More Threats from Boyer

B Thoughtful has an entry covering David Boyer’s latest series of threats to a victim of his.  I received a forward of the first one of those emails yesterday, but not the follow-up one from this morning.

There are a whole bunch of things wrong with his bluster.  Cyber-crime units don’t use email, and insist on receiving CDs with evidence from the person who claims to be filing charges?  Baloney.  Second, once charges are filed, and evidence turned over (as Boyer claims he did), it’s a little late to recant those charges.

All these claims that Boyer’s been making in his harassing email to this particular victim (yes, I know who it is, having received an unedited forwarded copy) smell like a pig farm in August.  You would think a cop would know the difference between libel and slander, wouldn’t you?  You would also think a cyber-crimes unit has better things to investigate (like fraud, kiddie porn, etc.) than some fraudster’s false claims of slander and harassment.

I call bullshit on this e-cops and e-lawyer routine.  Davey boy, it’s getting really stale.  Nobody’s buying your shtick.

Pacione Emails Ben a Challenge

Pacione must have been going back through his little black book.  He hasn’t harassed Ben in some time.

Nicky’s demands of Rockcandy are simple:

  • show your face
  • get your head out of your ass
  • fight me, so I can break your arms

This is a blast from the past.  Pacione challenges Ben to a fight in which only Ben would give up anything if he lost.  If Pacione loses, he gives up nothing.  It’s a classic Pacione technique.

You want to go in a fight you got yourself a fist fight — I win you close your blog and remove every referrence you have about me and delete the stolen book from your hard drive.

First, the fight will never occur.  Pacione is, after all, a man-child who ran away giggling when he met Peter Barnes.  Second, Pacione can never prove that Ben, nor anyone else, actually has a purloined .pdf of one of his books.  He can only suspect, and make baseless accusations.

Imagine for a moment the fight were to take place, and Pacione were to lose.  A fait accompli, I know, but bear with me.  I think Pacione’s punishment should be to stop writing, and confine himself to doing video blogs.  Those, at least, are hilarious.

Old Essay

ExposeTheTard posted another of Mr. Pacione’s old essays. It is undated, but had to have been written sometime between 1999 and 2005, given references to being in his 20s, and the Columbine school massacre.

The entire essay deals with being the victim of teasing and pranks; it concludes with an offer of help to others who have experienced such things in high school. If Pacione still can’t help himself, I fail to see how he could possibly help others, but he never has mastered Earth logic.

. . . from their years of going to school day in and day out being greeted with cruel taunts about the way they look or where they are living at — this was the case while I grew up in Roselle and was going to school in Lombard. It is a nightmare going to school everyday and would be greeted by people throwing pennies or worst . . .

I know I’d be a warped sonofabitch if people threw money at me when I showed up for school. I want to know why he didn’t stop to pick up and pocket the money.

The other point he makes is that he was tormented for looking funny, and not living in the “right part” of town. High schools all over the country are filled with such people. Is this somehow different than hearing “You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny” from a classmate? Roselle isn’t great, but it’s hardly a war zone.

I am writing this throught the eyes of a teenager that was mentally abused day and day out by one’s peers — it is a thing that one is about to is something that the tormentors cannot see. That damage that they had done is irreversible, especially one is entombed within a locker with their own padlock is locked to the locker.

He’s now 31 and still writing “through the eyes of a teenager.” This is the first I’ve heard that it was his own gym lock that was used to lock him in the locker. Regardless of whose lock it was, anyone in high school who can fit in a gym locker is either a small person, or has a really large locker.

I don’t doubt that his peers teased him, but I’m also convinced there had to have been some mental, and perhaps physical abuse at home. If, as rumor has it, his own mother used to lock him in the basement when he got out of hand, I can understand his claustrophobia.

They don’t realize that they are the worst kind of murderer, one that induces the mental abuse to drive their victims to sign themselves into a sanitarium; refusing to let them be and leave them alone.

Yes, signing oneself into a mental hospital is the same as being murdered. My other problem with this is that Pacione really does not want to be left alone. Whenever he is ignored, he screams even more vociferously about the injustices of the world, and how people are ruining his book sales.

Finally, Mr. Pacione concludes with this gem:

If you’re a teen that was harrassed while you were in high school, or if you are currently in high school and haunted by cruel taunts or threats; please write me — I am here to help.

Yes folks, Mr. Pacione can lead you out of the never-ending cycle of teasing to become a whole person who leads a normal, self-sufficient, non-delusional life. Welcome him into your life, embrace him, and correspond with him.

Raw Nerve

I think I hit a nerve with my previous entry.  Today, Mr. Pacione felt compelled to explain his MySpace policy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the myspace is friends only for a reason

I don’t want the fucks from the other dark place stealing my blog entries, yes this is a common practice for them too. The fact they bragged about pirating books too and that pissed me off to no end the fact they are sending prank mails too which is a crock of shit. The fact we had to change our number one more time here because of the assholes that is a crock of shit, my family don’t need that. Not now, not ever.

Sure, he had to change his number again.  If anyone is calling Granny, which I highly doubt, it’s most likely to be someone in Chicagoland, not someone from TODP.  He needs to stop and think for a moment where his enemies are located — the enemies he’s made in person over the years, not merely the people he ticks off on a daily basis over the internet.

