil salesman . . .

False. Ms. Koehler wouldn’t have butchered the expression in that manner, if, in fact, it had been directed at anyone in particular. However, I do recall Pacione butchering it in just that way when referring to her. He’s been making heavy use of malapropisms lately. I predict this one will go down in history along with descent (for decent).

Just in Time for Christmas

It’s fraud and extortion time!

Mr. Pacione sent ExposeTheTard four separate Paypal invoices over the past four days, totaling $2000. He patiently waited a day between sending the first two invoices. Now, you might not consider that patient, until you realize that he sent the two today a mere 18 seconds apart!

He made a point a week or so ago of saying that his priority is to buy Christmas presents for his family. Now we all know how he intends to get the money. I just copied the dates and amounts below; all the juicy accompanying email is back at Blogger.

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 12:33:43 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details

 Amount: $500.00 USD

   Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:09:50 -0800


Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD     Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:26 -0800


Money Request Details

Amount: $500.00 USD      Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:44 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD

Another Stab in the Dark

I saw this right before I left the office, but wasn’t about to miss my train at that time of night on a Friday to respond. It could wait until I got home.

Are nothing in real life so they have to prove they are big shit by going around harassing someone online. The Rusty Nail aka Jane with the help of Jess Patrick.

So, wait. Now I’m supposed to be Jesse’s girl? Wasn’t that a Rick Springfield song? Last week (or was it earlier this week?), I was supposed to be a lesbian with a gay boyfriend. Boy’s confused.

A few months ago, he thought I was Peter Barnes. At one point, he thought I was Shadowtron. If he accuses me of being Dagstine, I’ll really be insulted.

You didn’t write the story, didnt’ take the photo, or do the video . . .

Thank god for small miracles!

Yet, I have every right to link to them, and to excerpt from them under the Fair Use provision of U.S. copyright law. I also have every right to parody Pacione’s god-awful stories.

That’s right you’re a faceless coward who hides behind a copyrighted character just to make your points known . . .

What’s this about a copyrighted character? He lost me with that remark.

. . . why the fuck do you read my blog then?

For the same reason others do — brain teasers amuse me.

Nicky the Martyr

Again, I have ExposeTheTard to thank for this gem of a profile for Mr. Pacione, dating back eight years, to when he was 24, and hot to trot, ladies. Only Pacione would use his profile to post a rant.

The Basics
Member Name: urbanizedsin
Name: Nickolaus Albert Pacione
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single and Looking
Occupation: webmaster, writer
Location: Morris, IL

[. . .]

Those that are from Hampton, Iowa, and openly are judgemental can go suck on a monkey’s genitialia. The staff at the Mason City Public Library can go to hell for banning my ass — you tried to kill my site by banning me, I was beat down in the name of the First. I am a martyr of free speech and press.

Martyr, my ass. He’s gotten so many of his accounts shut down because he has threatened many people and repeatedly violated TOS. I heard about the library incident years ago, but until now was unable to place a time frame to it. It had to have been 1999 or earlier.

I am gothic in my own right since I write of things that are dark, but at the same it could and has happened in reality. I write about people’s phobias.

No. He writes about his own phobias: arachnaphobia, claustrophobia, and apiphobia, to name a few. He also writes about his own mental illnesses. At various times, he’s described himself as “manic depressant,” bipolar, and megalomaniac. Paranoia and delusions come with the territory, so to speak, and he displays them in abundance, both in his blog entries and in his short stories.

He likes to write, but is not a professional writer. He has no professional credits. I like to play hockey, but that doesn’t make me Wayne Gretzky. I haven’t won a Stanley Cup. Winning a few pick-up games on the local pond doesn’t exactly count, any more than his “success” getting to print his dreck.