Not Again

Ms. Koehler is back in Mr. Pacione’s crosshairs. He can’t tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Can we trust him to tell the difference between real life and his invisible pink bunny friends? Obviously not.

The bitch been adding my real life friends and tryin to chase me around from forum to forum.

Has Mr. Pacione ever met any of his “real life friends” face to face?

What if someone was to create a site about her like that β€” yeah I know what I am thinking, it is time to have Encyclopedia Dramatica rip on her for a little while too.

I would hope Pacione knows what he’s thinking, because nobody else can fathom it.

She went out and called me a snail oil salesman . . .

False. Ms. Koehler wouldn’t have butchered the expression in that manner, if, in fact, it had been directed at anyone in particular. However, I do recall Pacione butchering it in just that way when referring to her. He’s been making heavy use of malapropisms lately. I predict this one will go down in history along with descent (for decent).

47 thoughts on “Not Again

  1. I suggest you cease from stalking the Goth community. What do you have to gain by it? Really, they’ve done nothing to you and anything I post on there is off limits. No fly zone. I guess you were the fucking bitch who went around stealing my work on Xanga under the persona WiddleBabyNicky.

  2. I am goth, me. I am a midwest goth and have been for decades.

    Myself, the people I hang out with in the places that we meet love Karen Koehler. My best friend loves to dress like Alek every chance he gets. If she were to ever come out with us she’d be worshiped and wouldn’t pay for one single drink.

    I never even heard of this wannabe goth metal ass Nicky until recently and I now see why. Well I sort of saw him as the mod on goth at lj if you call what he does being a mod. I call it being a bitch. I thought it was a chick for the past few years shows how important he is.

    goth on livejournal has sucked balls since that retard took over. Seriously it’s just a place for Topi to suck his balls and post his bullshit POLITICS DON’T BELONG ON THERE DOUCHEBAG.


  3. You guess, Nicky. That’s all you can do; you haven’t a clue.

    My take on Goth is that Nicky’s been running it like his own fiefdom lately to promote himself. Why else would there be so many of his crappy photos and videos posted there, along with news about his latest project?

    If he wants to do that, he really should just start a new fan-boy community devoted to himself.

  4. darkerthanu, who the fuck are you on livejournal so I can put the banhammer on your ass. Bastard — I guess I should have guessed you’re a cocksuck from the beginning. My observations that you were one of those cocksucks who were part of that mass exodus. IF you don’t like the community then fucking leave and start your own.

  5. Wah wah wah! Hey Nicky, why don’t you answer Norwood’s question? Sounds like you ripped a few people off by not paying them, but when is that news?

  6. You took a goth community and turned it into your own playground YOU DON’T HAVE ANY FANS.

    You’re such a sad joke your meglomania won’t let you see how horrible your writing is and how much people laugh at you.

    You won’t be banning be bitch I am sticking around for those member-only posts so I can pass the information on to places like expose the tard and rusty nail.

    Ban me? I won’t be banned by a short fat little bitch that thinks The Blair Witch Project was real.

    And Karen is beloved in the community. Going after her only makes us ignore you more and think less of you. So keep doing that maybe they’ll take your face off the dartboard at our local club.

  7. One of your — Dude, start making sense. And in answer to your question, no, I don’t. It just amazes me that someone who goes flying off the handle at even the slightest criticism of your work hasn’t keeled over from a heart attack. That much anger’s not healthy.

    But then again, I guess you’re pathologically incapable of being civil or responsive so I’m not surprised at what you said.

    Maybe I should take a trip to Chicago, send you an email when I get there so you can attempt to give me that “punch between the eyes” like you promised. Find a nice gym with a boxing ring, get some gloves and just have it out. No bets, no stakes… just givin’ you what you want. How does that strike ya?

    Face facts, Nicky-boy. The crap that you’ve been pulling is catching up to you.

  8. I have felt outraged that he went after Karen this way. Karen is a fine writer. I’m a big fan of her mysteries.

    If there has been a mass exodus, then Nicky is clearly driving people away with his shitty attitude.

    The only thing that Peaches achieves with these delusional vendettas is to make himself look crappy.

  9. Hey this is addressing the faggot Darkerthanthou — do you have pictures of the dartboard with my picture on it? I guess I have a new picture for you asses to put up on the dartboard. A nice little video flipping you off too. Living around in Koehler’s fantasy world than walking around a darkness that is my reality. Reality will always kill fantasy.

  10. Fantasy will always transcend reality.

    You are in denial of my reality. I am more real than you are.

    I have decided that you are a figment of my imagination and that you don’t exist, Nickey.

  11. You know, Nick, if you hadn’t ripped off so many authors in the past, you might actually have a fan base, albeit minuscule. They turn against you when you refuse to pay them, posting that you have to buy Christmas presents for your family rather than honor your obligation to them.

    Although I had known of Ms. Koehler for several years, until a few weeks ago, I had never read anything written by her, other than her blog, or comments left here. I’ve never met her, but would be happy to do so if circumstances allowed.

    I’m very much enjoying the Blackburn & Scarletti Mysteries. Why? Because Koehler gives her characters personality, and lots of it; I can cheer them on one minute, and get frustrated with them the next. Her characters are realistic. Her plots are solid, and move along at a nice pace. Her occasionally snarky dialog makes me laugh.

    Rather than wasting so much energy tearing down your perceived enemies, who by far outsell you, Nicky, you’d be better off learning from their writing, and trying to improve your own.

    Forget who the author is. Read the story, and make a list of what you like and do not like about it. No author is so good that nothing could be improved. On one hand, it’s easy for me to be an “armchair author,” but on the other, I can’t think of a single author with whom I’ve had any dialog who wouldn’t admit that he or she could go back and find things that could be improved.

