Hat tip:  Alice West

La Femme Nikita is still majorly ticked off at Lulu for killing his accounts because he violated their TOS multiple times.  His screed is here, in its full six page glory.

He spews his usual venom at, and bullshit about:  Brian Keene, Mary SanGiovanni, Kealan Burke, and Ray Garton.  For good measure, he wants Karen Koehler dead.

There’s not much point going into too much detail about his epic screed, but I will post a few quotes that tickled my funny bone, along with my usual snark about them.

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We have a double-header, folks.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Calling my house and listing my address…. off limits

You bastards might think it is a game to list my phone number and list my address. It’s not even funny the first time doing it. Stealing my photographs and watermarking them — shit isn’t even funny either.

Actually, yes it is funny. I have nothing to do with any of that, but it’s funny, regardless. Pacione forgets that he posted his own personal information online first. What happens on the internet stays on the internet.

Jerrod, you’re a fucking loser who has no life and the fact that you ripped off Tabloid Purposes with your cover scheme shows it.

Mr. Balzer’s after Nicky? Whatever Zippy the Pinhead’s smoking, I want some. It’s got to be better than Benson & Hedges.

I am going to have to get a cell phone because of this shit

He’s not going to have a cell phone because he can’t afford one. You know, this crap makes me want to go buy Balzer’s work, as well as that of J.D. Hintz.

Nicky is good for business . . . yours, not his. And, he’s good for my traffic counts.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Russo is crazy

She’s reading between the lines about wanting to sue me for libel; I didn’t even mention her by name once.

Oh, please — everyone who follows this saga already knows her last name is Russo. Pacione devoted an entire blog entry to her. It doesn’t take a trained detective to piece it together. None of us harass her. None of us care to, no matter how bat-shit insane she may be. She doesn’t come after us. She’s not even a carnival side show.

The fact that this lawsuit is already felt across the
Goth Community in Chicago, and the only people who can protect you from my fury are Koehler and Keene, and even they are fair game for me. Hell I could see you calling on them as witnesses on your case for this book
because I rip them a new one too in this.

One, there is no lawsuit, and two, the Goth community wouldn’t rally to Nicky’s aid, no matter how much he bribed them in internet dollars, or deep-dish pizza.

Sue me for what, I got no money — I am not a millionare.

Not even in pennies, could he come up with a million. If he had one nightmare for every evening of his life, it still can’t top 12,000. He’s had far more nightmares than he’s made in dollars.

You messed with an investegative journalist Russo, and yes this kind of journalism has no kind of mercy.

LOL! I’m an “investigative urinalist” . . . plumbing the depths of the u-bend for you. I could call myself a painter, but it wouldn’t make me one. Ditto for calling myself a writer.

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*edit* (now reliving college undergrad years, listening to Devo)

What a Maroon

This is rich. I’ve not once left him a comment on any of his blogs–not here at either of his WordPress accounts, not at his Blogspot, not at his LiveJournal, and not at his MySapce.

“I want to know how you can delete another user for harassment. I am being harassed by a mebmer who goes on as

He posted that to the support forum here at WordPress. The responses he got were rather apathetic. It would seem that the forum volunteers are level-headed about content issues. This one’s my personal favorite:

“This is a technical support forum. We do get into issues of content – and this type of self righteous winging is very unwelcome.”

As many people have pointed out over the years, there is no libel if it’s the truth. Kody Boye leveled the accusation on his Live Journal that he was being cyber-stalked by Mr. Pacione. I merely linked to that journal entry, which is public.

This journal merely reports the facts, links back to the source material, and tries to make sense of the phenomenon that is Pacione. I consider it a public service. If I’m unsure of something, I say as much.

There is no libel. Further, I do not consider the use of Google alerts and newsreader feeds to be stalking. My attitude runs along the lines of “If you don’t want people reading a feed from your blog, don’t publish one.” Blogspot certainly allows that feature to be disabled, yet Mr. Pacione has never disabled it.

