Monica Weathers

This is rich. Pacione ranting on about mail harrassment being a federal crime. First of all, I’m not sure I believe there is such a person as Monica Weathers. Second, the person sent him a rubber ducky with a note — a present, if you will. It’s not as if he received a dead fish. The address may not be real, either, even if the town and postmark match.

Thursday, November 01, 2007
this is bullshit — getting harassed via the mail system


Whoever this cunt from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, a bitch named Monica Weathers sending me a rubber duck with E-Pirate written across it and a note saying this: Yarrr Matey!
I be here to pirate yer anthologies!”I hope that cunt hangs in her bathroom while her life fades from her. Fuck you woman! Fuck you! My cousin is a police officer and he will lock you up — fucking bitch. You’re a fucking bitch who needs to get a fucking life. Go to hell you cunt. You realize you broke federal law by using the mail system to harass me. I think what she did was bullshit. I got the exact mailing address of the bitch too who did this and it was a wast of a $1.30 and a first class mail rate for that. What the fuck?


Posted by Nickolaus Pacione @ 1:27 PM

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11 thoughts on “Monica Weathers

  1. LOL. It wasn’t a waste of $1.30, either. I’d give up a Tim Horton’s any day to get the rise out of Pacione that the rubber ducky did.

  2. If he did have the name and mailing address of who sent him the duck, don’tcha think he’d have posted it on his blog?

    Personally, whoever sent the duck should never have to buy a drink again, given the sheer number of folks who will gladly pony up several adult beverages as a thank you for the lulz.

    Coop, you forgot something. Is this guy a putz?

  3. Maybe he’s saving the “real” address for his fake cop cousin to investigate?

    Hey, I could send something with a return address of 625 N. Michigan, Chicago, IL, 60611, and he’d probably think it was real, as long as it had a Chicago postmark.

    I wholeheartedly agree about the person who sent the rubber ducky. That person should have a free lifetime bar tab. Count me in for a night or two’s contribution to the cause.

  4. I’m not sure I believe there is such a person as Monica Weathers.

    Unless you composite the first and last names of Courtney Cox Arquette’s characters from Friends and Scream, respectively.

    And (even though he can read this) 9764 Jeopardy Lane is a much better return address to use if you’re looking for something allegedly Chicago-based….

  5. . . . except that 625 N. Michigan is an office building housing a multitude of companies on Magnificent Mile.

    Yes, I realize it’s a pop culture reference for people who don’t watch television or go to the movies. I could also pick a swanky condo building on Lake Shore Dr., for that matter. It would serve the same purpose.

  6. I wonder if Granny Shirley turned it over to the postmaster, like she claimed to have done with other allegedly harassing letters to her home, which she mentioned in that response to J.L. Benet’s cease and desist order against Nicky two years ago.

    “Someone sent this to harass our retarded grandson! Have the ATF check it, because it might be a BOMB!”

  7. I want to send him a plastic pirate action figure, but that might cost a whopping $2.60 in postage at first class rates! You know that paying for first class postage is evil, don’t you?

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