Leppy’s on the Job

Lepplady is the real source for following Tabetha’s antics.  Lately, there have been plenty of them.  I’ll just leave you with these links to to the most recent lulz:

The Mad Scramble

Third Party Selling

The Art of Deception

Do read the comments; they add to the overall hilarity.

Jeanne, you rock!

Nicky’s Sending Fraudulent PayPal Invoices

This is an old trick of his that he picked up and dusted off again.  He sent one to Mary for $900, ostensibly to cover all the royalties he didn’t make from books he didn’t sell.  Since he used to routinely send people phony bills for thousands of dollars for pissing him off, it would seem he’s trying to keep his fraud below a certain dollar amount, so the Feds don’t get involved.

Over the years, so many people have reported him to PayPal that I wonder whether there’s a magic number of complaints that have to be lodged before PayPal does anything about it.  By all rights, he should have lost his account by now, or had it frozen.

Boyer Plagiarizes Matheson, and Rick’s Letter Writing Campaign

Hat tips:  B Thoughtful, and PG

I received an email tip about Boyer’s plagiarism of Matheson’s work a few days ago, which came hot on the heels of a couple of other tips.  Other than being extremely busy with Fall chores such as reseeding half our lawn, and patching our driveway, I don’t have a great excuse for not reporting on it before now.

Brian Keene is back in action after his heart attack, and wrote his own blog entry about Boyer’s shenanigans.  Aside from his own thoughts about Boyer, it refers to Rick Moore’s letter writing campaign to the Indiana Attorney General.

Since Boyer is by all accounts poor as a church mouse, perhaps the threat of jail time for committing consumer fraud will prove to be more of a deterrent than civil suits for plagiarism.  Not only has he stolen work from other authors and fraudulently resold it as his own, but also he has gypped people out of their hard earned money for books they ordered, but never received.  I’ve seens some old email exchanges regarding the latter.  These involve all sorts of lame excuses about why the merchandise was never sent, stretching out for months, before Boyer finally tells his victims to fuck off, and claims his email address no longer works (although he continues to use it).

If you have been a victim of Boyer’s, please consider writing your own letter to the Indiana AG.  Instructions are posted both in Brian’s entry, and in Rick’s.


I just received word that Boyer also plagiarized a 16 year old girl named Margaret Li.  Details are here.  He does seem to steal a fair amount of material from Storymania.

More Threats from Boyer

B Thoughtful has an entry covering David Boyer’s latest series of threats to a victim of his.  I received a forward of the first one of those emails yesterday, but not the follow-up one from this morning.

There are a whole bunch of things wrong with his bluster.  Cyber-crime units don’t use email, and insist on receiving CDs with evidence from the person who claims to be filing charges?  Baloney.  Second, once charges are filed, and evidence turned over (as Boyer claims he did), it’s a little late to recant those charges.

All these claims that Boyer’s been making in his harassing email to this particular victim (yes, I know who it is, having received an unedited forwarded copy) smell like a pig farm in August.  You would think a cop would know the difference between libel and slander, wouldn’t you?  You would also think a cyber-crimes unit has better things to investigate (like fraud, kiddie porn, etc.) than some fraudster’s false claims of slander and harassment.

I call bullshit on this e-cops and e-lawyer routine.  Davey boy, it’s getting really stale.  Nobody’s buying your shtick.

Welfare Queen Defrauds Government and Netizens

La Femme Nikita has been on a fraudulent PayPal binge lately.

  • Raingods:  $7000
  • Raingods:  an additional $8000
  • Pragmatica:  $9300 (a new record, I believe)
  • Phil Smith:  $1200

What’s the occasion, you might ask?  Nicky has a “chipin” at the bottom of his http://writingsfromthegrave.com page.  He wants donations so he can pay his AOL bill.  Originally, he had no minimum donation, so people started donating a penny.  This filled our boi with TEH RAEG.  So, he now claims that the minimum donation he wants is $20, and for good measure, sent out fraudulent PayPal invoices for thousands of dollars to anyone who sent a donation.

I believe that this sort of crime — and it is a crime — deserves to be reported to PayPal by those who receive these “invoices for services” from Nicky.  One, it’s against the TOS.  Two, it’s, well, criminal fraud.  PayPal is way too eager to freeze accounts when $500 or more is involved, for a perfectly legitimate transaction.  It’s time the company responded in a similar manner when fraud is actually involved.

Aside from that, the Illinois Attorney General might be interested to know that one of the state’s welfare queens is not only not reporting income from his unregistered business, but also is defrauding netizens — and the state itself.

Thanks to Baupdeth, we have a way to do just that:


Let’s see how Nicky deals with an inquiry from the AG.

Four Grand

I’m worth four grand!

Dear russell_nayle@yahoo.com,

Nickolaus Pacione (gothicpreacher@rocketmail.com) would like to be paid
 through PayPal.

Money Request Details

Amount: $4,000.00 USD

Note: Can you afford it loser?

PayPal makes it easy to send money by email to Nickolaus Pacione
 (gothicpreacher@rocketmail.com) from your PayPal account.

To view the details of this Money Request or to pay Nickolaus Pacione
 with PayPal, just click on the following link or copy and paste it
 your web browser:


Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

I was wondering when he’d send me one of those fraudulent invoices.

Paypal, Part XVI

Mr. Pacione is seething.  His solution is to send ExposeTheTard more email.

If you were any kind of descent human being . . .

That has to be my favorite malapropism of Pacione’s.  It’s a classic.

I am in the process of shutting you down . . .

He’s tried for years to get accounts on Blogspot closed, to no avail.

I am coming for you, it’s that simple.

He, and what goon squad?

The Morris police think he’s just a nut job — the village idiot who forgets to take his meds, basically.  The Paypal abuse people do nothing when people report him, other than cancel the transaction(s).  The folks at Blogger do nothing.  That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be reported.

Extortion is a crime, as is fraud.  He doesn’t take legalities seriously, but maybe if he <i>had</i> to show up in court, his attitude would change.  Maybe.  It’s a distant possibility.

Just in Time for Christmas

It’s fraud and extortion time!

Mr. Pacione sent ExposeTheTard four separate Paypal invoices over the past four days, totaling $2000. He patiently waited a day between sending the first two invoices. Now, you might not consider that patient, until you realize that he sent the two today a mere 18 seconds apart!

He made a point a week or so ago of saying that his priority is to buy Christmas presents for his family. Now we all know how he intends to get the money. I just copied the dates and amounts below; all the juicy accompanying email is back at Blogger.

Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 12:33:43 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details

 Amount: $500.00 USD

   Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2007 08:09:50 -0800


Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD     Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:26 -0800


Money Request Details

Amount: $500.00 USD      Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 09:31:44 -0800 -----------------------------------

Money Request Details


Amount: $500.00 USD