Soliciting Bribes

I believe Mr. Pacione has outdone himself.  He’s now actively soliciting bribes.  Too bad he forgot to include his account information, so we can pay him off and make him go away.  I’m sure that account would have thousands in it by now, if only we knew how to pay him.

“If you want to stop me from writing this book I am taking bribes. They can be sent to me via paypal and it has to be a high enough bribe to do it — none of these $10 bribes either.”

Dagstine got a mention in Pacione’s Blogspot entry from this morning, but I’m not sure why.  He’s been lying low, from what I can tell.

The other news is that Pacione’s been cyber-stalking Kody Boye.  Poor kid.  I’m afraid he’ll just have to get used to it.  Pacione has a habit of hounding his escapees.

The Power of the Press

Not content with singling out Mr. Freeman, Ms. Koehler, and Ms. Hawkes for abuse, Mr. Pacione has decided to take on an entire forum community. His masterpiece 499 word paragraph can be found here.

There are a number of issues I have with Pacione’s understanding of the publishing industry and his rights as a U.S. citizen.

“Being published is a right. Not a fucking privilege, and sabotaging publications of stories is unconstitutional.”

The constitution guarantees no such right. He is not a card-carrying member of the press. It’s obvious he confuses freedom of the press with freedom of speech. They are related, but are two different things. Regardless, neither one guarantees the right to libel others.

“I will take everything to the press and you will all be done in this business. Freedom of press mother fucker, and you’re violating my right to freedom of press.”

Considering that even the Joliet Herald-News has a M-F circulation average of less than 42,000, less than one-tenth of the Chicago Tribune’s, and probably wouldn’t touch the story with a 10′ pole, Pacione would be stuck begging local weekly community newspapers to cover it. He might as well stand on a street corner with a megaphone, and speechify about his rights being violated.

“Denying a mentally ill man a chance at having a story published is discrimination.”

No, it is not. Mr. Pacione has no more right to be published than I. It’s the quality and clarity of his writing that account for his rejections, not how sound his mind is (or isn’t). Mental illness is not a free pass; it does not serve as a de facto license to be published.

“Stealing people’s anthology as a .pdf is the same as book burning in the 21st Century.”

No. Stealing is stealing. “Book burning” is what some high school students do at the end of the school year to their old notebooks. E-piracy has nothing to do with book burning.

All in a Day’s Work

Mr. Pacione really needs to take his meds. Today he called Bob Freeman a member of the KKK, but couldn’t even spell Ku properly. That just might qualify as libel.

“But I could see that you were easy a member of the Klu Klux Klan.”

Pacione, over the past few days went from attacking Mr. Freeman, to attacking Tracy Jones, both at MySpace. He further claims (brags?) on his own blog that Poppy Z. Brite has “called him out,” and moved back to attacking Mr. Freeman.

The truth is that Brite made a harmless comment on TODP about probably being able to defend herself against Pacione should he show up on her doorstep without having to pull a gun on him. To Mr. Pacione’s deranged way of thinking, that was a declaration of war.

I’m not sure Pacione himself believes that to be the case; it could just be the excuse he needed to mess with her again, as he does with just about every author who outsells him. He even messes with people who aren’t authors, if he thinks they might be writers.

Pacione’s twisted thinking and antics have been well documented over the years by a variety of people, yet he never fails to blame others for his lack of success. Could it be that his lack of writing, editing, and spelling skills have anything to do with it? Could his lack of social skills be a factor? Not in Pacione’s demented mind.

Yes, folks, the world is out to get Nickolaus Pacione, not because he’s a vindictive, lying troglodyte who lives in a basement spewing venom across the internet in the wee hours of the morning, but because it knows his mangled English won’t sell. The fact that Pacione’s work speaks for itself is lost on the man.

In a single day, he’s managed to spread his special brand of bile across MySpace, Blogspot, LiveJournal (here, and here), plus post guidelines for non-paid anthology story submissions.

There are still authors from previous anthologies or his magazine issues who have yet to receive their contributor copies because Pacione spends all his disability money on electronic equipment and complains he’s too broke to do right by those people. I, for one, hope that he receives few, if any, contributions.
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