“Crazy” Michelle Russo

There appears to be some confusion among some of my readers about who Michelle Russo is.  She’s Pacione’s former roommate from the apartment in Justice who kicked him out after he stopped chipping in for rent and utilitites.  She and the other former roommate, Shawn Borri (who owns Edison Records), are part of the Chicago Goth scene that Nicky so desperately wants to join.

Unless I’m confusing her with someone else, she also goes by Christina Death 1334, and Fallen Eve 1334.  This is from her MySpace profile:

cHRISTINA dEATH 1334 of cHICAGO’s Networking
I’m an all ages promoter for dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELEKTRO/INDEADSTRIAL events in Chicago.
” I will interview till the sky goes out”
“I host events and promote afterparties in the dEATHROCK/GOTHIC/ELETRO/INDEADSTRIAL/vein genres in Chicaoland area

Be forewarned:  her profile page is a nearly unreadable mess of graphics and text that will blast a 69 Eyes song at high volume.  You might want to skip it or plug in headphones and set them on the floor before you take a look.

8 thoughts on ““Crazy” Michelle Russo

  1. Or simply just have the volume off or alternatively turn the song off.

    “She and the other former roommate, Shawn Borri (who owns Edison Records), are part of the Chicago Goth scene that Nicky so desperately wants to join.”

    That is the stupidest statement I’ve ever read on Rusty Nail. Sorry if that offends you but sometimes you gotta tell it like it is. Crazy Michelle is a laughing stock in the Chicago Goth scene, much like Nickolaus. While Nicky trolls on the interet (and *sometimes* in real life) Crazy Michelle keeps her trolling strictly to real life. Crazy Michelle is part of nothing. She is on the crusts of the Chicago Goth scene and thats at best. I’m sure if you mention the words “Crazy Michelle” around Neo, Nocturna, or Exit (Local “alternative” clubs.) you’ll get loads of stories from the locals.

  2. I’m not at all offended, Velmonturna. I was hoping you could add to the intelligence. Of course she’s on the outskirts of the Goth scene, but compared to Nicky, at least she dresses the part.

    Perhaps I didn’t realize just how much of a practical joke she is, but hey, I don’t get back to Chicago that often anymore.

    I didn’t know about the IRL trolling. That’s pretty funny. Because you refuted nothing else in my entry, I take it that I got it mostly correct.

  3. *nods* Rusty Nail is usually right on the center target thats why that part took me by surpise.

    In a nutshell, Crazy Michelle is a basically a delusional liar. She sees herself as some kind of “rock star” even though she doesn’t play any music. She goes far out of her way to try to fit every single stereotype that exists under the “goth umbrella”. She lies her way to interviews and the backstage saying she is part of such and such productions, magazine, and the list goes on. She leeches off of people, which is why she doesn’t hold on to the same friends for too long, yes even the seemingly friendless such as Nicky and Shawn (Thats the guy obessed with Edison right? I stopped keeping track.). Any friends she has had for years are ones who moved half way across the country and/or take her in small doses. When not working at her minimum wage job she stays at her apartment surrounded by “gothic teasures” while I will claim that *some* of her items are pretty rare and dare I say neat that is pretty much the extent of it, because there is no personality behind the owner and she lets her processions rule her. I almost never believe a word Nicky says because he has proven time and time again to lie and be completely delusion in his own lies, but going by mine and other’s experiences with Crazy Michelle I can say that Nicky isn’t too far off from the truth because I know Crazy Michelle’s personality and habbits and there isn’t much good to either.

  4. Vel, thanks for adding your take on Michelle. You know her, and I don’t. I sort of had an idea she and Nicky were both batshit, but I must concede that she’s even worse than I thought.

  5. When not working at her minimum wage job

    Well, it looks like Nicky was lying about something else about Michelle. I remember after he was thrown out (and he stole several items from the apartment before he left), he made some remark about Michelle “never having a job” the whole time he was living there.

    At least she was doing something, right? As opposed to Pacione, who deluded himself into thinking he has a “career”, which meant he sat in front of that computer 24/7 writing crap and fighting with people on the net.

    But that’s the same guy that honestly thinks that Michelle asking him to help pay for the rent and utilities was really “stealing money and medications” from him, ensuring he couldn’t keep printing copies of his stupid books (and wasting it on cigarettes and camera equipment).

  6. Where do I even begin on his one, haha!

    Well, let’s give it this, I had enough to drink to let her give me head in her car (I still cringe at this, and trust me, you can tell I’m not out for glory on this one). Was nice, but……………….

    She pissed in the foyer of my now ex-girlfriend’s place because she had two beers, lost the Covenant interview I did (which I got her into free of charge), tried and did turn my ex against me when I refused to date her, and then this weird world where she said she was a big time journalist who fucked Daniel Ash, had Rozz Williams’ ashes (whoever that is. Trust me, I have narry a clue, I’m a power metal fan) and pretended that her trailor (yes, trailor, straight out of a John Mellancamp video) out in Justice, a place that still has fishing worms in a vending machine, and her father was with the mob. Um, yeah, her dad is a phototech out in Justice. Poor guy, I’d have blown my load up her mom’s ass instead.

    Goddamn what a fucking pendeja descerebro y loca………. I hope she gets rickets and scoliosis.

  7. It’s a bit late,seeing as this post was first put up over a year ago but I know Michelle because we grew up in the same town(Downers Grove,IL)and went to high school together. She’s a year younger than me and I can recall that she loved hanging out with us punk rock kids back in the 80s. In hindsight,it was kind of cute. Fast forard to the early 90s: I’d run into her on and off at the punk/goth clubs here in Chicago in our mid to late 20s and,by now, she’d gone from being a Duran Duran fan to full-blown goth. I can’t speak on how “crazy” she is now as I haven’t talked to her in a few years but I know that her passion for the goth scene was/is more honest and true than some of the posers that still (probably) permeate the scene. Some may call her obsessed but,at least,she makes no bones about it. As for her bullshitting to get interviews with bands and into certain events, anyone who’s ever freelanced(as a journalist) knows that you have to be,if necessary, a bit sneaky to get the story. You learn that shit in Journalism 101. And who hasn’t ever exaggerated a story or tale to make it a bit more “dramatic” than what it really was once in a while.

    I outgrew the whole punk/metal/goth thing and haven’t been into the scene for about 10 years now(I’m much more into indie rock and drum & bass these days)and am almost 40 years old. I just don’t have the same vigor nor patience when I was under 30 going to loud ass clubs and paying shitloads of money to have a good time until 5am. However,big props to Michelle for being 38 and still sticking it out as most of us have since moved onto mundane things like marriage,kids and mortgages. She may grow out of it,eventually;get burnt out on the whole thing but,for now, she’s found something that she’s vorciferously passionate about and that’s something we all should,at least,appreciate and respect her for it.

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