Revisionist History

What’s up with spreading false rumors?  Doesn’t anyone bother to do his or her homework before sitting down in front of a keyboard?

She’s a very bitter soul who seems to think there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia — at least that’s the impression I got from her live journal before it got wiped and replaced.  I could be overgeneralizing her position on the matter, and if I’m wrong I apologize.

However, she did threaten to write a slash fanfic involving Twerpy’s son,and she ended up catching all kinds of hell for it.  She seemed to react bitterly to it, and that’s when her “cussedness” LJ went poof.

Mr. Brendan has his facts more mixed up than a smoothie.  Hopefully, he’s just repeating what he heard from someone with an axe to grind.  I’d classify this under revisionist history, because it never happened.

Velmonturna, a Goth from Chicagoland, threatened to write that piece of slash, but never did.  Velmonturna has twice admitted as much, in public.  The piece was never written by him, nor anyone else.  Anyone who continues to spread this false rumor half a year (or more) later is willfully twisting the truth.

10 thoughts on “Revisionist History

  1. My Livejournal was not wiped. It is still there. I have never supported pedophilia. I have a degree in Anthropology and I write about primitive cultures with a different set of ethics from ours because primitive cultures DO have a different set of ethics.

    I have no idea where he got all this, but it is entirely wrong.

    The only times I have had to deal with LJ Abuse was over statements I made about Pacione on my LJ.

  2. Christ, if he’s going to air some dirty laundry, he should at least do it right. I can corroborate Velmonturna’s admission because I was the person he spoke to when he was initially planning it.

    Janrae had nothing to do with it. The fictions, slash, and otherwise were all Velmonturna, Sanophale and myself.


  3. I remember the entire incident, Chaos_Wraith. Thanks for adding your firsthand knowledge in your comment.

    It’s one thing when someone tries to piece together history from various clues and offers a theory. Sometimes I have to do this myself regarding Pacione incidents that occurred prior to 2004. Search engine caches and the Waybackmachine are valuable tools. If I get it wrong, folks who know better or who have something to add are welcome to do so.

    What happened this afternoon was another matter; incorrect facts were presented as truth. It was malicious at worst; at best it was irresponsible.

  4. The truth was I *did* in fact over generalize, and for that I apologize. What I said was not accurate and out of line.

    I did incorrectly associate Janrae as the instigator the slachfic threat that popped up. But I recall for a while that the cussedness LJ did go away or was otherwise inaccessible. Thus I did not think I had the opportunity to “check up on the facts.”

    But everyone should read the whole thread. I was corrected on that, and while I still disagree with Janrae on her views concerning age of consent that’s a different matter entirely.

  5. “But what pisses me off is that Rusty translates “seems to think there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia” to being an advocate for the same. Which makes my inaccuracy all the worse.”

    Your fact-checking is again faulty. I have never approved of, nor advocated pedophilia. I’m not Pacione-on-the-Thames.

  6. Rusty, that is NOT what Mike said. Things are being taken out of context. He didn’t say anything about you approving of or advocating pedophilia, he was referring to Janrae. He apologised to her and admitted his wrongdoing. Since it is something that is between him and her, I don’t see why you would want to stir the pot.

    C’mon, play fair.

  7. And I never said you did. And if you’re going to try take what I say in proper context, you might want to post the whole entry. Or, if you’re going to twist my words around to fuel a pissing match, you might want to edit it more carefully, as you quote me (properly) saying, “Which makes my inaccuracy all the worse.”

    That’s sloppy at best, maliciously provoking a fight at worst. Please contact me in the future before you quote me on anything. Thank you.

  8. I didn’t attribute that quote in my above comment to anyone in particular, as it came across the wire among a shit storm of other things related to Janrae and this blog.

    Mike, I didn’t mean to imply you said it, and I wasn’t getting up in arms about it. It’s not worth any of our effort to do so. I’ve heard of you, but don’t know you, and have no issue with you personally.

    Someone wrote the above quote. That fact remains. The fact that it mentions this blog is indisputable. If anyone believes that someone is trying to provoke a fight, I suggest they look elsewhere for the source.

    The focus of this blog remains Pacione.

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