More Binge Tweeting

In addition to (predictably) vowing to get Fossil Lake pulled, because its very existence is getting under his skin, Nicky has taken to harassing Elizabeth Peake.  I don’t know Elizabeth, but I certainly remember her name from the old Xanga days a decade ago.  As far as I know, she never did anything to Nicky.  Then again, so many people’s introduction to Nicky, as did mine, occurred when he went after them out of the blue.  The “Who the fuck are you?” reaction is rapidly followed by “Oh lord, what a creep.”

On what grounds Nicky plans to get Fossil Lake pulled, I don’t know.  Even he admits the title is only “a bastardization of Lake Fossil.”  Jerrod’s highly entertaining story, in which Nicky screams at the lake for using the name of his company, nails Nicky’s twisted mental processes.


Now Available

Reposted from the Fossil Lake Facebook page, Lake Fossil is now available from Smashwords:

Fossil Lake Anthology Reposting for the morning crowd … FOSSIL LAKE now available!

For just $2.99, you get 37 — that’s right, thirty-seven! — stories and poems! That’s less than ten cents apiece! What a bargain!

You’ll enjoy the writings of talented newcomers and seasoned pros! But wait, that’s not all! You’ll also get not one but TWO excerpts from works by that legendary master, Ramsey Campbell!

Just run your eyes over this spectacular Table of Contents!

“A Letter from the Lake” – Ramsey Campbell
“Eat Yourself” – Michael Shimek
“The Varmint of Fossil Valley” — Lewis Unknown
“Road Kill Angel” — Dana Wright
“Silver Screen Shadows” — Mathias Jansson
“C-C-Cold” – Ken Goldman
“What’s Your Beef?” – Mark Orr
“Alchera” — D.J. Tyrer
“The Dank” — Doug Blakeslee
“Dark of Madness” — Tanya Nehmelman
“All That Jazz” — Meagan Hightower
“Revolver Concert” – Spencer Carvalho
“Thick” — Melanie-Jo Lee
“The Ziggurat of Skulls” — Joshua Dobson
“Apartment B” — Stinky Cat
“Pretty Girl” – Deb Eskie
“Come Fly With Death” — Wesley D. Gray
“The Horn of Plenty” — Russell Nayle
“The Lost Link” — Carl Thomas Fox
“Nat Poopcone vs. the Beast of Fossil Lake” — Jerrod Balzer
“Where Lost Ones Dwell” — Tony Flynn
“Lana Doesn’t Get Lucky” — Kerry Lipp and Emily Meier
“Gothicism on Trial” – G. Preacher
“Finding Miss Fossie” — Melany Van Every
“Arkham Arts Review: Alienation” – Peter Rawlik
“Mishipishu” — Mary Pletsch
“Malicious Intimacy” — William Andre Sanders
“Beneath” – Michael Burnside
“Passionate in Chicago” — John Goodrich
“Mr. Winter” — Jeremy Terry
“Impressions” — Christine Morgan
“Make Me Something Scary” – Patrick Tumblety
“The Depths” – Stacey Turner
“The Day Lloyd Campbell’s Mama Came to Town” — Scott Colbert
“The Rack” – Mike Meroney
“Beautiful” – John Claude Smith
“The Last Revelation of Gla’aki, an Excerpt” – Ramsey Campbell

Order now, and we’ll throw in a saucy blurb by the awesome Mary SanGiovanni, AND an introduction by Yours Truly! (well, okay, okay, order any time and those will still be included)

Levity aside, this book is dedicated to the memory of Daverana Enterprises’ own too-recently-departed Janrae Frank … who believed in and supported this project from the very beginning. We miss you, Cuss.

The preview was a rollicking good read — sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but all good.

Year-End Crunch

From Mr. Pacione’s DeviantArt, we learn that he’s cranking out the goods.

I got one more anthology to go with the editing and getting it ready by Christmas, Class In Session, will be ready on Christmas Eve and the magazine will be done by weeks end.

I don’t think editing means what he thinks it means.

I am almost done with the magazine, and when I finish Class in Session I am going to take a well deserved break from editing anthologies until about February, because that will start the next submission season and guidelines for issue seven are already posted via

He’s taking off four weeks because all that reformatting he does to other people’s stories is exhausting.

I am going to be doing more paying and 4theluv showcases too — I am publishing both on Lake Fossil Press. The first 4theluv anthology is out there now and available for purchase.

