Double-Header Thursday, Cont’d.

This is from the latter part of the “little man” post on ETT.

I was sifting through some old pictures . . . the camera that was used with this one was ended up lost in New Orleans when I was getting ready to come home from Goth Con.

He sure has a habit of losing things . . . his camera . . . his tripod . . . his mind.

I noticed something over the years, how I went from being a person who was teased a lot to someone who wrote some of the darkest literature online.

I would replace “darkest literature” with “most incomprehensible bullshit.”

It would not of crossed my mind in 1994 that I would become a full time aspiring writer . . .

It’s nice to see Mr. Pacione admit that the only thing he does full time is aspire. For once, he speaks the truth.

This was a troop that I wish I stayed with all the way — possibly became an Eagle Scout, but my parents worked too long and did not have enough time.

Unless his step-father was Scoutmaster, I don’t see how any of his time was required for Pacione to be a boy scout. One of the other scouts’ parents could have given him a ride to troop meetings.

Again, I sense resentment on Pacione’s part that his parents didn’t have a lot of money to lavish on him, and a sense of entitlement.

Never (correction, only one time) came to my sporting events when I competed in wrestling and track, and being in the special education system — going into a sport was my way of trying to break a stigma.

That is rather sad. But, as Pacione pointed out, they were busting their butts trying to earn a living.

I kind of wonder what they would say if they saw the photography I am doing now or days.

If it’s anything like the headless pigeons and the black hot rod, they’d be laughing too hard to say anything.

I knew of another writer — her genre was romance but when she saw I was doing with it, she actually said I was a better writer than she was.

Either there really is a worse writer out there than Pacione, or this is just another figment of his imagination.

And in that darkness came a lot of my creativity, while I was discovering that I was becoming ill and there was nothing I was able to do about it.

Baloney. That’s what compazine, thorazine, lithium, etc., are used to combat. He really does need to get his meds adjusted.

5 thoughts on “Double-Header Thursday, Cont’d.

  1. You know, the moment I saw Eric’s link to that bullshit, I knew the thing was a fake, and said as much. I didn’t know he was actually behind it, until I got done reading those threads.

    Two words: hella stupid!

    Alright, four more: way over the line.

  2. Very, very over the line.

    Enck is as knee deep into dirty tricks as Dagstine.

    He took a swipe at Keene and Koehler in a very disgusting manner and tried to lay the blame onto Pacione.

    This is all very reminiscent of what went on following the LB interview debacle.

    I allowed Enck to friend me over at myspace. However, I don’t do f-only posts. I keep a small private list with only a few names on it at both LJ and Myspace for stuff that most would make f-only.

    It’s one of the reasons that my blogs seem to vanish at times. I am posting to the private, custom list only on some occasions.

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