Video Follow-up

Pacione cross-posted his video on his Goth community at LJ, with different text.

I didn’t say I was a film maker this was my first attempt at doing home movies and all that good stuff.

And, it took him a month just to figure out how to transfer the clip off his camera onto his computer.

I was rushed in doing it because I didn’t have the speakers but I will have those inside od the month.

I fail to understand how not having speakers causes a four week delay in posting a video.  What that sentence does tell me, however, is that yet another writer will continue to go unpaid while he spends the money on himself.

. . . but one rule is this, no swiping of video but if you want to link the video from your own journal use the original post url where it comes from.

Good.  That’s precisely what I did in my previous entry, as well as this one.  It thrills me to no end to know that I have Mr. Pacione’s permission.  He’ll have a hard time trying to justify bitching at me for following his instructions.

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