Write vs. Right

Today brings not one, but two new entries on Mr. Pacione’s Blogspot. For the most part, he attempts to generate interest in his tell-all memoir. Ms. SanGiovanni, Ms. Peake, Mr. Lovell, and Flemco get personal mentions.

Two lines stand out in the one addressed to Mr. Lovell:

This book isn’t about people being mean and call the wahbulance.


I have a write to get my money from book sales too as the next guy, if you disagree with that idea move to North Korea where your freedom of press will be revoked

It’s rather a shame the book isn’t about whining and calling “wahmbulances.” That might be more interesting than the actual subject matter.

Mr. Pacione has a right to write. He has neither a right nor a write to gain money from sales of said writing.

Pacione relates the bit about North Korea to freedom of the press, which he constantly confuses with freedom of speech. Perhaps one day it will dawn on him that not all writers have press credentials, and not all journalists write books. We can hope.

There was one other item of interest: he is now leaning toward using Lightning Source.

I am truly thinking about putting this book out with Lightening Source directly.

It’s highly doubtful that his empty wallet could foot the bill for the block of ISBNs, printing setup costs, etc. His GothicFest booth cannot possibly cost any less this year than the $300 he paid in 2005.