Coach Culbertson and Pacione

Mike Duran posted a blog entry in which he interviewed someone named “Coach” Culbertson who puts out a literary magazine, Coach’s Midnight Diner. Here’s an excerpt in which Pacione’s name comes up in the context of Gothicfest 2007.

Decompose » INsites: Coach CulbertsonA well-known Christian suspense author called the Jesus Vs. Cthulhu concept “brilliant,” and a crazy small press horror editor, Nickolaus Pacione of Lake Fossil Press, has expressed massive delight at its intensity and authentic horror.

Crazy indeed.

The interview was accompanied by this lovely photo of Mr. Pacione himself, in his glorious White Sox cap. Nicky is giving his cheesiest grin while holding a copy of Coach’s magazine.

For the record, I have no idea who either Mike Duran or Coach Culbertson are. This merely showed up in my inbox as a Google alert.

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Announcement on Amazon

Mr. Pacione put out another announcement today on his blog about his memoir.

An Eye In Shadows is available now and for $15.95 on under the imprint Broken Mindframe Books.

Whatever happened to Angry Guinea Press? Does he make up a new imprint every place he makes a book available for purchase? If I ever decide to make my drivel available for purchase, can I claim it’s from Rusty Nail Press?

I just have to say it there will be an anti-Brian Keene book in the works and this isn’t parody either.

As far as I can tell, Mr. Keene wants nothing whatsoever to do with Pacione. I thought he had a restraining order against Pacione, given all that nonsense on Bob Freeman’s MySpace a few months ago.

. . . I decided to sit in the interviewer’s chair to get some insight how Mike Philbin thinks.

Who cares? There’s a reason Philbin is known as “Pacione on the Thames.” I came up with better questions for a Pacione interview not that long ago by playing it straight, when he begged to be interviewed.

I have to be a little more polite here but the blog on I can be more myself.

If ripping on Mr. Keene is being polite, then I must question his perception of what being polite is. Though I don’t know the man, he seems nice enough to me.

No question, The Rusty Nail rubs Mr. Pacione the wrong way, but I’ve always been courteous with him.  He could learn to do the same with authors who outsell him.

Ten Questions for Mr. Pacione

  1. When did you first discover your talent for writing?
  2. How did you break into the horror genre?
  3. How many hours a day do you spend writing?
  4. Why do anthologies?
  5. On average, how many submissions do you receive per anthology?
  6. What is it that attracts you to young, untested writers?
  7. How long do you spend editing anthology submissions?
  8. Can you explain how editing, proofreading, and reformatting differ?
  9. What inspires you to take a photograph of something you see?
  10. Once your memoir is out of the way, what do you envision as your next project?

Respectful Interview

This morning brings two new screeds from Mr. Pacione, both posted on his Blogspot. In general, they consist of his usual whining about being mistreated by the world. I find this line to be particularly amusing:

I challenge every jouranlist who is on that side to do an interview with me and with the results of that interview you don’t dehumanize me one bit.

Considering that his interview with a reporter from the Coal City Courant came across as snarky, and his interview with Matt Staggs made him look no better, Mr. Pacione has issued quite a challenge.

The interview made Pacione look worse than the one by his local weekly paper by its impartiality. There was also the fiasco of an interview with Larry Dagstine, who took down the interview and closed The Literary Bone after one issue as a result of the fallout.

Pacione refused to be interviewed by Andrew Crowe mere months ago. I suspect it was because he thought Crowe wouldn’t make him look good.

Yes, interviewing Pacione and making him look good is quite a challenge. As if that alone is not enough of a challenge, Mr. Pacione demands that it be uploaded to Associated Content. That is where Pacione uploaded his Cabbie “Homocide” story. How’s that for a Freudian slip?

Who will take on this challenge? Like all challenges issued by Pacione, it comes with rules issued by him. I can’t be the only one laughing. Traditionally, the one who is challenged sets the rules.

There is also this prize winning line:

Come on you motherfuckers — you know you want a dig into my mind.

If there were something between his ears besides lint, people might want to do that. As it is, there’s nothing worth examining in any depth.

This part is hilarious:

You want to piss away my respect, I want to see you assholes try. That is the one thing that keeps going with me respect.

Since when did Pacione ever have respect from anyone? With his attitude, I sincerely doubt he’ll ever achieve respect. And, unlike Rodney Dangerfield, he’s not even a comedian.

The Rusty Nail would love to interview Mr. Pacione, but of course it would have to be on my terms, with the interview uploaded here at my WordPress. Therefore, Pacione will refuse my offer.

Draw your own conclusions.