Two New Anthologies

Yesterday, Mr. Pacione dropped some news about his upcoming projects on someone’s DeviantArt.

I got about 200 pages on the one anthology and this is going to be the one that will be given out to promoters at events or raffled off. The one going to the schools will be worked on right after that — then I will figure out the order of how I want the stories in that one.

I see — more giveaways.  His authors are never going to get paid.  He’s been talking up that school giveaway anthology for months, but here it sounds like he hasn’t done anything with it to date.  Which one of these projects is on “high-tay-us?”

I wonder where he got the idea for holding a raffle to win one of his books.  Who would buy raffle tickets to win his piss-poor prose?  Generally speaking, raffles are held as fund raisers.  Who would be the beneficiary of such funds?  Would he keep them himself and not report it to the government as income?

19 thoughts on “Two New Anthologies

  1. Listen up — I will spell it out for you. None of these projects are on hitatus. The other one came at a whim sort of thing and the other one will be put together the moment this one gets done. Kindly shut up. I am in the process of getting the one finished and quitely publishing it while the other one will be worked on. You need to be dragged out intot the street and shot. I guess the reason you’re stalking me is because your own life sucks ass.

  2. Hon, it’s HIATUS — Hi-A-tus. “My brain is on hi-A-tus.”

    *In Churchlady’s voice*: “Can you say ‘hiatus’. Can you say ‘Google’. I knew you could!”

  3. You need to be dragged out intot the street and shot.

    For pointing out the inconsistencies in Pacione’s mad ramblings, the High Court of Pacione sentences me to death. Oh, no! He’s killed me in the sense that I was and am.

  4. You need to be dragged out intot the street and shot.

    Okay, now he’s quoting old Garfield animated specials from the late ’80s. And he expects to be taken completely serious?

  5. See, see! He -does- think it’s hi-TAY-us!

    In a small, pathetic way, I feel vindicated. This may signal my undefeated retirement from the Internet. 🙂

  6. Can I be MacDuff? I am (mostly) Scottish. I’d go for the title role, but I have this aversion to decapitation. On the other hand, I do a great ‘tale told by an idiot’ soliloquy.

  7. Hey, one penny is more than what most of your contributors can expect to see within the next couple of years. At some point, Nick, you’re going to find yourself under investigation for fraud. I don’t expect much will come of it, because you’re the only buying the shit. But it will happen. Too much proof of you spending money on other ventures while your unpaid contributers list grows and grows. Too many voices willing to speak against you. For a person so in love with the genre and the craft, you disgrace it every chance you get.

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