Pacione Emails Ben a Challenge

Pacione must have been going back through his little black book.  He hasn’t harassed Ben in some time.

Nicky’s demands of Rockcandy are simple:

  • show your face
  • get your head out of your ass
  • fight me, so I can break your arms

This is a blast from the past.  Pacione challenges Ben to a fight in which only Ben would give up anything if he lost.  If Pacione loses, he gives up nothing.  It’s a classic Pacione technique.

You want to go in a fight you got yourself a fist fight — I win you close your blog and remove every referrence you have about me and delete the stolen book from your hard drive.

First, the fight will never occur.  Pacione is, after all, a man-child who ran away giggling when he met Peter Barnes.  Second, Pacione can never prove that Ben, nor anyone else, actually has a purloined .pdf of one of his books.  He can only suspect, and make baseless accusations.

Imagine for a moment the fight were to take place, and Pacione were to lose.  A fait accompli, I know, but bear with me.  I think Pacione’s punishment should be to stop writing, and confine himself to doing video blogs.  Those, at least, are hilarious.

6 thoughts on “Pacione Emails Ben a Challenge

  1. I wonder if that’s the finger he hurt that inspired his story “Digital Bleeding.” Didn’t he say that he sliced off a fingertip in some sort of accident with a meat grinder, or whatever it was?

  2. If he had actually sliced off the entire tip the nail would be missing. Sovay is missing part of the tip of one finger, but not the entire tip so she still has a fingernail.

    One of my uncles got the first two sections of all the fingers on his hand cut off in an accident at a printers where he worked. He was fixing the machine when some idiot turned it back on.

    So that would not account for the stubbiness of his fingers. He’s just got Dwarf finger syndrome.

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