Robbed of Book Signings

There’s a new entry on Mr. Pacione’s MySpace announcing the release of his memoir.

This project that everyone in the industry don’t want you to buy is out right now — this particular book for me.

The industry really doesn’t care whether people buy the book. It’s basically a fact that all but a few people care enough to want to read about Pacione’s high school years. The market for that sort of drivel doesn’t exist.

His usual complaint about piracy has taken a new twist:

Fact being it’s a fucking loser move on their part — cheating the writer out of the experience of signing books.

So now, it’s the experience of signing books that he’s missing, not the sales? If he’s not renting the booth at Gothicfest to sign and sell books, why is he renting it?

If he fails at Gothicfest, as surely he will, he can always set up a card table at the end of grammy’s driveway to sign and sell his books.

13 thoughts on “Robbed of Book Signings

  1. It’s like watching an extremely crazy person play house. All the characters and situations are completely fictional, yet there’s no way at all you can convince him of that. He carries on as if there is an actual riveted audience gathered around the base of his soapbox.

    No one buys the book because: A) As you said, Codger, there’s no market, B) He doesn’t have talent, so hence is incapable of creating a new market, C) his antics have all but destroyed any chance of people taking him seriously, and D) his readership is non-existent. There are probably a dozen people in Nick’s world who are actually interested in and encouraging of his work. And I would venture to guess that about half of THOSE people probably can’t afford to buy his book in the first place. Who the hell wants to read a memoir written by a nobody who spends 200 pages alternately whinining about high school and Brian Keene?

  2. Hmm…perhaps I can give him that unwanted relevancy…

    From Nick’s Myspace Entry:

    “False friends who just became friends to get information about this book are exposed as such.”

    Wow. I take it I did get a mention in the big bad memoir. I saw mention of a counter book a few weeks ago. Perhaps a counter anthology. Eh, Nick? Take my time through 2008 putting this one together. Big authors, big names. Split the proceeds twenty ways if we get it picked up. Put in a nice horrific introduction, all about you.

    Twenty fictional tales starring Nickolaus Pacione as the snot-nosed, child molesting antagonist? Nick Pacione must be the bad guy in these stories. You wouldn’t like a counter anthology from me now, would you, Nick? Of course not. Oh yeah, erotica MOST welcome.

    This could be profitable. Maybe call the counter antho… “THE EYE OF THE MONSTER” Because that is what you are, Nick. You can’t fool me. You are a monster. You use people. You’re like the boogie man in some respects.

    Yep, counter antho it is. 2008.

  3. No, you weren’t mentioned–at least not by name. Nor was The Literary Bone. It’s a 230-some page snoozer of Pacione’s, in which he alternately whines about being picked on in junior high and high school, and jealously bitches about Mr. Keene.

  4. Even if it is true about “everyone in the industry” not wanting people to buy it, couldn’t it just be because, maybe, “everyone in the industry” would prefer people spend their money on something a little more worthwhile? Like paintings done by chimpanzees smearing their own poo?

  5. This project that everyone in the industry don’t want you to buy is out right now — this particular book for me.

    Annnnd, the professional writer strikes yet again.

  6. Elephants make better artists than nicky does a writer, which is not actually saying much as there are some elephants in India that earn money for their caretakers by selling their oil paintings

  7. Why the shock Lawrence? After all, your other good friend, Mike Philbin, once posted guidelines to a Chimeraworld anthology that was to feature child molestation stories. Did you conveniently overlook that the way you overlooked Pacione’s transgressions?

    As said elsewhere, you’ve been friends with the two most contemptuous individuals in the genre. People notice and remember things like that. It doesn’t matter if you suddenly “saw the light” in regards to Pacione (which is a ridiculous and transparent claim, by the way). From where many of us sit, you’re just as bad as the two of them.

  8. I don’t know anything about that. Mike Philbin and child molestation? Nah, you’re lying. Matter of fact, I think he has kids. Provide me a real name and a real link suggesting this evidence, otherwise you are just as transparent as I am.

    As for transgressions, I didn’t overlook yours. No sir. A whole year’s worth. Scary, isn’t it? But I saw what was involved and promised to take the other contents of that folder to the grave with me, because I said to myself, these people have families to feed. Who am I to —…

    Anyway, sorry about that little rant there, but getting back to Philbin, according to the Chimeraworld guidelines Philbin states that he is seeking stories about “What if there was no God; what happens in a world without one?”

    I see nothing about child molestation.

    Those chairs where you sit are decadent; some are just as tainted and unpolished as Pacione’s and Philbin’s. I want no part of those chairs. But then we all have our dirty little secrets or plots, don’t we?

    This is my final say on the matter.

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