    Fortunately, the authors you target have more balls than you will ever possess.

  12. “The Elements of Style”
    “The Elements of Style”
    “The Elements of Style”
    “The Elements of Style”
    “The Elements of Style”

    That, and develop a plot, characters, dialog, and some atmosphere that doesn’t rely on horrific unspeakable unknowns in a fog on a sandy hot tundra, Mr. Pacione. I know that I’m asking the impossible.

  13. Start with the basics, Rusty. Twerpy needs to learn basic English skills like spelling and grammar. This so-called Lovecraft style he so-called writes in is out dated, but without the basic he ain’t crap.

  14. What do you want a picture of your pic on the dartboard, or a pic of the owner of the bar getting ready to throw a dart at it because I have both. I’ll trade you for a picture of your prom. Nevermind your autobiography (the pdf that is 1,311 yes a lot of us on lj’s goth board read it for free) says you weren’t the prom king I’m sure you never got a date.

    You ain’t going to ban be you little sawed off bitch. The “darkness that is your reality” is a grown man almost 40 living in his grandparent’s basement who can’t sell enough books to buy a fucking video camera with sound.

  15. “darkerthanu, who the fuck are you on livejournal so I can put the banhammer on your ass. Bastard β€” I guess I should have guessed you’re a cocksuck from the beginning.”

    Daddy, isn’t it the constitutional right of every person to participate in the goth community on livejournal?

    Or does that just apply to being published?

  16. Thanks to darkerthanu, Rusty and Janrae for their incredibly kind words. It’s uplifting to hear, particularly during a pretty crappy week. I’m just glad the work is bringing others enjoyment—and yes, I’ll be first in line to admit there are rough patches in my work, particularly at the start of a series. Embarrassingly so. But thank god I’m like the hundreds of really talented authors I hang out with and I actually attempt to improve with each book, unlike snail oil boy. *rolls eyes*

  17. I have written a lot of blog posts over the years about the authorial blindspot. We all have it to greater or lesser degree. It is why I spend so much time grumping at Steven “Tell me what’s wrong, not what’s right.” My ego however, loves to hear what’s right. it’s just that doesn’t help me fix the flaws I know must be there.

  18. Strunk and White
    The Elements of Style
    Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary
    Editors & Preditors
    Snake Oil Salesman

    Just want to see if his head will spin around and if he’ll puke up pea soup.

  19. OOOh, I want to see that.

    Strunk and White
    The Elements of Style
    Webster’s New World College Dictionary
    Editors and Preditors
    Eats shoots and leaves
    the Transitive Vampire

  20. “Snake Oil Salesman”.

    I was wondering if that’s what was meant by “Snail Oil Salesman”.

    Wow. This board continues to amaze me.

  21. When is Karen ever OUT of the crosshairs? And I think his scope is fitted with a green-eyed lens. If that makes sense. Too early. Not enough coffee yet. But Karen, chin up, hon. Don’t let him get to you.

    As for the snails, yes, I still wonder. I’m more curious how to get the oil from them. Olive press, I’m thinking. Gotta be. Somebody call Mike Rowe. I bet that there is one dirty job.

  22. Oh no worries. What’s bemusing is the idea that he’s somehow suffered so much in 31 years, enough to write about it, but his writing is empty and rings hollow. Just words without meaning. He’s suffered nothing, despite what he would have others believe. How can you possibly suffer, when you don’t care about anyone but yourself? To love yourself and exclude everyone else? To quote Nickleback, Nick is just a child with a temper. He needs to have grandma take him over her knees and paddle him—not that that would necessarily produce anything positive in him.

  23. If you want to burn them, be my guest. I don’t care if you tear the pages out and dance naked through them. Just don’t post the video as I don’t have the stomach for that.

  24. Nicky came back!

    Apparently the defensive chanting was not loud enough.

    Nicky, you have to buy Karen’s books before you can burn them. If you want to have a serious bonfire with them, you will have to buy at least 100 copies of each one.

    Where are you going to get the funds?

    And you do realize that a book burning requires providing Karen with really nice royalties and maybe even another print run.

  25. For the record, I’ve been banned from the Goth community ever since Nicky came back to LiveJournal. I’ve never been banned from anyone’s blog or community before! What’ll I do?!

    Also, in one of Nicky’s newest self-promoting posts, he mentioned a member of the Goth community who used to live about 50 miles north of where I do, and he was murdered towards the end of 2004. Nicky’s so dumb, he said it was “two years” since the guy was killed. More like three, Nicky, so learn how to count.

    You’ll notice that after talking about Chad’s murder, Nicky managed to work in a reference to one of his latest projects that no one will read, or even care about. He’ll take any opportunity to talk about himself, won’t he? I’m just surprised he didn’t leave a comment on Chad’s last post that didn’t turn into a plug for his latest book.

    I wonder how big of a tantrum Nicky threw at Gothicfest after finding out his grandfather suffered a stroke. It probably wasn’t out of concern over the health of one of the two people he’s leeching off of, but more like “Dammit, now they want me to come home! Why did he have a stroke this weekend?! Waaahhh!!”

  26. The funniest thing is that he hasn’t banned me. He’ll go searching through the 1000+ member roster banning anyone he suspects of being me, to no avail. I predict another wave of exodus, once he does that. He’s got no clue who I am. He can’t even find an email address at which he can send me a PayPal invoice.

  27. As my grandmother used to say, “Shit or get off the pot already.” Nick, if you’re going to obliterate us with the mighty power of the darker than dark Italian non-erotic Blair Witch pork Wicca, fucking get on with it already.

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