Bully Pulpit

Mr. Pacione is again using his status at LJ’s Goth community to ram his dung down the collective throat of the community.

The magazine is available for purchase and for those of you who like your horror how your like your heavy metal — HARDCORE. My story in this one is an exclusive, Damnation Observes.

If it reads like his other stories, the editor should re-examine his or her raison d’etre for the publication.

If you have a hard time working with trying to buy a copy from lulu.com go ahead and send your payment of the magazine directly to the editor & publisher of the magazine. $13.49, it’s priced to move.

Translation: it isn’t selling.

. . . that is the perfect compliment to a Tabloid Purposes anthology because there is another author from my series in there . . .

Promotional plugs are alright from time to time, but he’s trying to hitch his wheel onto the back of another cart that may be going nowhere just as fast as his is.

I am publishing him in issue six (reversed what the issues will be, issue seven will be the local author issue and the issue six one I am focusing on horror and bizarro. I got some damn good submissions (for the very few I got . . .

I thought Pacione still had a submission call out for issue 5 of his Ethereal Gazette. Did I miss something? Why is he talking about issues six and seven?

The story I describe so far from what I read of it is going to be a Lovecraftian horror story with the influence of Serpent in the Rainbow meets Charles Beaumont. It is an ambitious short story, and the cool thing is he giving it to me for free to publish in the mag.

That means that Pacione is thrilled to death to take any story for which he won’t owe the author money. He must be hurting for submissions.

11 thoughts on “Bully Pulpit

  1. “If you have a hard time working with trying to buy a copy from lulu.com”

    It seems that Nicky has been reading TODP.

    Lulu is not so bad after all

    I ordered a Pacione book from Lulu last month. They took my money but no book showed. When I looked at my account, it still said “Waiting for funds.” So I wrote them an email stating that I’d like either the book or my money back. They refunded my money promptly with an apology.

    The moral of this story is:

    During the holidays, Lulu is most merciful by not allowing Nappy exposure.


  2. LOL!

    FWIW, I’ve always mentally pronounced his surname “Patch-Own.” If even he doesn’t know the proper pronunciation of it, and revises it with his second talkie, it doesn’t much matter how the rest of us pronounce it, does it?

    He can’t even aspire to be a goombah, can he? One of the family? Nope. A “good old boy” neighbor among Italians? Nope. Not one “community” wants to be associated with him. He’s a reject.

  3. I kind of thought it was pronounced something like “pass-e-oh-ne” (rhymes with baloney) or something like that. Apparently no one can pronounce it, and just like you said, no community wants him.

    He can’t make it as a goth with those white New Balance sneakers and baseball caps.

    He can’t make it as a metalhead because he passes out and has to go to the hospital every time he tries to headbang.

    He can’t make it as a conservative because he has an illegitimate child that he doesn’t take care of.

    He can’t make it as a liberal because apparently those bible college kids changed his mind after all.

    He can’t make it as an artist because all of his drawings were taken away from him and watermarked, courtesy of exposethetard.

    He can’t make it as a videographer because he’s going to run out of batteries for his $100 camera soon and he doesn’t get another welfare check until next month.

    He can’t make it as an independant adult because he spends all of his money buying copies of his own books to give away.

    He can’t make it as a writer because he has the English skills and imagination of a third grader.

    He can’t make it as a Chicagoan because he lives in some little hick town far outside of the city.

    He can’t make it as an Italian-American because he can’t even remember how to pronounce his own name.

    At this point, Nicky’s only options in life are being a welfare sponge or being a well-known net k00k. You know, maybe I was too hasty. He actually is living up to his true potential.

  4. I find the statement:

    “He can’t make it as a writer because he has the English skills and imagination of a third grader.”

    offensive to all third graders. I’ve known more than a few who better command of English and can out write Twerpy any given day. 🙂

  5. Bwhaha! *gives huge belly laugh* My third grade handwriting wasn’t so great, but I could form a coherent thought, and put it down in writing. I have to agree with you, Mike.

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