Janrae alerted me to this before it showed up in my feed reader. We have another double-header today, insipired no doubt by Nicky obsessing over the comments left on The Rusty Nail.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The guy named dudelove

That guy gets it. I am smiling wide because finally someone gets it. I might not have read Richard Laymon but I read some of his contemporaries. I was tipped off he’s a huge fan of the small press so I am going to point him to a few places where he can get some of my work in the print only medium.

It’s not clear to me whether Pacione’s referring to Dudelove or Laymon when he harps about “that guy gets it.” He may mean both of them. We all know how the tiniest ounce of praise, however phony, makes Nicky feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s funny how Nicky would never question someone’s motivation for praising him, yet he imagines all kinds of conspiracy plans the second someone suggests he use a Strunk & White.

Yes folks, Dudelove is god, and Mr. Laymon is still alive and interested in Pacione’s work. I do believe that was a rather large peccary that just flew past my office window.

The fact that some think Iuniverse and lulu.com became the downfall of an author’s career. Bullshit, it is the medium to allow authors to get anthologies out there and send them to another publisher and show them what the author has out there.

Pacione really doesn’t get it. An editor will take one look at a bound copy of someone’s self-published dreck and show the person the door. Proof-copies serve an altogether different purpose; Pacione’s talking about copies that are already for sale to the general public. It screams that: a) he knows nothing about the difference between a manuscript, a proof copy, and a self-published book already for sale to the general public, and b) “no legitimate publisher would acquire this, so I had to self-publish it through a printer.” It says a few other things as well, but I’ll leave it at that.