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Mr. Pacione posted that silly picture of some of his books at his Goth community, with far more commentary that he had at DA.  He even tells us that his giveaway anthology is available at CafePress.  His “giveaway” lists a cover price of $16.96.

I also got some video up too which is my book shipment. I am using the version of the video. I managed to get my DA updated and my main website, the reading room area will see the updates. I am eventually going video with my main website too, trying to make this thing a little more interactive.

God spare us!

I started to realize how much fun doing a vlog can be. The camera I was using for the recent ones, was also the one I used for the stills. I want to see how handy some of you could be with a video camera.

Video’s his new obsession.  Is he really asking whether others can actually hold a camera steady and get something in focus?

The giveaway anthology is finished (well the version is ready. I am waiting on the introduction and artwork for the version . . . I use a .pdf merger to make the thing appear professional as hell.

Gee.  I thought making it look professional entailed using spell check, reasonably good grammar, and proofreading, if not actual editing.

5 thoughts on “Giveaway Anthology

  1. That video is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. First of all, he opens the box and packaging with the ease and elan of a sloth on Oxycodone.

    Next, when he’s finally laboriously extracted the book from its wrapping, YOU CAN’T SEE IT BECAUSE IT’S TOO DARK! The zoom-in, with the “camera on” light reflecting in the book cover, is priceless.

    I seriously think that Koko the gorilla could give Mr. Pacione a run for his money as an author and publisher. She could certainly have gotten that box open more quickly!

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