Topi Quits Goth

This announcement was made on LJ’s Goth community this afternoon.

Effectively immediately, upon this posting, I hereby resign from co-moderator/co-maintainer duties in association with the goth community. Additionally, I will no longer maintain membership in this LiveJournal community.

He wasn’t much of a presence, anyway, but he goes out of his way to be obsequious toward Pacione.

I apologize to Nick for not discussing this move with him before announcing it, however, I have been planning this for some time.

[. . .]

Special thanks to Nick. Nick, when you first asked me to fill in for you long ago, I was not sure that I could fit the bill. I wanted to do right by you and keep this community focused as a haven for those who wanted to be a part of something and share in its many expressions without having to fear becoming targets of ridicule or harassment.

As far as I know, the only person in that community who was ridiculed was Pacione.  However, that usually happened in Chicago_Gothic, not within Goth itself.

With Pacione in sole charge, I predict mass banning within Goth over the next few weeks.  My understanding is that a lot of people have already left on their own.  A community crumbles rather quickly when a tyrant is left in charge.

What’s ironic is that Topi says he’s not a Goth.  As if Pacione is anything but a poseur?

Pwned at Chicago_Goth

This is from comments in Chicago_Gothic. It’s beautiful. His fiefdom at Goth is crumbling around him. Soon, all that will be posted there are announcements about parties in Moscow and Prague.

Pacione still hasn’t figured out who I am at Goth; I haven’t been banned. I’m sure he’s banned many innocent people in his witch hunt, thus starting a new wave of exodus. He and Topi can have the joint; it sucks the wind right out of the sky, the way he’s running it.

2007-12-08 05:08 pm UTC (link) Track This
So, do you really want to know why so many people are leaving goth? It could be because of three reasons:1. They’re sick to death of your masturbatory posts promoting your latest projects that no one cares about. You know, those anthologies that you promise to pay people for, but never do, and that’s why you’re getting sued again.
2. They’re sick to death of you posting stupid videos where you’re either showing off your stupid books, your lameass booth at Gothicfest, or ranting about a bunch of people that they DON’T EVEN KNOW. Besides, you’re making yourself look even more pathetic and amateurish by posting videos without any sound, and expecting us to “read your lips”. Try learning how to properly film short videos WITH SOUND with the camera equipment you buy with the money you rob from taxpayers instead of actually paying the poor kids you talk into giving you stories for your books. Did I mention you’re getting sued for that?
3. Maybe people are leaving because they’re finding out what kind of poseur you are in both the gothic and heavy metal communities? You must be that oblivious to not realize that you’re a bigger joke than your former roommate to most Chicago-based goths. And besides, none of the metalheads want you around, since they know you secretly like Cinderella and Def Leppard, and you only wear Iced Earth T-shirts to suppress that fact.

See you in court, along with Crazy Michelle and those authors you screwed over.

Writing Fool

Pacione’s been torturing the poor people at LJ’s Goth community the past few days with his silent videos taken in near darkness, and updates about himself. Today brings one of the latter.

Greetings All; this is one of the many updates I’ve done personally to my own website.

Nobody ever visits Goth to see party posters, so it must be all about Nicky, eh?

I’ve just been a writing fool these days too . . .

Stop right there. There’s no need to continue that sentence.

Those of you who are members only should be able to see this post. If you’re watching the community you can see the entry. I am doing some public entries and others are members only postings — this is a members only post.

Oh, really?

There are a couple of comments, but just between the co-moderators.  Here’s a great line from Nicky’s reply.

When I donated paid time to the Conservatism community . . .

How does one go about donating paid time?  Did he get paid?  Did he not get paid?

Mod Post

Mr. Pacione made a lengthy moderator post at the Goth community at LJ.  As the folks in LJ-land would say:  tl;dr.  He mentions Metallica and Napster and copyrights for the trillionth time.  Yet, he seems genuinely tickled that someone would feature his work.

