New Contest

Thanks to Horrorgal, I came across a posting at the forum.  Mr. Pacione announced a new contest with the title “New contest — the one that Leider doesn’t want you to take part in….”  There have been a few views of the topic, but no replies.

Pacione hasn’t mentioned Tim Leider in quite some time.  It’s almost as if he has a little black book that he flips through, and chooses a name at random.  If memory serves me correctly, a long time ago, Mr. Leider rejected a story that Pacione submitted.  Rejection happens.  That should have been the end of it.  Any normal person would have taken it in stride, but, as we all know, Pacione is not normal.

As Horrorgal says,

I wonder what has Tim done to Nicky lately. Maybe nothing. We all know Nicky likes to create drama when he feels that he is being ignored.

Well said, Jenny.

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