Double-Header Thursday, Cont’d.

This is from the latter part of the “little man” post on ETT.

I was sifting through some old pictures . . . the camera that was used with this one was ended up lost in New Orleans when I was getting ready to come home from Goth Con.

He sure has a habit of losing things . . . his camera . . . his tripod . . . his mind.

I noticed something over the years, how I went from being a person who was teased a lot to someone who wrote some of the darkest literature online.

I would replace “darkest literature” with “most incomprehensible bullshit.”

It would not of crossed my mind in 1994 that I would become a full time aspiring writer . . .

It’s nice to see Mr. Pacione admit that the only thing he does full time is aspire. For once, he speaks the truth.

This was a troop that I wish I stayed with all the way — possibly became an Eagle Scout, but my parents worked too long and did not have enough time.

Unless his step-father was Scoutmaster, I don’t see how any of his time was required for Pacione to be a boy scout. One of the other scouts’ parents could have given him a ride to troop meetings.

Again, I sense resentment on Pacione’s part that his parents didn’t have a lot of money to lavish on him, and a sense of entitlement.

Never (correction, only one time) came to my sporting events when I competed in wrestling and track, and being in the special education system — going into a sport was my way of trying to break a stigma.

That is rather sad. But, as Pacione pointed out, they were busting their butts trying to earn a living.

I kind of wonder what they would say if they saw the photography I am doing now or days.

If it’s anything like the headless pigeons and the black hot rod, they’d be laughing too hard to say anything.

I knew of another writer — her genre was romance but when she saw I was doing with it, she actually said I was a better writer than she was.

Either there really is a worse writer out there than Pacione, or this is just another figment of his imagination.

And in that darkness came a lot of my creativity, while I was discovering that I was becoming ill and there was nothing I was able to do about it.

Baloney. That’s what compazine, thorazine, lithium, etc., are used to combat. He really does need to get his meds adjusted.

He Wants to Be the Next Danzig

ExposeTheTard has a new entry, with a few gems.

Yes, my ex referred to me as being a rat bastard; that is worst than being a sick bastard.

How so?  An average lab rat has cleanlier habits than Pacione.

What one had told me of the place is that the Marynole was not haunted — only that the teenagers of Glen Ellyn, Illinois had known otherwise about the place because of the ghost stories that were told about the old, Roman Catholic seminary about being watched by a dead priest in the shadows of the abandoned chapel.

Maryknoll Seminary was the subject of his story “Tales of an Abandoned Seminary.”  In a nutshell, Pacione trespassed, and all he found were some dead pigeons and headless dolls.

It was to my curiousity that I decided to take a look around inside of the infamos Marynole — I still remember what I had seen to this day, the images were straight out of an old horror tale written by H.P. Lovecraft or Robert Bloch.

Yes, dolls and pigeons are scary.

This place was also home of a Satanic Ritual, but the thing that drawn people to White’s Cemetery is that the churchyard had a phanton limoline — in fact, a friend of mine was chased by the phantasm throught the churchyard . . .

I think White’s Cemetery is the one from “Cuba Road.”  He ripped his jacket trying to climb over the fence.

If some would say that I am a bigot, ask my cousin Amie because she would understand why.

He sounds like he was raised in a family full of bigots.

Metal is the music that is in my heart and blood, if I could get a band going on the lines of Danzig I would be very happy.

This reminds me of the time on which he was talking about becoming “the throat” of some local band.  Seriously, he’s got the voice of a helium-inhaling gerbil.  He’s no more a musician than he is a writer.  He automatically thinks he has talent for anything he enjoys.  I’ve never seen him mention that he can actually play an instrument.  Even so, the vast majority of indie artists eke out a living by doing small gigs and teaching guitar or piano on the side.  Yet, in his mind, he’s entitled to make a living at anything that catches his fancy.

Just in Time for Christmas

It’s fraud and extortion time!

Mr. Pacione sent ExposeTheTard four separate Paypal invoices over the past four days, totaling $2000. He patiently waited a day between sending the first two invoices. Now, you might not consider that patient, until you realize that he sent the two today a mere 18 seconds apart!

He made a point a week or so ago of saying that his priority is to buy Christmas presents for his family. Now we all know how he intends to get the money. I just copied the dates and amounts below; all the juicy accompanying email is back at Blogger.

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 12:33:43 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details

 Amount: $500.00 USD

   Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:09:50 -0800


Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD     Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:26 -0800


Money Request Details

Amount: $500.00 USD      Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:44 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD

Robbed of Book Signings

There’s a new entry on Mr. Pacione’s MySpace announcing the release of his memoir.

This project that everyone in the industry don’t want you to buy is out right now — this particular book for me.

The industry really doesn’t care whether people buy the book. It’s basically a fact that all but a few people care enough to want to read about Pacione’s high school years. The market for that sort of drivel doesn’t exist.

His usual complaint about piracy has taken a new twist:

Fact being it’s a fucking loser move on their part — cheating the writer out of the experience of signing books.

So now, it’s the experience of signing books that he’s missing, not the sales? If he’s not renting the booth at Gothicfest to sign and sell books, why is he renting it?

If he fails at Gothicfest, as surely he will, he can always set up a card table at the end of grammy’s driveway to sign and sell his books.

The Memoir is Out

The cover art for this fictional memoir is every bit as awful as every other cover he’s designed. It’s not easy to be that bad so consistently.

The wait is over for the non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows. The 235 page print version is available now. And then the other version is available by direct link. The e-book is $16 to detract people from pirating the damn thing.

Why $16 would be a deterrent is beyond me. He’s already sent it to a bunch of people. I’m sure it’s making the rounds as I type.