. . . one person who went and did an unauthorized audio reading of one of my short stories. But I will say this is a huge shock to me that I got featured as a book publisher. I am surprised because I am hardly even famous yet but enough to kick a dent in the business by doing it on my terms.

Video Follow-up

Pacione cross-posted his video on his Goth community at LJ, with different text.

I didn’t say I was a film maker this was my first attempt at doing home movies and all that good stuff.

And, it took him a month just to figure out how to transfer the clip off his camera onto his computer.

I was rushed in doing it because I didn’t have the speakers but I will have those inside od the month.

I fail to understand how not having speakers causes a four week delay in posting a video.  What that sentence does tell me, however, is that yet another writer will continue to go unpaid while he spends the money on himself.

. . . but one rule is this, no swiping of video but if you want to link the video from your own journal use the original post url where it comes from.

Good.  That’s precisely what I did in my previous entry, as well as this one.  It thrills me to no end to know that I have Mr. Pacione’s permission.  He’ll have a hard time trying to justify bitching at me for following his instructions.

“Crazy” Michelle Russo

There appears to be some confusion among some of my readers about who Michelle Russo is.  She’s Pacione’s former roommate from the apartment in Justice who kicked him out after he stopped chipping in for rent and utilitites.  She and the other former roommate, Shawn Borri (who owns Edison Records), are part of the Chicago Goth scene that Nicky so desperately wants to join.

Unless I’m confusing her with someone else, she also goes by Christina Death 1334, and Fallen Eve 1334.  This is from her MySpace profile:

cHRISTINA dEATH 1334 of cHICAGO’s Networking
I’m an all ages promoter for dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELEKTRO/INDEADSTRIAL events in Chicago.
” I will interview till the sky goes out”
“I host events and promote afterparties in the dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELETRO/INDEADSTRIAL/vein genres in Chicaoland area

Be forewarned:  her profile page is a nearly unreadable mess of graphics and text that will blast a 69 Eyes song at high volume.  You might want to skip it or plug in headphones and set them on the floor before you take a look.

Busy, Busy Pacione

Mr. Pacione has been a very busy “man” today.  I use the term, tongue planted firmly in cheek.

When Pacione was not busy attacking the Chicago_Gothic community, he paused to put four new entries on his Blogspot alone, one attacking Mr. Bob Freeman, and put up polls on Blogspot, in his Goth community, and on the Horror_Writers community.  The poll on his Blogspot is the shortest; the results are not in Pacione’s favor last I saw.

To its credit, the members of Horror_Writers gave the owner of the community some excellent advice, and treated him with the utmost respect.  Naturally, Pacione misinterpreted the comments to mean the community’s owner was being harassed.  The owner didn’t seem to interpret them that way.

Someone at Chicago_Gothic dedicated a haiku to Pacione.

On a lighter note, I’ve found a number of names people use to refer to Pacione:  HWSNBN, HWMNBN, Peaches, Peaches the Pig, Mr. Pathetichead, and Mr. Manic.  The first two are inspired by the Potter books.  The next two are from a children’s book.  The last two are simply accurate representations.  There may be more euphemisms for Pacione that I have yet to find.

A word of advice, if I may, Mr. Pacione:  it’s unwise to attack members of communities with which you so desperately wish to identify.   Good luck making that work for you.

Early-Mid August Observations

This has been an interesting week.  Mr. Pacione tried to take on the horror writers’ community, and failed.  He has moved onto the Goth community, which is also essentially telling him to get lost.

One Goth from WI took issue with the way the organizers of Gothicfest run it; Pacione took that as a personal attack and banned the person from the LJ community he runs.  Another took issue with Pacione for banning the person, suggesting Pacione kill himself.  To Pacione, that’s a direct death threat.   It isn’t, and he knows it, because he tells people to do that all the time, and thinks it’s funny.  Pacione lives for this sort of nonsense.

On another topic, Dagstine hasn’t gone away.  In the past five days, he’s posted three somewhat lengthy entries on his blog.  So much for disappearing to be a daddy as he claimed he was going to do.