Sonichu Woz ‘Ere

This picture made me chuckle.  Look at the shape of what’s left of the glass storefront door.

Sonichu did it, I tell ya!  Busted right through that glass.  Anyone know what Chris-Chan’s been up to lately, other than pretending to be trans to make friends with females?

Chris-Chan Makes Twitchy

Chris-Chan — or his picture — made the home page of today, accompanying an article about feminists at the DNC convention in Philly.  Obviously, the photo has nothing to do with the event, and was taken elsewhere, perhaps as long as a year ago.  Regardless, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it.

US Politics – 2016-07-28 14-52-51

Oh, Chris/Christine, you are famous beyond CWCki, Kiwi Farms, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.  *snort*