Stocking Them Up or Sticking Them Up?

It seems that Mr. Pacione is finally able to send out one more long-owed contributor copy of TPIV.

Yes I will be doing one of those read posters for a couple libraries in the area here — one of them is going to do it the moment I get the more copies of Tabloid Purposes IV. I ordered up a few but one will be sent to a contributor tomorrow afternoon.

Yes, folks — one copy! I think he should get all his contributor copies out before stockpiling a stash for himself.

I am going to be stocking them up the moment I get this debit card fixed up. The whole thing that those bastards who repeatedly prank called my house really fucked things up in the sense with the bank now with the address needs to be changed over from the old apartment address and now the phone number is fouled up.

I’ve got news for Mr. Pacione. Regardless of whether the prank calls occurred, notifying his bank of a change of address and phone number is his responsibility.

4 thoughts on “Stocking Them Up or Sticking Them Up?

  1. I can imagine it. I just can’t explain it rationally. It can only be understood by Nicky’s fellow beings from the Illogical Zone.

  2. Didn’t he move back in with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Albert a good six or more months ago? These “prank” calls allegedly happened on Halloween. It can’t be the timing that distracted him from contacting his bank after the move.

  3. He’s Halloweenied out.

    Broke is his weenie
    Cause he’s such a meanie.
    It’s always Excuses
    cause his bolts has got looses
    He’s now got so bad
    I ought to be glad
    He can’t tell meeses from mooses.

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