He Wants to Be the Next Danzig

ExposeTheTard has a new entry, with a few gems.

Yes, my ex referred to me as being a rat bastard; that is worst than being a sick bastard.

How so?  An average lab rat has cleanlier habits than Pacione.

What one had told me of the place is that the Marynole was not haunted — only that the teenagers of Glen Ellyn, Illinois had known otherwise about the place because of the ghost stories that were told about the old, Roman Catholic seminary about being watched by a dead priest in the shadows of the abandoned chapel.

Maryknoll Seminary was the subject of his story “Tales of an Abandoned Seminary.”  In a nutshell, Pacione trespassed, and all he found were some dead pigeons and headless dolls.

It was to my curiousity that I decided to take a look around inside of the infamos Marynole — I still remember what I had seen to this day, the images were straight out of an old horror tale written by H.P. Lovecraft or Robert Bloch.

Yes, dolls and pigeons are scary.

This place was also home of a Satanic Ritual, but the thing that drawn people to White’s Cemetery is that the churchyard had a phanton limoline — in fact, a friend of mine was chased by the phantasm throught the churchyard . . .

I think White’s Cemetery is the one from “Cuba Road.”  He ripped his jacket trying to climb over the fence.

If some would say that I am a bigot, ask my cousin Amie because she would understand why.

He sounds like he was raised in a family full of bigots.

Metal is the music that is in my heart and blood, if I could get a band going on the lines of Danzig I would be very happy.

This reminds me of the time on which he was talking about becoming “the throat” of some local band.  Seriously, he’s got the voice of a helium-inhaling gerbil.  He’s no more a musician than he is a writer.  He automatically thinks he has talent for anything he enjoys.  I’ve never seen him mention that he can actually play an instrument.  Even so, the vast majority of indie artists eke out a living by doing small gigs and teaching guitar or piano on the side.  Yet, in his mind, he’s entitled to make a living at anything that catches his fancy.

7 thoughts on “He Wants to Be the Next Danzig

  1. Cussedness (Merry Christmas/whateveryoucelebrate, by the way), you’re going to love this. Refresh the post on exposethetard.

    Nick’s family tree got googled up and he has a cousin named Mohammad Zshaun Mirza.

    Oh, the irony!

  2. So Nicky was born out of wedlock when his mother was still jail bait. And he has either a racially mixed extended family or the cousin took an Islamic name when he converted to Islam.

    The possibilities are endless.

    The clearest thing in that genealogy is that Nicky is a bastard in more ways than one.

  3. Yep, I think that pretty much covers it. Normally I’d be one of the first to say that whatever his family does or doesn’t do isn’t his fault, especially when it comes to things that happened before he was born. That happens in every family.

    But after reading all of his “wetback” remarks and flipping out on people for writing fiction with erotica and his homophobia, I can’t help but think that it’s funny.

    I’m very happy that the family has the sense to keep him away from his younger sister and that his uncle is kind enough to give him and his grandmother a home.

    I do think that it’s rather telling that his own son isn’t mentioned in any of that. I’m starting to wonder if Nicky made him up.

  4. I checked out the Illinois Department of Corrections site to see if I could find the man listed as Nicky’s dad there. I didn’t see him listed there (just two people with the same name), even after I heard some credible rumors that he couldn’t control himself around underage girls.

    Didn’t Peter Barnes contact Nicky’s father at one point?

    As for Nicky fancying himself the next Danzig…well, the only things he would have in common with Glenn are being really short, and probably wimpy enough to get floored with just one punch.

    But if Nicky was so gung ho about getting a musical project together, he should just shut up and DO IT. Granted, it’ll be even funnier than the stories he tries to pass off as scary. I’d also love to see how many bandmates Nicky irritates to the point that they either quit, or kick him out.

  5. Interesting video. From the angle, it looked like Danzig was floored by a glancing blow because of the way it curves upward.

    A properly delivered upper cut can do interesting things. Mama used to resort to it when backing up the neighbors who thought that because she was only four foot eleven she was an easy target.

    I remember seeing Tomo (We pronounced it Toma, but I think Tomo was the correct spelling), the Japanese grocer, who was not much bigger than Mama, dragging her off some six foot plus guy she had just knocked ass over teakettle.

    I have known a number of small women who were hell on wheels with their fists, especially in defense of children.

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