All in a Day’s Work

Mr. Pacione really needs to take his meds. Today he called Bob Freeman a member of the KKK, but couldn’t even spell Ku properly. That just might qualify as libel.

“But I could see that you were easy a member of the Klu Klux Klan.”

Pacione, over the past few days went from attacking Mr. Freeman, to attacking Tracy Jones, both at MySpace. He further claims (brags?) on his own blog that Poppy Z. Brite has “called him out,” and moved back to attacking Mr. Freeman.

The truth is that Brite made a harmless comment on TODP about probably being able to defend herself against Pacione should he show up on her doorstep without having to pull a gun on him. To Mr. Pacione’s deranged way of thinking, that was a declaration of war.

I’m not sure Pacione himself believes that to be the case; it could just be the excuse he needed to mess with her again, as he does with just about every author who outsells him. He even messes with people who aren’t authors, if he thinks they might be writers.

Pacione’s twisted thinking and antics have been well documented over the years by a variety of people, yet he never fails to blame others for his lack of success. Could it be that his lack of writing, editing, and spelling skills have anything to do with it? Could his lack of social skills be a factor? Not in Pacione’s demented mind.

Yes, folks, the world is out to get Nickolaus Pacione, not because he’s a vindictive, lying troglodyte who lives in a basement spewing venom across the internet in the wee hours of the morning, but because it knows his mangled English won’t sell. The fact that Pacione’s work speaks for itself is lost on the man.

In a single day, he’s managed to spread his special brand of bile across MySpace, Blogspot, LiveJournal (here, and here), plus post guidelines for non-paid anthology story submissions.

There are still authors from previous anthologies or his magazine issues who have yet to receive their contributor copies because Pacione spends all his disability money on electronic equipment and complains he’s too broke to do right by those people. I, for one, hope that he receives few, if any, contributions.
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