Year-End Crunch

From Mr. Pacione’s DeviantArt, we learn that he’s cranking out the goods.

I got one more anthology to go with the editing and getting it ready by Christmas, Class In Session, will be ready on Christmas Eve and the magazine will be done by weeks end.

I don’t think editing means what he thinks it means.

I am almost done with the magazine, and when I finish Class in Session I am going to take a well deserved break from editing anthologies until about February, because that will start the next submission season and guidelines for issue seven are already posted via

He’s taking off four weeks because all that reformatting he does to other people’s stories is exhausting.

I am going to be doing more paying and 4theluv showcases too — I am publishing both on Lake Fossil Press. The first 4theluv anthology is out there now and available for purchase.

At least he’s being upfront about his inability to pay his contributors, regarding the 4theluv one, but I doubt more than one or two authors in the other one will actually get paid.

. . . and yeah I didn’t have the good video camera yet (and even if I have a camera that is $100. This is in rebuttal to the loser who posts on

What rebuttal? I don’t see him denying the cost of the camera.

9 thoughts on “Year-End Crunch

  1. Isn’t there a way to flag this stuff for Lulu? Which story, by the way?

    So, this is his second copyright violation. He blew it with that National Geographic cover, the first time. I seem to recall that he was more ticked off about being caught and contacted by the magazine than he was about violating copyrights. The way he blamed Aaron Bennett for that one was classic Pacione.

    I read through the first bit of the first story in the preview. It’s rather poorly written (I caught a few errors), but at least it’s in English.

  2. A “well-deserved break”?

    Hasn’t Nicky been on break ever since high school ended?

    Or perhaps he’s scheduled his next lengthy stay in a hospital for January. I wonder what kind of excruciating activity he plans to do to justify the long hospitalization. I’d wager just walking down to the corner and back.

    Or maybe those rumored lawsuits filed by Crazy Michelle and the authors he never paid are really happening in January, and he fully expects to be done with them by February?

  3. Hang on there. He’s earned a break. It’s well-deserved. If he wants to take a month or so off of editing, then more power to him. I reckon he deserves longer, myself. Don’t listen to them, Nick. Take as much time off as you want. I reckon you’ve earned years of rest. Decades, perhaps!

  4. There’s a “Report Abuse” link on the website here where one can report copyright violations.

    However, I think it will be more effective to report the violation to the copyright holder(s), don’t you?

  5. I think Mr. Pacione fails to understand that things can be out of copyright in the US, but still under copyright in other countries.

    My guess is that he will be schooled on this matter in weeks to come.

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