The mystery regarding Mr. Pacione’s whereabouts the past couple of days has been partially solved, thanks to an anonymous tipster who commented on my previous entry.

Apparently, Pacione’s been picking an email fight with a guy named Jim who had the audacity to ask him a question.

Long story short, I had quite a laugh reading the whole exchange. It’s worth a read if you have a few minutes to spare. Jim is GOOD, whoever he is.

One buried gem grabbed my attention because it confirmed my suspicion that Pacione gets very few submissions to his TP anthologies.

. . . but anytime when a Tabloid Purposes guidelines are up — I always end up getting submissions not a lot of them but all of them kick some serious ass.

Considering the repeated submission calls he’s made over the past few weeks, the TP anthologies aren’t the only ones for which Pacione has trouble getting submissions.

As an aside, the list of people who consider Mr. Pacione to be a hobby grows.

21 thoughts on “PWNED

  1. Thanks for the link I’m about to go read it now, because sadly enough Nickolaus has become an internet hobby of mine much like LiveJournal and Myspace.

    BUCKET OF PISS!!!!!!

  2. I just encountered a few people who were interested in purchasing Nickolaus’ “non-fiction” book so I sent them all FREE copies thus ruining his sales. *beams brightly*

  3. I apologize to everyone at Rusty Nail and The Other Dark Place for my behavior and my writing in general. I have now learned how to properly spell and use grammer, but due to my past envolvement in attempting to write I will stop writing altogether.

    I will also come out in saying that I am in fact a homosexual and I am currently in a relationship with someone. While the relationship is long distance my lover, who I’ll only refer to as “M.P.”, and I have maintained a very healthy relationship dispite our present circumstances and the distance that keeps us apart.

    Furthermore, I have begun to take my meds again and I am glad that life is starting to make at least a little more sense to me now. I hope all of you have a great weekend and I wish you the absolute best.

    – Nickolaus

  4. I am not going to apologize for anything I said and I got nothing to apologize for. You are clearly stalking me and going around impersonating me without any end. I hope someone shoots you between the eyes with a high powered shot gun.

  5. I’m sorry guys I don’t know what got over me. I don’t mean the threats…not seriously anyway. Its just the way I vent out at situations I have no real control over.

    Velmonturna…I want to apologize to you especially for my last entry about you. My entry was my subconscious way of showing my affection for you and the influence you had on me over the years. I’m sorry that I could only find a blury picture of you, but we don’t talk as much as we used to and thus its a little more difficult to get good pictures of you. *le sigh*

    Brian Keene…you know my homoerotica feelings for you by now, so not much more needs to be said. I wish you felt the same way about me, but thats not going to happen. Your wife is a very lucky woman to have a guy like you.

    Again, I am very sorry for flying off the handle yet again, but old habbits die hard, right?

    – Nickolaus

  6. …if Granny decides she wants to drive you to the impostor NP’s residence so you can kill him.

    Chances are, you’ll probably drop dead on the sidewalk from overexertion before you can even inflict any damage on your opponent.

  7. I am giving aways copies of my non-fiction book for free to the first 30 letters I receive writing to me about requesting said book. Here is my grandma’s home address, also my address, to show I’m not kidding.

    3600 Walleye Drive
    Morris, IL 60450

    Can’t wait to read the letters and to send you signed copies of my non-fiction book for free.

    – Nickolaus

  8. I’m sure the letters will appreciate the free copies. What about the authors of those letters? Will they also get free copies?

    Mr. Pacione, you published that address of your granny’s on Authorsden several years ago. How many spies have been lurking in the bushes since that time? None.

    I can only assume that since you’re once again publishing your granny’s address here (in public), you are still soliciting requests for said book. Obviously, it’s not a bestseller.

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  10. You posted it yourself a long time ago. Here’s the proof:

    Web Archive Info

    Scroll to a little more than halfway down the page. It’s there.

    “Contact Information

    3600 Walleye Drive
    Morris IL 60450 United States
    Work phone:
    Contact Author: Nickolaus A. Pacione”

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  12. “That’s not me asshole.”

    Then exactly whose asshole is it?

    “You bastards are nothing but cockroaches and there will be a way to elimiate all of you from the web”

    The professional author strikes yet again.

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