According to the Google page Pacione has for his Ethereal Gazette, he claims he’ll pay $10 for nonfiction and “up to $25” for fiction, but if the author is overseas, or refuses to set up a PayPal account, payment will be in the form of an Acrobat file.

“PDF copies of the magazine are provided by donations via Paypal, since this is a one person show I wish I could pay more for stories but that is the best I can do guys plus oppertunities for book signings in the Chicago area if you live in Illinois.”

This makes no sense whatsoever. People are expected to donate to his PayPal account in order to receive a .pdf document? How are people who have no PayPal account supposed to pay into his account to get paid with an electronic file? I understand that earth logic doesn’t apply to Pacione, but I don’t understand where this special brand of logic would apply.

On the upside, Pacione’s no longer charging “reading fees.” If we were to assume he paid $25 for an 8000 word fiction piece, the payout is 0.3125 cents per word. For a 2000 word piece, it would pay 1.25 cents per word. Those are his maximum and minimum cited lengths.

“Fiction will be looking at $15 but authors who were in Tabloid Purposes get an additional amount of cash pending how much I have after conventions and everything. You must have a paypal account to get paid. International authors will get a .pdf copy of the magazine. The authors will get paid $15 for their short story (this is effective after October 2007.) There are no reading fees, and authors will retain the rights to the story after publication since this is published with”

Elsewhere on the page, $25 was mentioned, so this is contradictory. It also assumes that he’s going to make a profit at Gothicfest.

If his booth in 2005 cost him $300, I can’t see him profiting enough from sales to cover the rental. Assume for a moment that his mark-up is $2 a book over Lulu’s cost to print it, and the booth costs the same $300. He’d have to sell 151 copies of his books or magazines to net $2.

He can’t afford to pay Lulu upfront the money for those quantities
necessary to profit, even if people were to show up in droves to buy them.

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