The rubber ducky was hilarious, but it’s far from harassment.  Besides, it came from OK, not from northern IL.  Unless the rubber ducky made the phone calls, I fail to see the connection.  What this tells me is that he has no idea whatsoever who’s responsible for anything, so he accuses whatever convenient scapegoat pops into his pea-brain.  It’s a “Who do I feel like hating today?” type of mentality.


We have a double-header, folks.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calling my house and listing my address…. off limits

You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It’s not even funny the first time doing it. Stealing my photographs and watermarking them — shit isn’t even funny either.

Actually, yes it is funny. I have nothing to do with any of that, but it’s funny, regardless. Pacione forgets that he posted his own personal information online first. What happens on the internet stays on the internet.

Jerrod, you’re a fucking loser who has no life and the fact that you ripped off Tabloid Purposes with your cover scheme shows it.

Mr. Balzer’s after Nicky? Whatever Zippy the Pinhead’s smoking, I want some. It’s got to be better than Benson & Hedges.

I am going to have to get a cell phone because of this shit

He’s not going to have a cell phone because he can’t afford one. You know, this crap makes me want to go buy Balzer’s work, as well as that of J.D. Hintz.

Nicky is good for business . . . yours, not his. And, he’s good for my traffic counts.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Russo is crazy

She’s reading between the lines about wanting to sue me for libel; I didn’t even mention her by name once.

Oh, please — everyone who follows this saga already knows her last name is Russo. Pacione devoted an entire blog entry to her. It doesn’t take a trained detective to piece it together. None of us harass her. None of us care to, no matter how bat-shit insane she may be. She doesn’t come after us. She’s not even a carnival side show.

The fact that this lawsuit is already felt across the
Goth Community in Chicago, and the only people who can protect you from my fury are Koehler and Keene, and even they are fair game for me. Hell I could see you calling on them as witnesses on your case for this book
because I rip them a new one too in this.

One, there is no lawsuit, and two, the Goth community wouldn’t rally to Nicky’s aid, no matter how much he bribed them in internet dollars, or deep-dish pizza.

Sue me for what, I got no money — I am not a millionare.

Not even in pennies, could he come up with a million. If he had one nightmare for every evening of his life, it still can’t top 12,000. He’s had far more nightmares than he’s made in dollars.

You messed with an investegative journalist Russo, and yes this kind of journalism has no kind of mercy.

LOL! I’m an “investigative urinalist” . . . plumbing the depths of the u-bend for you. I could call myself a painter, but it wouldn’t make me one. Ditto for calling myself a writer.

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*edit* (now reliving college undergrad years, listening to Devo)

Monica Weathers

This is rich. Pacione ranting on about mail harrassment being a federal crime. First of all, I’m not sure I believe there is such a person as Monica Weathers. Second, the person sent him a rubber ducky with a note — a present, if you will. It’s not as if he received a dead fish. The address may not be real, either, even if the town and postmark match.

Thursday, November 01, 2007
this is bullshit — getting harassed via the mail system


Whoever this cunt from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a bitch named Monica Weathers sending me a rubber duck with E-Pirate written across it and a note saying this: Yarrr Matey!
I be here to pirate yer anthologies!”I hope that cunt hangs in her bathroom while her life fades from her. Fuck you woman! Fuck you! My cousin is a police officer and he will lock you up — fucking bitch. You’re a fucking bitch who needs to get a fucking life. Go to hell you cunt. You realize you broke federal law by using the mail system to harass me. I think what she did was bullshit. I got the exact mailing address of the bitch too who did this and it was a wast of a $1.30 and a first class mail rate for that. What the fuck?


Posted by Nickolaus Pacione @ 1:27 PM

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156 Pages of Lies

According to Mr. Pacione, he’s got approximately 156 pages worth of drivel written. I am going by the 500 words-per-page rule of thumb.

An Eye In Shadows is now about 78,000 words and climbing from there.

[. . . ]

I am pleased that I am able to get this far along with the book.

What is his problem with Sabledrake all of a sudden? I’ve never seen him mention her until now.

The fact the fancrapper behind Sabledrake is bragging how she gets fanfiction the rate of the book in two days time.

That makes no sense. Like almost everything Pacione composes, it’s unfinished, and communicates nothing but the fact that he’s angry.

I am proud of where the characters are all mine . . .

That’s what makes An Eye in Shadows fiction. A memoir does not contain a plot, nor “characters.” It consists of memories and the real people who entered into them. It can skip over unpleasant parts (Eleanor Roosevelt left out her hubby’s affairs, for instance, in her memoir), but it cannot contain “characters” and a plot.

This is further proof that Mr. Pacione cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. It’s also proof that his output isn’t as phenomenal as he thinks, even if he bases it on quantity instead of quality.

One hundred fifty six pages isn’t exactly the book of the century. I’d rather re-read a 30-page play by Henrik Ibsen, if it came right down to it. Hedda Gabbler and A Doll’s House are a good start. They’re anti-misogynist.

“The Cherry Orchard” is a good place to start with Anton Chekhov. Granted, he’s bleak, but he gets his point across.

Mr. Pacione, you need to learn to get your point across, instead of spewing unfinished thoughts in your blog entries.

Harassment FAQ

The following is from Journalfen’s FAQ about harassment.  Though I do not have a Journalfen account, I think its rules hit the mark.  They bear repeating here for Mr. Pacione’s benefit.

“What harassment is NOT:

*Someone posting their opinion of you, or something you’ve done or said, (with or without links) in their journal or a third party community journal, no matter how negative or rude you may find it, is not harassment.
[ . . .]