At least he’s being upfront about his inability to pay his contributors, regarding the 4theluv one, but I doubt more than one or two authors in the other one will actually get paid.

. . . and yeah I didn’t have the good video camera yet (and even if I have a camera that is $100. This is in rebuttal to the loser who posts on

What rebuttal? I don’t see him denying the cost of the camera.

Bully Pulpit

Mr. Pacione is again using his status at LJ’s Goth community to ram his dung down the collective throat of the community.

The magazine is available for purchase and for those of you who like your horror how your like your heavy metal — HARDCORE. My story in this one is an exclusive, Damnation Observes.

If it reads like his other stories, the editor should re-examine his or her raison d’etre for the publication.

If you have a hard time working with trying to buy a copy from go ahead and send your payment of the magazine directly to the editor & publisher of the magazine. $13.49, it’s priced to move.

Translation: it isn’t selling.

. . . that is the perfect compliment to a Tabloid Purposes anthology because there is another author from my series in there . . .

Promotional plugs are alright from time to time, but he’s trying to hitch his wheel onto the back of another cart that may be going nowhere just as fast as his is.

I am publishing him in issue six (reversed what the issues will be, issue seven will be the local author issue and the issue six one I am focusing on horror and bizarro. I got some damn good submissions (for the very few I got . . .

I thought Pacione still had a submission call out for issue 5 of his Ethereal Gazette. Did I miss something? Why is he talking about issues six and seven?

The story I describe so far from what I read of it is going to be a Lovecraftian horror story with the influence of Serpent in the Rainbow meets Charles Beaumont. It is an ambitious short story, and the cool thing is he giving it to me for free to publish in the mag.

That means that Pacione is thrilled to death to take any story for which he won’t owe the author money. He must be hurting for submissions.

Giveaway Anthology

Mr. Pacione posted that silly picture of some of his books at his Goth community, with far more commentary that he had at DA.  He even tells us that his giveaway anthology is available at CafePress.  His “giveaway” lists a cover price of $16.96.

I also got some video up too which is my book shipment. I am using the version of the video. I managed to get my DA updated and my main website, the reading room area will see the updates. I am eventually going video with my main website too, trying to make this thing a little more interactive.

God spare us!

I started to realize how much fun doing a vlog can be. The camera I was using for the recent ones, was also the one I used for the stills. I want to see how handy some of you could be with a video camera.

Video’s his new obsession.  Is he really asking whether others can actually hold a camera steady and get something in focus?

The giveaway anthology is finished (well the version is ready. I am waiting on the introduction and artwork for the version . . . I use a .pdf merger to make the thing appear professional as hell.

Gee.  I thought making it look professional entailed using spell check, reasonably good grammar, and proofreading, if not actual editing.

Two New Anthologies

Yesterday, Mr. Pacione dropped some news about his upcoming projects on someone’s DeviantArt.

I got about 200 pages on the one anthology and this is going to be the one that will be given out to promoters at events or raffled off. The one going to the schools will be worked on right after that — then I will figure out the order of how I want the stories in that one.

I see — more giveaways.  His authors are never going to get paid.  He’s been talking up that school giveaway anthology for months, but here it sounds like he hasn’t done anything with it to date.  Which one of these projects is on “high-tay-us?”

I wonder where he got the idea for holding a raffle to win one of his books.  Who would buy raffle tickets to win his piss-poor prose?  Generally speaking, raffles are held as fund raisers.  Who would be the beneficiary of such funds?  Would he keep them himself and not report it to the government as income?

Tabloid Purposes 5

Wasn’t there some talk on MySpace last winter or spring about trademarking the Tabloid Purposes name?  I wonder what became of that.

Friday, November 02, 2007

drawing up the guidelines for Tabloid Purposes V

Purposes Five is going to be drawn up but I am also going to dredge up
the reading list and in fact planning to get one book before I finish
the guidelines for this.

I might suggest that Mr. Pacione pay another writer before he buys himself another copy of his own dreck.  In Coach Culbertson’s interview posted by Mike Duran, Culbertson says that self-publishing can be a way to lose money, and that his magazine is just about at the break-even point (to paraphrase).  Pacione has yet to hit the break-even point, and he still owes writers from previous anthologies money.

Nicholas Cook, if you think I am such a shitty editor why don’t you
take a stab at editing an anthology with some of your friends to see
what happens.

