Repost on Blogspot of Associated Content

Mr. Pacione reposted this Associated Content article of his in its entirety on his Blogspot.

Guess what? His Associated Content article is “temporarily unavailable.” Gee, I wonder why.

The content you’re looking for is temporarily unavailable.

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I think that means his article was yanked. It’d be alright with me if someone there sent him a warning; in the meantime, making the article unavailable is a step in the right direction.

Has Pacione violated AC’s forever-copyright to his article by reposting it on his own blog?

Old Essay

ExposeTheTard posted another of Mr. Pacione’s old essays. It is undated, but had to have been written sometime between 1999 and 2005, given references to being in his 20s, and the Columbine school massacre.

The entire essay deals with being the victim of teasing and pranks; it concludes with an offer of help to others who have experienced such things in high school. If Pacione still can’t help himself, I fail to see how he could possibly help others, but he never has mastered Earth logic.

. . . from their years of going to school day in and day out being greeted with cruel taunts about the way they look or where they are living at — this was the case while I grew up in Roselle and was going to school in Lombard. It is a nightmare going to school everyday and would be greeted by people throwing pennies or worst . . .

I know I’d be a warped sonofabitch if people threw money at me when I showed up for school. I want to know why he didn’t stop to pick up and pocket the money.

The other point he makes is that he was tormented for looking funny, and not living in the “right part” of town. High schools all over the country are filled with such people. Is this somehow different than hearing “You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” from a classmate? Roselle isn’t great, but it’s hardly a war zone.

I am writing this throught the eyes of a teenager that was mentally abused day and day out by one’s peers — it is a thing that one is about to is something that the tormentors cannot see. That damage that they had done is irreversible, especially one is entombed within a locker with their own padlock is locked to the locker.

He’s now 31 and still writing “through the eyes of a teenager.” This is the first I’ve heard that it was his own gym lock that was used to lock him in the locker. Regardless of whose lock it was, anyone in high school who can fit in a gym locker is either a small person, or has a really large locker.

I don’t doubt that his peers teased him, but I’m also convinced there had to have been some mental, and perhaps physical abuse at home. If, as rumor has it, his own mother used to lock him in the basement when he got out of hand, I can understand his claustrophobia.

They don’t realize that they are the worst kind of murderer, one that induces the mental abuse to drive their victims to sign themselves into a sanitarium; refusing to let them be and leave them alone.

Yes, signing oneself into a mental hospital is the same as being murdered. My other problem with this is that Pacione really does not want to be left alone. Whenever he is ignored, he screams even more vociferously about the injustices of the world, and how people are ruining his book sales.

Finally, Mr. Pacione concludes with this gem:

If you’re a teen that was harrassed while you were in high school, or if you are currently in high school and haunted by cruel taunts or threats; please write me — I am here to help.

Yes folks, Mr. Pacione can lead you out of the never-ending cycle of teasing to become a whole person who leads a normal, self-sufficient, non-delusional life. Welcome him into your life, embrace him, and correspond with him.