Just Ordered Mysteries

I ordered Karen Koehler’s “The Blackburn & Scarletti Mysteries,” volumes I and II, new, from Amazon about half an hour ago.  Supposedly, there was only one copy of volume II left in stock; I nabbed it.  Phew.

FWIW, even if these are atypical of Ms. Koehler’s writing, they sound appealing.  My reading taste is quite eclectic.  These just seem more “up my alley” than the Slayer series.

When these arrive, I’ll dive right into volume I.

4 thoughts on “Just Ordered Mysteries

  1. Thanks for purchasing, Rusty. I sincerely hope you enjoy the stories. But if it turns out you don’t, you can throw a rubber duck at me. 😀

  2. I think Nicky should put his rubber duck up for auction on eBay. Chances are good that he’d make more money from selling it than he does from his writing. I’d bid $3.

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