Another Stab in the Dark

I saw this right before I left the office, but wasn’t about to miss my train at that time of night on a Friday to respond. It could wait until I got home.

Are nothing in real life so they have to prove they are big shit by going around harassing someone online. The Rusty Nail aka Jane with the help of Jess Patrick.

So, wait. Now I’m supposed to be Jesse’s girl? Wasn’t that a Rick Springfield song? Last week (or was it earlier this week?), I was supposed to be a lesbian with a gay boyfriend. Boy’s confused.

A few months ago, he thought I was Peter Barnes. At one point, he thought I was Shadowtron. If he accuses me of being Dagstine, I’ll really be insulted.

You didn’t write the story, didnt’ take the photo, or do the video . . .

Thank god for small miracles!

Yet, I have every right to link to them, and to excerpt from them under the Fair Use provision of U.S. copyright law. I also have every right to parody Pacione’s god-awful stories.

That’s right you’re a faceless coward who hides behind a copyrighted character just to make your points known . . .

What’s this about a copyrighted character? He lost me with that remark.

. . . why the fuck do you read my blog then?

For the same reason others do — brain teasers amuse me.

4 thoughts on “Another Stab in the Dark

  1. Is this going to be like one of those thrillers when it turns out the main character had a split personality and was harassing himself all this time?

    Because that would be mean you are Nicky’s alter, with better grammar, better family life, and a guilty conscience about all the bad writing you finished.

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