Pearls of Wisdom from Pacione

On the topic of fan-fiction:

One thing I will say in the planning process of Tabloid Purposes V — there will be a whole new load of topics I have yet to step into and the community who wrote Sliders fan fiction are the ones I am going to invite to submit original stories to this anthology. I discovered that could be an untapped source for writers.

As much as he professes to hate fan-fiction and people who write it, he gets over his qualms when he realizes he hasn’t yet exploited them. Fresh blood.

More on the topic of fresh blood:

The delivery of this story was inspired by Kevin Lucia, author of The Way Station.
The fact I get to work with Lucina on a future anthology I am putting together. This guy is very damn good at what he does and for him to get his start on an anthology that is $13 well spent, it is an honor.

Translation: a guy who writes better than I do hasn’t heard of my reputation and run for the hills, yet (*squee*). Pity the fool. Nicky’s found himself another sucker.

Regarding TPV:

Tabloid Purposes V will have its guidelines drawn out by Christmas 2007, and this will be the most epic of the guidelines yet because I need to draw out the storyline for it.

What storyline? Guidelines are guidelines. This is insane. Nicky uses no storyline for his stories, but insists on having one for his guidelines?

On the topic of his old old room mates:

The other room mate and I didn’t deserve the verbal abuse that she did — she was mentally abusive on me. The fact she dangled the threat of having me committed over my head on a regular basis, where I really think she’s the one that needs to be committed. The fact I made the remark saying, “She could be replaced.” Meaning, I was borderline kicking her out and interviewing another room mate to fill her leash slot.

Yes, folks, the lease was in his name, he was ready to kick out Crazy Michelle, and interview new room mates. Lewis Carroll couldn’t have made up anything this fantasy-filled.

The source for this intelligence wishes to remain anonymous. I have, however, verified with a secondary, unimpeachable source, that the above quotations are indeed from Mr. Pacione.

7 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom from Pacione

  1. I remember that, Ben. Pacione flip-flops faster than John Kerry, and spins faster than a gyroscope (but with all the wobbliness of a dreidel).

  2. Uh-oh. I kinda of fear what the “storyline” for his guidelines means. It seems very likely will look like one of those old guideline sets for writing a Harlequin romance, where they gave specific details on which page the hero and heroine must have their first kiss and whether or not the hero’s chest should be described as “broad” or “brawny”. They read like fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs. My guess is that Pacione’s going to come up with a rough storyline, ship it out, and essentially allow his contributors to insert their own character names.

  3. Fool . . . no, not really. That line was stolen from Mr. T’s A-Team character.

    Welcome, Mr. Lucia. I trust you will find this site informative. Most of my readers, myself included, have had run-ins with Mr. Pacione over the past five years or so. You know — death threats, etc., for suggesting he check his spelling and grammar. Some of my readers know him in real life.

    In case you are unaware of his reputation, here’s a hilarious place to begin:


    You can’t believe everything you read, but the gist of it’s true.

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