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Pacione has another video blog up on MySpace tv.  He also left another long-winded entry on Goth at LJ.

(Yeah the anthology got an ISBN finally — just got done redesigning the copyright page on the thing, so I will be loading up on the ISBN versions and start bugging the shit out of the brick and mortar book stores in the area.

Driving bookstore owners and managers up a wall is always a good way to get your books carried.

I am looking to do Screamfest next year, just working on the details of getting a table hell even Flashback in Chicago sounds tempting right now. I just need to find out how much is it for a table for the event and how many books I will need to load up on.

How much money is he looking to lose?  Not one of these events has been profitable for Mr. Pacione.

I had to turn down the event that is going on at the Abby the weekend after Christmas, but I will be looking around to do a couple book signings in the area . . .

He makes it sound as if the event organizers were begging him to attend.  More likely is that he can’t afford to attend.

Maybe I might be able to do plan a few signings in Tampa, Florida, next year. Would give me an excuse to go visit my family down there.

Here’s a suggestion:  set up a card table at the end of granny’s driveway.  It’s cheaper, and I don’t think his step-father wants him around.

If you guys want information about starting your own Goth or horror mag, I can give you a few tips how to get it started.

Did Pacione suddenly become successful when I wasn’t paying attention? He’s the last person I’d ask for advice.

7 thoughts on “Book Signings

  1. I don’t even think Nicky’s grandparents want him around, and he isn’t taking the hint to pack up and go.

    But…that can be quite difficult when nobody else wants him around.

    I’m sure that Nicky has a lengthy period in his life where he’s forced to go from one homeless shelter to another after wearing out his welcome.

  2. The keyword is almost. He’s already been homeless at least once. Remember when he complained about having to sleep under a bridge with some other bum?

  3. This is just beyond the pale. I think that Nick might have a place to stay if he can get down to Georgia.

    2007-12-14 02:40 am UTC (link)
    You, my fellow community member, are unnecessarily hot.

    Edited at 2007-12-14 02:41 am UTC”

    According to her profile, she’s a 26 year old bi pagan female from Georgia and is currently partnered to a guy. I don’t mean to be unnecessarily cruel, but she has some pictures on her LJ and…well….let’s just say that she could probably tuck him under her arm and carry him around.

  4. To quote my almost-certain-to-be-deleted comment:

    About as good as expected. Assuming the expectations came on the day one received news of having to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of one’s life. And undergo daily spongebaths from a scrofulous fishwife. And piss into a bag.

  5. I just read the girl’s profile, and she has Poppy Z. Brite listed as an interest.

    We all know that Nicky’s not going to like that.

    Does someone want to anonymously gift this girl with a few Brian Keene novels in hopes that she likes his writing enough to add him to her list of interests?

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