Pacione posted his trade paperback cover for TPIV on deviantArt earlier this evening. Same crappy, muddy, misty, blurry cover as the original, but with commentary:

. . . the shirt I was wearing in the editor picture was provided by Invisible Records the band shirt, Damage Manual featuring Martin Atkins of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails.

Really — does anyone care, since the author picture is way too dark, and the shirt can’t be read, anyway? Good lord, why even bother posting author comments about a book cover if they talk about his clothing?

5 thoughts on “DevArt

  1. And he’s wearing NIN. One of my favorite bands. He has no buisness wearing that. It would lookespecially captivating if he was wearing white reeboks with it, while his legs were spread and his fists were clenched.

  2. SirOtter refers to that pose as his “Puffer Fish” pose. His other famous pose makes him look like he’s taking a crap. I call it “The Squat,” which sounds rather like a strange ’60s dance.

  3. I guess “All Rights Reserved” don’t mean jack shit to you. Figures as much coming from a piece of white trash. I wasn’t wearing white reeboks in that photo Enck. Take your head out of your ass Enck because I think you should be doing more pictures wearing a Poison shirt.
         What right do you fucks have in stealing my blog entries? I don’t have a creative commons on the damn thing.

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