Raw Nerve

I think I hit a nerve with my previous entry.  Today, Mr. Pacione felt compelled to explain his MySpace policy.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the myspace is friends only for a reason

I don’t want the fucks from the other dark place stealing my blog entries, yes this is a common practice for them too. The fact they bragged about pirating books too and that pissed me off to no end the fact they are sending prank mails too which is a crock of shit. The fact we had to change our number one more time here because of the assholes that is a crock of shit, my family don’t need that. Not now, not ever.

Sure, he had to change his number again.  If anyone is calling Granny, which I highly doubt, it’s most likely to be someone in Chicagoland, not someone from TODP.  He needs to stop and think for a moment where his enemies are located — the enemies he’s made in person over the years, not merely the people he ticks off on a daily basis over the internet.

The rubber ducky was hilarious, but it’s far from harassment.  Besides, it came from OK, not from northern IL.  Unless the rubber ducky made the phone calls, I fail to see the connection.  What this tells me is that he has no idea whatsoever who’s responsible for anything, so he accuses whatever convenient scapegoat pops into his pea-brain.  It’s a “Who do I feel like hating today?” type of mentality.

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  2. I’ll have to go have a look. He must not be paying as close attention to TODP as everyone seems to assume, or he would have known that. Of course, why would he take notice of any thread that involves Kelly Laymon, when he can concentrate on the ones that talk about him?

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