Give It Back

Another damn impersonator popped up . . .

In his dreams, another impersonator arose. He didn’t link to it, so I doubt it exists.

If you’re trying to get a rise out of me — I am doing all I can to keep a cool head about it. But sometimes seeing the impersonator . . .

Who would that be?

The internet is full of thieves . . .

Perhaps, but I have paid to read words written by Frank, Orr, Koehler, Freeman, Hawkes, and Knight. And, I’ve enjoyed them. I won’t bother to name the myriad other authors I’ve read since I was in diapers.

They do everything in their power to get people believing all the lies. A crock of bullshit when someone goes using a way back machine to find all the old files . . . is useful, but the person who is posting Nicky’s old stuff doesn’t need to use it.

. . . but I had assholes like that fuck on The Rusty Nail who hides behind a fake name and using “journalism” to document my downfall. I am using a video camera to document theirs. Stealing from me is your downfall pal.

“Journalism” isn’t my gig. “Urinalism” is. That aside, if Mr. Pacione can actually point to anything in particular that doesn’t fall under Fair Use provisions, I’d be pleased to give it back.

9 thoughts on “Give It Back

  1. Details, details. I could dance naked around a pine tree playing a flute under a full moon, and the way Pacione would film it, nobody would be able to see a damn thing, anyway.

  2. That was the best video yet. LOL!! From the brain-dead smirk, to his pudgy sausage fingers…comedy classic. Seriously, his fingers are so fat I couldn’t tell which one he was waving at the camera.

  3. People like Encyclopedia Dramatica will end up doing time for what they’re doing because it is harassment.

    But somehow, it should be perfectly acceptable for Nicky to do the same thing, and his attacks on people are more damaging than a site like ED more or less telling the truth about him.

  4. I’m curious to know how a website can “do time.” Will Pacione get the server locked up in a federal penitentiary with his buddies who killed the taxi driver?

  5. It’s funny as hell watching him argue with himself. I wonder whether his head is spinning clockwise or counter-clockwise.

    Sadly, I predict it won’t last very long. Nicky managed to get TabloidPurposes4 and TabloidPurposesIV shut down. The folks at MySpace are far likelier to listen when he complains than the folks at WordPress or Blogspot. Even the Xanga police got wise to him after a while.

    Pacione doesn’t seem to realize that shutting down these accounts won’t make the voices in his head go away.

  6. He wouldn’t have that problem if he didn’t Google himself so often.

    At least he didn’t try to tell me that I got my horror education from a cockload of homos.

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