MacDonald, still want to derail me asshole? This book will expose all the assholes for who they are, including the coward behind the effiminate green mask too. I’ve seen what the asshole did on his blog and he’s nothing but a cyber-bully.

Nickolaus thinks everyone’s a cyber-bully. Because we post about him on our own blogs. That is tantamount to commenting on his, in case you were wondering. We’re not dealing with Earth logic.

As for the Kody Boye thing, I am not going to say anything vicious about him right now but I’ve seen the vicious thing he’s said on the boards. That’s what happens when people get too much power too fast, at such a young age.

Mr. Pacione–Kody’s still in high school. He doesn’t have any power. Most of us would never have heard of him if you hadn’t picked a fight with the kid over his withdrawal of his story from TPIV.

Let a guy make his money on a book or a publication he made instead of going around passing around e-books for free on WildTangent, Napster or all of that shit.

Pacione wants so desperately to believe that his dung heap is worthy of being pirated. Leveling such baseless accusations doesn’t make them come true. He’s got such a sense of entitlement, that if his lousy book doesn’t sell, it’s because people are passing it around the torrent sites. Dungeoneer already proved that to be false.

Lossil Press

The following quote is from a comment that Mr. Pacione left in his own WordPress blog for Mr. Sevin:

So I don’t appreciate if you went and snagged my original Lossil Press Promotional photo for your little uses of it. You’re lucky I am not sending you a hefty bill because I would be making bank off the people who stole from me.

Did Mr. Pacione start a new company? I thought he ran Lake Fossil Press. Regardless, anything that begins with “loss” is apropos.

Mr. Pacione’s last sentence doesn’t make much sense, although I gather that Mr. Sevin has yet to be presented with a phony PayPal bill. That may change, depending upon Mr. Pacione’s mood.


Mr. Pacione added to his latest blog entry. I guess it saves time over making a new entry. He’s been doing this a lot lately. For some reason, he thinks that slipping a paragraph (or three) onto the end of an old entry will go unnoticed.

Yeah keep trying assholes because you’re going to succeed in one thing; what is that you ask? Failing.

The only one who’s failing is Mr. Pacione. The rest of us make a nice living, and pay taxes.

I’m losing patience with the putz. Frankly, I lost it over four years ago, but nevermind. As long as he has a misplaced sense of entitlement, I’ll be on his case.

Revisionist History

Mr. Pacione’s second WordPress entry is a fairly typical screed. This is the first time I’ve seen R.J. Sevin come under fire.

I noticed that R.J. Sevin decided to be the asshole and post a copyrighted photo on the forum of assholes again.

Actually, it was a fake memoir cover that was, frankly, quite funny. Fake title aside, it was tastefully designed.

I came under fire for “stealing” his domain name out from under his nose, because I paid for it after Janrae let it expire. Mr. Pacione neglected to purchase it himself, given a month’s advance notice, and two months thereafter.

And the fucks who created the rusty nail decided to steal another domain so I can’t get another domain in my name — cocksuckers you need to get a fucking life.

The irony is amazing. People allegedly steal his books by e-pirating them, but a domain name is stolen by actually paying for it? Either way, his logic is twisted. His attempt to revise history isn’t fooling anyone.

Mr. Pacione strikes me as being an ideal poster boy for the Entitlement Generation. He’s entitled to book sales, even though he finds it nearly impossible to write anything coherent. To him, he mere fact that he takes the time to type something makes it deserving of sales. But, when it comes to a domain name, he feels entitled to have it for free simply because it bears his name, while anyone who purchases it is stealing.

That’s not the way it works in real life, as Mr. Pacione is (hopefully) discovering. It’s odd that he tells others to “get a life,” yet he’s the one who stated in his JPG Magazine story that he’s a recluse when he writes.

Have fun with the ideas you come up with is what I am saying, I am a recluse as a writer but when I am a photographer – it allows me to be more social with people.

I firmly believe that his chances of making a dollar or two would improve if he were to stand on a street corner wearing dark glasses, holding a tin cup filled with pencils. He’s a little too old to run a lemonade stand.

Write vs. Right

Today brings not one, but two new entries on Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot. For the most part, he attempts to generate interest in his tell-all memoir. Ms. SanGiovanni, Ms. Peake, Mr. Lovell, and Flemco get personal mentions.

Two lines stand out in the one addressed to Mr. Lovell:

This book isn’t about people being mean and call the wahbulance.


I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked

It’s rather a shame the book isn’t about whining and calling “wahmbulances.” That might be more interesting than the actual subject matter.

Mr. Pacione has a right to write. He has neither a right nor a write to gain money from sales of said writing.

Pacione relates the bit about North Korea to freedom of the press, which he constantly confuses with freedom of speech. Perhaps one day it will dawn on him that not all writers have press credentials, and not all journalists write books. We can hope.

There was one other item of interest: he is now leaning toward using Lightning Source.

I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly.

It’s highly doubtful that his empty wallet could foot the bill for the block of ISBNs, printing setup costs, etc. His GothicFest booth cannot possibly cost any less this year than the $300 he paid in 2005.

We Won’t Let Him Be Professional?

The thread at the forum has reached eight pages. Mr. Pacione could not resist adding a lengthy comment, from which I’ve excerpted this:

“I am trying to be professional here but when I see a lack of professionalism from the rogues gallery and all they’re doing is railroading my readerships that I am working hard to gain.”

Translated, he can’t be professional because people won’t let him.

In other news, his new Blogspot entry is more of the same drivel that we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, Blogspot is down at the moment, or I’d link to the graphic he has posted.

He’s been using a crinkled paper texture a lot lately. It’s used in the banner graphic of his own forum, and on some other sites of his. To use a favorite word of Mr. Pacione’s, crinkled paper is so transgressive!