Mr. Pacione can’t seem to get it through his pea-brain that not everyone is interested in editing an anthology.  The fact remains that what Pacione calls editing is nothing more than doing copy-and-paste, and reformatting.  He can’t even proofread properly, let alone edit anything.

Tabloid Purposes is a darker project and it is more involved with it.
The fact that none of the authors involved just want to be read.

Believe me, they won’t be read if they get their stories printed in one of Pacione’s anthologies.  He’s a one trick pony; anthologies in general are a hard sell, and his are abominable, yet he persists.

I learned of a book that will be similar to An Eye In Shadows — an expose book called AN INDUSTRY OF CRONYISM also contains two years worth of research. I am waiting to see this book hit the streets too when it is finally finished.

If it contains as many juicy fantasies and reminiscences of being locked in a gym locker as “An Eye in Shadows,” then it will sell just as few copies.

I am recently armed with who the trolls are, and why they’re doing it.
Being they’re a bunch of mid-list nobodies who don’t have a notable
title out there unless they sucked someone’s dick to get the review.

So, wait.  I’m a mid-list nobody?  Did I change professions and claw my way up the ladder while I wasn’t paying attention?  Where’s my review?

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The mystery regarding Mr. Pacione’s whereabouts the past couple of days has been partially solved, thanks to an anonymous tipster who commented on my previous entry.

Apparently, Pacione’s been picking an email fight with a guy named Jim who had the audacity to ask him a question.

Long story short, I had quite a laugh reading the whole exchange. It’s worth a read if you have a few minutes to spare. Jim is GOOD, whoever he is.

One buried gem grabbed my attention because it confirmed my suspicion that Pacione gets very few submissions to his TP anthologies.

. . . but anytime when a Tabloid Purposes guidelines are up — I always end up getting submissions not a lot of them but all of them kick some serious ass.

Considering the repeated submission calls he’s made over the past few weeks, the TP anthologies aren’t the only ones for which Pacione has trouble getting submissions.

As an aside, the list of people who consider Mr. Pacione to be a hobby grows.

Few or No Submissions

This afternoon Mr. Pacione posted on his Goth community at LJ the same submission call for a new anthology that he’s posted in various places over the past few weeks. I’ve seen it posted on DeviantArt on August 26th, as well as Goth on August 25th. I’m sure I’ve seen it elsewhere.

The fact that he made the same submission call twice in the same venue leads me to believe that he has received few, if any, submissions.

On his August 17th WordPress, Mr. Pacione states:

I noticed that a few forums are going around saying Avoid Nickolaus Pacione and Lake Fossil Press like the plague and I am offering larger payouts too as a result of it.

The submission guidelines from August 25th, August 26th, and today offer nothing but a .pdf of the finished anthology. Only in an alternate universe is that paying more than the $25 he paid two authors from TPIV.

On August 10th, in Horror_Writing on LJ, Pacione states:

I just started the first set of payments for Tabloid Purposes IV — Bryan you were first and highway_west was second — you both got paid $25 via paypal.

Yes, a .pdf is worth far more than cash. Consider the postage it costs Pacione to email the files.

Perhaps word of Pacione’s shady practices is spreading. At least he’s no longer charging “reading fees” and requesting the enclosure of additional fees with the floppy or CD-RW “in case the disk gets lost in the mail” to submit a story. No doubt it finally occurred to Pacione that if the disk gets lost in the mail, so does the enclosed money.

Issues Six and Seven

Remember this call for submissions on Goth at LJ?  Yesterday, Mr. Pacione cross-posted it on DeviantArt.  He didn’t fix any of the grammatical errors, but added this:

Some of you national writers wanting to be in issue six of the magazine — I am saving the national and international submissions for issue seven. Issue Six is the local author showcase issue. I am donating copies of this particular finished anthology to a few local schools and libraries in the area when I get done with it. Any artrists who are featured in DA would like to see their artwork showcased on the cover of this one let me know because I am waiting for the stories to get back to me before I proceed.

Presumably, a “national author” is one who doesn’t live in Chicagoland.  The implication regarding local authors, however, is that Chicagoland authors don’t have a national readership.

The other interesting thing is that Mr. Pacione is soliciting not only stories, but also cover art.  Does this mean his crayons broke?

Overall, the rest of the entry talks about a new anthology.  The added paragraph really refers to The Ethereal Gazette, but has no lead-in specifically stating so.   Is he beginning to confuse his projects with each other?